How to Root the Cricket ZTE Score X500

The ZTE Score is a relatively unknown device that has been sitting on Cricket’s shelves for the last half year or so and due to its low-end specs, doesn’t get as much attention as other popular Android devices.  Fortunately, there is a small group of people working on improving this device and make it more customizable, which always starts with the word that you hear a lot when dealing with Android development – root.  This guide will show you how to root your ZTE Score and you can check our post on how to flash a custom recovery image, enabling you to flash custom ROMs if there are any.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  There currently is no unroot tool to go back to stock, so decide if you really want to root your device before proceeding.

2.  Download the Zerg Root Tool to your Windows PC.

3.  Download the USB Drivers required for the procedure and install them on your Windows 7 PC.

II.  Rooting the ZTE X500

1.  Connect your device to the PC.

2.  Enable USB Debugging on the device (make sure that you installed the drivers you downloaded above before doing this).  To do this, go to Settings -> Applications -> Development and check the USB Debugging box, when your device is connected.

3.  Extract you downloaded above to a folder on your desktop.

4.  Run ZergRushTempRoot.bat.

5.  Wait for the tool to complete the process and then restart once it is done.

Your ZTE Score should now be rooted!!  To confirm, look for the Superuser application in your application drawer or download Root Checker from Play (previously Android Market) to test root.

We thank Dana Rock on RockThatMobile for the original procedure!!  The Comments section below is all yours to use if you do run into any problems.

  • Lisab22

    This phone is GARBAGE and not worth the effort

  • Brice Fleming

    I need help fucking rooting my zte score x500 by cricket. I have tried z4root does nothing except slow down phone and not allow me to.use google play store. And my phone still isnt rooted. Tried many times with z4root but dosent root phone. Please help. Email me at

  • Efrain Galvan

    what do you do after downloading superone click

  • this website sucks neither one of these ‘rooters”worked for my zte cricket phone and i followed the directions even tho they really werent verry effective who ever is posting this stuff thinking they know it all about rooting u need to go back to school as for me im sure google will help me figure it out

  • urbana

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