ROM Leak: Android 4.0.3 for the Acer Iconia Tab A500 tablet

Acer has already released Ice-Cream Sandwich for the Iconia Tab 200, a newer tablet than the A500, but this leaked ROM reaffirms the belief that there is an ICS update in the works for the year-old device and it’s almost ready.  The Android 4.0.3-based ROM for the A500 is made available by vache over at XDA, and anyone wishing to get there before Acer sends them officially can try to flash it, as it seems to be fully functional and ready for daily use.

Be aware though that this breaks root and your recovery partition if you have them on your A500, but that’s a small price to pay to see it in all its Android 4.0 glory, we say.  That being said, you will need to downgrade to obtain root again until a solution is found very soon.

Head here to know more about the ROM and to flash it if you think it’s good enough for you.


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