How to Install the Android Market and other Google Apps on the Impression i10 9.7 Tablet

So you have rooted your Impression i10 tablet.  Now what? How about getting those Google Apps that all the other tablets seem to have?  This guide below will show you how to do just that.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  Your device should be rooted.  Follow our guide on how to do this and you should be set.

2.  Download the Google Apps pack.

3.  Download and install ES File Explorer manager or any other manager that can access system folders.

II.  Loading Google Apps

1.  Extract the that you downloaded above to a folder on your desktop.  The folder should contain the following apps:

2.  Connect your Impression i10 to your Windows PC in USB Storage Mode and copy the folder called ‘system’ from the extracted folder to your SD card.  Do not delete any files or folders from the ‘system’ folder; just copy as it is.

3.  Disconnect your device from the PC.

4.  Open up the ES File Explorer on your device.

5.  Go to Settings in ES File Explorer and tick the box next to ‘Up to Root’.  This will give you access to system files and folders.

5.  Navigate to the location where the ‘system’ has previously been copied.

6.  Long press on the ‘system’ folder and then select copy.

7.  Navigate to the topmost folder of your device.  You should find a folder named ‘system’ already present here.  Paste and overwrite this folder with the folder from the SD card.

8.  Once copied, navigate to the \system\app folder and install the applications in the following order:

  1. GoogleServicesFramework.apk
  2. OneTimeInitializer.apk
  3. SetupWizard.apk
  4. Talk.apk
  5. Vending.apk
  6. Gmail.apk
  7. Maps.apk

9.  Once installed, restart your device.

You should now be prompted to set up your Google Account and also find the Market app installed.  If this doesn’t happen, click on the Market app from the app drawer and the usual Google setup process should be invoked!!

Thanks go to Moto Mouth on XDA for providing the app pack and guiding us with his procedure!!  Be sure to thank or donate to him if this made your life easier!!

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  • Sami Dean

    when I try to paste “system” file and override the original file, it gives me an error saying copy failed…?

    • ben

      It works all u have to do is run the .apk files instead of copying them over. This will prompt u for the app installation.

  • works great thanks!! impression i10

  • J.R. Jones

    i have super-user up and running (rooted, etc)..but whenever I go to copy over the ‘system’ folder using ES, I get a “copy failed” message. Any idea why?

  • J.R. Jones

    Nevermind. I found the checkboxes I needed to check in addition to allowing root directory access. Now my question is, The market has very little in it. No netflix, etc. Is there something additional I need to do after what you’ve posted?

    • I am guessing it depends on your device ID, which would still show up for Play as the Impression i10 9.7, and since it didn’t have Market access in the first place, Google may not know what to show you!! I wouldn’t advise changing device ID as that could lead to more problems than solving this particular issue!

  • S.S.

    When I tried to copy and paste the system folder, it acted as if it were copying everything over but then at the end it said copy failed. What should I do?

  • Justin

    Anyone have the original system folder? I think I did something wrong, and now I cant get by the main setup screen. My tablet is completely useless as of right now. Thanks

  • abriel

    I keep getting the same error message for system sopy fail.. I have all the boxes checked in root settings…. help?

  • yasser

    IT WORKS WITH ME 😉 thank you so much

    • Dax Krishna

      glad it worked for you, yasser!

  • jackrussell

    done everything superuser never shows and google setup wizard doesn’t work

    • are you sure you are rooted Jack? Check the link in Step 1 of Section I. it should work if you are properly rooted!

      • jackrussell

        for some reason superoneclick runs and says it is rooted but there is no superuser icon

        • try this – download and install Mobogenie on your PC. Connect your device, browse for superuser app on Mobogenie and install it. Then download and install any root-requiring through Mobogenie to your device and see if you get a popup asking for root access. If this happens and you are able to grant permission, you are rooted!

      • jackrussell

        okj have it rooted with soc and superuser is present and I installed the apks but when the setup wizard runs and I touch the android man it just says Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped.

  • dre

    Help it says cannot establish data to server or something