Motorola Droid gets a little taste of Ice-Cream Sandwich, still not enough though

Back in its heyday, the Droid (or the Milestone to the rest of the world) was the sought-after device if you had a thing for the latest tech and Android’s simplicity. But times have moved on and we now have devices that would eclipse the Droid in more ways than one – but there are a few who should be still holding on to it even after Moto stopped updating the device after Android 2.2. As is usual with devices like these, the dev community rose up to the occasion and many of those codgers now run Gingerbread 2.3 flawlessly, me being a proud owner of one such device.But now that ICS is slowly gaining ground, the Droid is left behind yet again but not without a bit of effort to bring it to the future – Kabaldan, who takes care of things for CyanogenMod on the Moto side, has been hard at it and has now released an alpha version (CM9 RC0) of Android 4.0.3 for the Droid. Things may not progress as fast as you could expect but you could still try this for now if you are okay with the camera not working and a hiccup or two while watching videos – but otherwise you should be set for now until Kabaldan comes out with a much more improved version.You can head to the XDA thread to know the procedure (which seems similar to the one for CM7) or head to our ROMs/How-To’s section if you feel you are better off with a stable build based on Gingerbread.Source

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  • Anonymous

    Look like it runs just like CM6 on my G1. I wish I more Motorolas had a unlock bootloader.