How to Root the Cricket ZTE Score X500

The ZTE Score is a relatively unknown device that has been sitting on Cricket’s shelves for the last half year or so and due to its low-end specs, doesn’t get as much attention as other popular Android devices.  Fortunately, there is a small group of people working on improving this device and make it more customizable, which always starts with the word that you hear a lot when dealing with Android development – root.  This guide will show you how to root your ZTE Score and you can check our post on how to flash a custom recovery image, enabling you to flash custom ROMs if there are any.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  There currently is no unroot tool to go back to stock, so decide if you really want to root your device before proceeding.

2.  Download the Zerg Root Tool to your Windows PC.

3.  Download the USB Drivers required for the procedure and install them on your Windows 7 PC.

II.  Rooting the ZTE X500

1.  Connect your device to the PC.

2.  Enable USB Debugging on the device (make sure that you installed the drivers you downloaded above before doing this).  To do this, go to Settings -> Applications -> Development and check the USB Debugging box, when your device is connected.

3.  Extract you downloaded above to a folder on your desktop.

4.  Run ZergRushTempRoot.bat.

5.  Wait for the tool to complete the process and then restart once it is done.

Your ZTE Score should now be rooted!!  To confirm, look for the Superuser application in your application drawer or download Root Checker from Play (previously Android Market) to test root.

We thank Dana Rock on RockThatMobile for the original procedure!!  The Comments section below is all yours to use if you do run into any problems.

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  • Shawnie

    This totally DID NOT work for my phone . I followed instruction as they were given but my phone still isn’t rooted!

    • tray

      root wit super one click works did today and it works im rooted

  • purpleskunk

    im having an error.
    It says “Daemon started successfully” and does nothing after that.
    ive waited for 20 min but still nothing.
    unknown resources is chacked and usb debugging is checked.
    Please help me !!! D:

    • purpleskunk

      i also installed the drivers into my cpu

      • Joshua

        mee 2

  • Joshua

    it just said waiting for device


    I have successfully rooted my X500 using Zergs it came with Terminal Emulator v1.0.31 ok so the question I have is concerning flashing the ClockWorkMod img it doesnt matter how many times i download the file or where I seem to put it I cant seem to get the Emulator to find the .img after running the command flash_recovery.img/sdcard/recovery.img …now ive read that theres an Amen_Ra recovery.img but the thread im following only shows the other …im kinda new to this so bear with me….so i want to flash a recovery.img which ever it may be so i can create a nandroid backup which will allow me to flash custom roms…i thfink i get the gist of all that …my FAVOR for someone anyone is to give a step by step DETAILED explanation starting from :download/open and extraction/ where to copy it to sdcard from computer via usb/what settings to have on my root explorer i.e. R/W-or-R/O(dont know if its causing the problem or not) and the exact command line to use in the emulator ANY help would be just that HELPFUL thnx …klocndgr

    • Dax Krishna
      • kmoney

        u can try poot and ministro

        • kmoney

          this doesnt need computer only the phone
          download the app poot and install it as it installs it asks for ministro ..say yes and download afetr downloading chose the option for rootin fone n voila ur done restart!

          • Dax Krishna

            hello kmoney, the post above is pretty old… we’ll look into your method and try to get a guide up as soon as possible. Thanks for the lead 😉


            I have this ZTE X500 and if any one comes and reads this and wants to root it with out a comp/ Just go to google store, Download Rootchecker first. then download super user.. Then go to 4share .com and type in the word ‘POOT’ once it comes up download the first one on the list it shows you, thats the most up to date.. Let it download then run it, It will show a Yeild sign symbol when u open the POOT program, It will say at the TOP PRESS TO ROOT… PRESS IT…IT WILL THEN ROOOT YOUR PHONE.But its gonna throw up it needs Ministro to help finish, hit OK it will take you back to appstore, and just download it, when done press back and go back to POOT program, then it will say one more thing to do, it has to download some kinda libaries thing. it does this on its own….After its ddone it will say phone rooted after a bunch of other info…then go to the app ROOT CHECKER, CLICK ‘CHECK TO SEE IF PHONE IS ROOTED, IT WILL SAY CONGRATULATIONS. THEN GO OPEN SUPER USER, THATS WHAT GIVES YOU ROOT ACCESS, U MUST HAVE SUPER USER..

  • j.boy

    having trouble with rooting my zte x500. the superoneclick keeps saying not responding?

    • Dax Krishna

      are you sure you have Debugging enabled?


    OK back again…this is KLOCNDGR had to change accounts (longstory) …got the the phone fully rooted CWM and flashed STRIPPED_BLUE’s ROM and LOVE it big PROPS now my problem is internet connection ..I cannot seem to sync with anything google AT ALL but before I dive in to that please note: my phone has never been activated with a carrier ive always just used it via free WIFI dont know if that matters or not but thought id throw it out there ok so…I connected yesterday for the first time in forever at the BP in town and it went to the internet and what not so I went to google PLAY because my app kept saying I needed to register my account so i went into my settings tried to re-register and after a min or so it said failed to connect to remote server or some sort of server error …same thing with gmail and when i logged into PLAY I went to redownload an app update and it said it would download shortly but never did the sync notification icon came on when i first connected to WIFI but nothing ever synced my GOOGLE account is not on the phone after the ROOT and without an internet “connection” I cant complete the registery of my already existing account is anyone else ever had this problem can i enter a command on emulator or go into the codes menu and manually update my prls and all that and if so can someone please post how cause I feel like im working against myself…Ive seen posts of this happening mostly on HTC threads after root and they answered with a code through the phone to enter options menu and manually changing this I have probably every code for this phone (it was posted on another thread) written down so if anyone needs them I can post those to THANKS again for your earlier help and speedy response

  • Bernard

    Wow installing the zerg program just gave me a virus Any help getting rid of the virus??

    • Dax Krishna

      on your PC? most of the root exploits will be regarded as malware by most antiviruses Bernard

  • mario

    no pos ami no me sirvio! jeje intente una otra ves leyendo el el tutorial! pero alfinal d cuentas no me funciono!

    • Dax Krishna

      hey, mario
      Welcome to our site. Could you please tell us your problem in English please?

      • Wulfe

        He doesn’t have the correct cable. I think he’s asking how to get one.

        • Dax Krishna

          any cable with USB/microUSB on either side should work….i actually use a Blackberry microUSB cable for my Galaxy Nexus as the original died!

    • jesus

      tienes que tener el cable origial del cel

  • gsxrrocker

    I have done all of the above, however its stuck in the ADB wait for device and won’t move past there.
    I have set my phone for debugging, unmounted the SD card and installed the drivers for the phone

    • Mahesh Makvana

      After installing the drivers for your smartphone, re-start your PC.

      Let us know if it works!

    • James King

      Hey it happened to me the first time too just unplug when it stops and plug back in then run it should work…also check out Stripped_Blues_Mod very nice addition to SC0R3D rom Props to both

  • vgl

    Any way to root device without computer ..ive tried z4root but jammed my phone

    • Mahesh Makvana

      At the moment, we don’t have a procedure to root your smartphone without a computer. Ask your friends if they can provide their PC to you to root your smartphone.



    • Dax Krishna

      Rooting opens up many doors that are usually closed, masterudy. For some, it’s to delete unwanted bloatware that carriers build into devices. for some, it’s a chance to try new custom ROMs that are far more utile than the stock ROMs

  • mustang8998

    After many attempts, I still don’t have a rooted phone. I get a pop up window with C:Windowssystem32>adb waiting-for-device. I’m getting very frustrated. It seems like there are missing steps?

    • Dana Rock

      I now recommend using Super One Click instead of Zerg, as Zerg seems to have stopped working for some reason or another – it was the best a year ago, but now it just doesn’t work. is where you go to get superoneclick.

  • paige pierman

    I got a cricket zte score after confirming on their site that I am in coverage area. Tried to activate it and was told that this phone is a ‘full service’ phone and i am not in a compatable area. They attempted pathos and it would not a tivate it either. Can I root or do anything to use this phone in my area?I am grateful for any advice other than the cricket rep’s suggestion that I buy another phone just like this one from her that will work. Thanks!

  • Aaron

    Can you tell me if this will give my zte score more internal space? Can u send me the a answer to my question to please.

    • Rooting a device doesn’t free up space, however, you can use the root-only apps to increase the free memory on your device.

  • bemper

    i tried both superoneclick and zerg but the dos window comes up and says “killing,,,,daemon started successfully” what does that mean? Is it supposed to say that? Am I missing something?

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Nop, it’s actually a command and not a kind of an error.

  • louis

    Hello, I’m New to Android, and your site. Do you know if rooting will work on my ZTE N762? As I don’t want brick the f ‘ing thing! Also, Should I uninstall my phone’s Anti-virus software?

  • macdragin

    ZTE Score MetroPcs rooted, thanks

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re most welcome!

  • Christina

    the ZergRushTempRoot.bat wont run for me

  • Kalungah_Danyoz

    Can i change carriers if i do this? i think its MetroPCS if im not mistaken.. i want to change it over to MobiPCS. will it enable the phone to be used for ANY carrier?

  • Billy

    nothing you people put on here works… is this just somthing to make you people feel smart…..

  • Lisab22

    This phone is GARBAGE and not worth the effort

  • Brice Fleming

    I need help fucking rooting my zte score x500 by cricket. I have tried z4root does nothing except slow down phone and not allow me to.use google play store. And my phone still isnt rooted. Tried many times with z4root but dosent root phone. Please help. Email me at

  • Efrain Galvan

    what do you do after downloading superone click

  • this website sucks neither one of these ‘rooters”worked for my zte cricket phone and i followed the directions even tho they really werent verry effective who ever is posting this stuff thinking they know it all about rooting u need to go back to school as for me im sure google will help me figure it out

  • urbana

    need to have the download for a mac

  • my dick

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk this shit i hope all of you go to hell fuckers