How To Root the HTC Rezound (Video)

Maybe you want faster performance? Maybe you want to get rid of the Sense UI in favor or regular Android? Maybe you want to upgrade to the latest version of Android when your carrier and manufacturer tell you you can’t? Yeah rooting will solve all that. Here’s how to root the HTC Rezound on Verizon.

I. Before You Begin

1. You must be on software version 2.01.605.11 or higher.

II. Setup ADB

1. Head to our how to setup ADB procedure, once you can see a serial number at the end, head back to this procedure to continue.

III. Unlock the Bootloader

1. MacPro88 over at DroidForums did a great how to for unlocking the bootloader complete with screenshots and all. Head to that through the link below, once done there, head back to this procedure to continue.

Unlock the Bootloader

IV. Flash the Custom Recovery Image

1. Download the Custom Recovery Image and save it to the platform-tools folder inside the SDK (you should have set this folder up when installing the Android SDK in MacPro88’s procedure above).

Amon Ra Rezound Recovery

2. On the Rezound, click the Menu button then click Settings > Developer Options > Check ON USB Debugging.

3. Plug in the device via USB.

4. Now, with the rezound-recovery.img file in the platform-tools folder in the SDK (and in the same folder as fastboot), open a command prompt on your computer by opening Windows File Explorer and look for the android-sdk folder inside of the C drive. Then open the platform-tools folder inside that. Now, hold the shift key down on your keyboard and right click in any blank area inside that folder. This will give you the option to open a command window here. Select that and a command prompt will open saying c:\android-sdk\platform-tools\

5. In the command prompt, type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

adb reboot bootloader

6. Wait for the phone to reboot into bootloader (if it doesn’t your drivers are not installed properly, please head to our how to install adb procedure and make sure you can see a serial number before continuing).

7. Once it reboots to bootloader, type the following into command prompt with hitting enter at the end of each line:

fastboot flash recovery rezound-recovery.img

8. Wait for it to flash. Once done, type the following into the command prompt with hitting enter at the end of each line:

fastboot reboot-bootloader

9. Wait for the device to reboot to bootloader mode then use the volume buttons to highlight bootloader and use the power button to select it.

10. Then select recovery using the volume buttons and then click the power button to select it.

V. Root the Rezound

1. Once in the custom recovery menu, scroll down using the volume buttons and use the power button to select Developer Options.

2. Select Install su and superuser and wait for that to finish.

All set you are now rooted and have an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery image, head to our how to load a custom ROM procedure next if you want to start flashing other versions of Android.

If this procedure helped you, please thank or donate to the original developers, MacPro88 and DrellisDee!

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  • David Muramoto

    I just finished doing everything in the tutorial but when I tried to use titanium backup, it reported that I don’t have root access. I also ran a root checker program and it stated the same thing… no root.
    I do have the Super User app on my phone after the install and am running a Rezound with the stock ICS image.

    Any ideas why I don’t have root access?

    Thank you!

    • wlmeng11

      The “Install SU” option in Amon RA no longer works for ICS.
      You’ll have to flash a SuperSu zip.

      Alternatively, just flash a custom ROM that has root already.

      • Dagoof

        I don’t have my phone in S-off mode… Do I need to?

        Thank you for your reply BTW!

        • wlmeng11

          You don’t need s-off, although s-off makes things easier if you flash ROMs a lot.
          If you just want to root the stock rom, it’s not worth the trouble to acquire s-off.

      • crypty

        i was wondering how you would uninstall su for the Amon RA?

      • how do you uninstall su for the Amon RA? or find out if it is there in the first place?

      • RooterNoob83

        You’re absolutely correct, I’ve got ICS and the Amon RA didn’t work. please tell me how to, or where i can find out how to flash a superSU zip. Lastly, do i need to remove/uninstall the Amon Ra? Thank You!

      • tony

        Would you mind elaborating on how to flash a SuperSu zip? everything worked fine for me but I am running into the same problem as well

  • Ralph L.

    This worked like a charm. Thank you so much. You guys are great…

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re most welcome Ralph!

      • Jake L

        I have a question. The rooting worked, i think. When i used root checker to double check if it worked it said that it didn’t. I followed your instructions exactly though. Do you know why this would be the case?

  • rob

    this is bull shit someone needs to come up with a i click root program already!

    • We’ll let you know when we have a one-click root tool!

  • Tyler

    my phone is now broken because i can’t uninstall Amon RA and i can’t even factory restore my phone

  • Marko

    I’ve flashed a new ROM “simplicity 3.0” and when I flashed it, rebooted after it was done, the phone gets stuck while booting up. It says “HTC Simply Rooted” and that’s it. I tried setting back to factory settings, however when I was finished and rebooted, I got the same “HTC Simply Rooted” message and the phone was stuck in boot up. No idea what to do next.

  • kaxorpie

    Would I need to be S-off to be able to use the free wifi hotspot feature of the phone, or would simply unlocking and rooting do the trick?

  • Kareem

    in super user it creates a custom busy box is that why is failing for me if so where do i download it

  • AllusiveGold

    Can anyone help with this?

    C:android-sdkplatform-tools>fastboot flash recovery rezound-recovery.img
    sending ‘recovery’ (7074 KB)…
    OKAY [ 1.400s]
    writing ‘recovery’…
    (bootloader) signature checking…
    FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)
    finished. total time: 3.100s

    I’ve done everything correct as far as I know.

  • Thomas A Johnson

    This method did not work. It said it worked. However, it refuses to install ClockworkMod Recovery (“an error occurred …”) and therefore ROM Manager Premium won’t work. Root Checker Pro simply reports that the phone is not yet rooted. Finally, Titanium Backup will not work as it says the phone is not rooted. However, it did root “well enough” to lose all my Soundhound and Shazam song identifications. The worst of both worlds. Many “thanks” to theunlockr.

    • Jake L

      Did root checker pro say why it wasnt working?

  • nyanbunny

    so i have a small problem….whenever i attempt to select recovery as said in step 10 of IV, it says

    “main version is older!”

    “Update failed!”

    press to reboot

    i followed every step as explained and this still happens. Anyone else experience the problem and/know how to fix it?

  • meh

    Didn’t work. HTC bootloader kept giving errors despite following instructions EXACTLY.

  • C.ratliff

    thank you so much. I had been working on this for days. Found this and it worked perfectly! You have to do each step for it to work correctly! If it doesn’t work for you, go back and make sure your phone is properly connected and do it step by step. It should work! I’m glad the frustration and hassle is over! Thanks again!

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re welcome!

      Glad it worked for you and thanks for your suggestion to our other readers. Once must follow each step carefully in order to successfully obtain the root access.

      Thanks !

  • Matsod78

    i just followed this on my rezound with stock ics. i Now have the superuser icon but root checker says i am not rooted? Any answers

  • Juan Arevalo

    So I am having a problem with my SIM card, can someone help me with that please. My phone cannot read it.

    • Bryan

      make sure your back cover to your phone is on securely. sounds strange but it fixed for me and someone else

  • tony

    LISTEN TO THIS GUY! The video above worked great. This is the last step that needed to be done. Thanks for posting. As an added note, this has also worked as of verizons last rezound upgrade on 02/25/13

    • Vlad

      Sykoze is right though. There is an issue with SuperSU and superuser on the Rezound. I fixed it using a slightly modified version of his workaround.

  • Vlad

    Sykoze, thank you very much for your clarification on the SuperSU and superuser for Rezound. You are correct in stating that these apps do not work on the Rezound as they essentially conflict with each other. I did what you suggested except that I simply downloaded and flashed through recovery. It replaced and fixed all of the SuperSU issues and Root Checker app confirmed that root was achieved. Again, thank you.

  • jmeyerchick

    I got to step 5 and it does nothing when I type in adb reboot bootloader. I’m sure it’s something easy that I just can’t figure out. Any ideas??

    • jmeyerchick

      actually got past that now but stuck on next one…says this when i try [‘fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.]

      • Mahesh Makvana

        Do you have fastboot.exe file in the same folder where you’ve opened the Command Prompt Window?

  • Chris P

    I’m trying to finish step IV but when i type in into the command prompt in SDK Platform tools it says C:Androidandroid-sdkplatform-tools>adb reboot bootloader

    error: device offline

    Is there a way to turn it online so i can finish?

  • PharmD208

    Thanks yo these instructions, which lead you to other conflicting instructions, my HTC Rezound is now totally useless. ROM’s won’t flash, backup from recovery is ill reputed. After trying to restore, my mobile data and phone data would never come back on. No calls, no data for me. CWM touch won’t even install as these poor instructions state. Thanks guys! At least I’ll get a new phone out of the deal.

  • Peter Eberhardt

    will this work if you have software 4.0.3?

    • Zach weatherford

      Im wondering the same thing and waiting for a reply to your question haha

  • Peter E.

    does this work if your rezound is on software 4.0.3?

  • Slik_Vic

    after following the instructions above my bootloader shows unlocked but above that it shows “Tampered” and my SU isnt allowing root access to my root apps.

  • Tom

    My phone is stuck on the white HTC screen and it wont come off of it! Ive tried so many things and nothings working! please hlep!

    • tobby1987

      am having the same issue..pls wat can i do

  • Donde Wilde

    I followed the instructions to a “t” and made sure everything was ready to go before i started the process. I checked with root checker and it says i’m not rooted. i didn’t see any installed apps in superuser.Su binary doesn’t update( fails at gaining root access). top of bootloader menu says tampered and s-on. luckily the phone is ok. but in simple terms, how do i remove superuser and install super su? i need step by step folder by folder instructions if possible.
    I could use some help. not ready to give up yet.

  • bigjr90001

    THANKS!!!! This helped me out so much today. I am all rooted now.

  • 3rdworlddroiduser

    Worked exactly as it said it would. Cant thank you more, I am a noob at this but you’re instructions were very clear……cheers

  • Dr Rob

    Worked very well. Thanks so much guys

  • Tal

    Careful, everybody! You have to do a
    factory reset during the process. If you’re in a foreign
    country this will kill your phone because you’ll have to reactivate it, and you can only do that in the U.S.!