How to Update to iOS 7 Beta Right Now on Your Apple iPhone (Video)(UPDATED 08.17.13)

Since iOS 7 is out of Beta, this procedure and the links below no longer work. iOS 8 Beta is here though for now, if interested…

If you can’t wait to try out Apple’s new update to their mobile operating system, iOS 7, there is a way you don’t have to… Seriously, all you have to do is follow our step by step procedure to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 7 firmware. I know what you’re thinking, “What’s the catch?” The only catch is that it is still technically in beta so that means that not all of it will work 100% correctly, but that won’t stop you now will it? So what are you waiting for? Get at it below and let us know in the comments what you think of the new iOS 7.

If you don’t want to do this, you can always wait till Fall to get it from Apple…

I. Before You Begin

1. If you are jailbroken or unlocked, this will make you lose that so if you want to keep that, please wait until there is a jailbreak and unlock for iOS 7. If you don’t care, you can unjailbreak your iPhone using our video and then continue with this procedure.

2. You will NOT BRICK your iPhone. The worst that happens is if you hit Restore it won’t let you activate the phone (will be stuck on the connect to iTunes situation). All you have to do it then follow these steps to get back to iOS 6, no biggie πŸ™‚ HEREΒ (yes it says it’s for unjailbreaking but it works to downgrade as well). You can also use that procedure to downgrade back to iOS 6 if you just don’t want to use iOS 7 anymore, too.

3. Some people may be concerned by the message in iTunes that says it will verify the install with Apple. Don’t be scared, it does that with every iOS version to check if it’s a legit version of iOS (and this is the version directly from Apple). Goes through the verification without any issue (so long as you hit update and not restore).

4. You must have the latest version of iTunes installed. Download it hereΒ if you don’t have it.

II. Download the Latest iOS 7 Firmware.

1. Select the iOS 7 firmware for your specific device from the list below and save the IPSW file to your desktop.

Beta 5 Downloads (try to use these first, if they give you an error then try another beta file for your device) –Β 

iPhone 4 GSM
iPhone 4 Rev A
iPhone 4 CDMA
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5 GSM (A1428)
iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429)

Beta 5 Downloads (only use these if the newer Beta files above do not work)Β –Β 

iPhone 4 GSM
iPhone 4 Rev A
iPhone 4 CDMA
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5 GSM (A1428)
iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429)

Beta 4 Downloads (only use these if the newer Beta files above do not work) –Β 

iPhone 4 GSM
iPhone 4 Rev A
iPhone 4 CDMA
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5 GSM (A1428)
iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429)

Beta 3 DownloadsΒ (only use these if the newer Beta files above do not work) –Β 

iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429)
iPhone 5 GSM (A1428)
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4 Rev A
iPhone 4 GSM
iPhone 4 CDMA

Beta 2 Downloads (only use these if the newer Beta files above do not work) –

iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429)
iPhone 5 GSM (A1428)
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4 Rev A
iPhone 4 GSM
iPhone 4 CDMA

Beta 1 Downloads (only use these if the newer Beta files above do not work)Β 

iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429)
iPhone 5 GSM (A1428)
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4 Rev A
iPhone 4 GSM
iPhone 4 CDMA

*If you aren’t sure what version to download use this as a reference – iPhone VersionsΒ (look for the model number on that chart and use the corresponding file with that model number in the filename.

III. Install the New iOS 7 Firmware

1. Open iTunes.

2. Plug in your iOS device via USB cable.

3. Click on your iOS device in iTunes on the left side.

4. Click Backup and wait for it to backup your device.

5. Hold Option and click Check for Update (if using Windows, hold down Shift and click Check for Update).

6. When the selector comes up, choose the IPSW file you downloaded earlier and click OK.

IV. Restore Your Backup (Optional)

1. If you’re data was erased for some reason, select Restore Backup and choose your backup file you just created to get back all your apps, contacts, etc.


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  • jeremy

    do you get all the betas?

    • Yes, you get access to all of them. You just have to find the new IPSW file for the betas as they come out but you’ll be able to flash them in the same manor without having to re-register the UDID.

    • No need to register the UDID now. Just use Update instead of Restore.

  • jeremy

    Why does it say registrations currently closed?!

    • The website that we use in this procedure to register your UDID is holding off on registering more devices, please check back later as they are opening it up again soon.

    • No need to register the UDID now, just follow the updated procedure above.

  • Ivan Shires

    You will brick your iPhone unless you activate your UDID!

    • Rigo

      How do I unlock if it’s closed

    • No you won’t. You dont “brick” your device. The worst that happens is that it wont activate and you have to revert to IOS 6 which you were just on using this procedure –… And if you followed the instructions to the letter, you would have hit Update and not Restore during the process and had no issue. I’ve now done this exact procedure on 10 phones without issue.

  • Rigo

    I want to unlock my udid but it’s closed πŸ™

    • The website that we use in this procedure to register your UDID is holding off on registering more devices, please check back later as they are opening it up again soon. Apparently, too many people used the how to… whoops…

    • No need now! Just follow the steps above!

  • Facebook

    What if I don’t like ios 7 and want to go back to ios 6 would I be able to??

  • Rayius

    You’ve written at the top no registration of udid needed? Is tt for sure?

    • Yup, just tried it on about 10 phones or so and no issue. Just hit Update and not Restore.

  • ryan

    how do i do the “check for updates” when it’s on a PC?

    • rigo

      hold shift and then click on check for updates after downloading the firmware

      • Thanks! I replaced the video to fix the mistake I made (said Control in the video instead of Shift like a dummy).

    • Hold down Shift and click it.

  • Concerned iOs user

    Completed all these steps, but itunes still will not allow me my update despite holding down the control button. HELP!

  • jennnny

    i got it to download now it wont let me finish the set up on the phone because im not a developer help!!!!!!!!!!

    • Make sure you hit Update and not Restore.

  • Bill

    >No need to register your UDID. Simply follow the instructions below as they are written
    > and never use the restore button.
    This is wrong. You will brick your phone unless you have registered your UUID. Very careless writing…

    • You dont “brick” your device. The worst that happens is that it wont activate and you have to revert to IOS 6 which you were just on using this procedure – And if you followed the instructions to the letter, you would have hit Update and not Restore during the process and had no issue. I’ve now done this exact procedure on 10 phones without issue.

      • Bill

        Then I am an idiot and I apologise.

        • Pssh no need. Your aren’t the first that thought this and won’t be the last. It’s a common thing. Let me know if the procedure works for you if you try it and if you have any issues!

          • Bill

            I used my dev account in the end so did it officially. Verdict: Very pretty, but little in the way of new functionality, particularly if you had a JB phone.

          • I love the animations and flat design myself, and the multitasking view now.

      • stephanie waddell

        David, I am very upset right now. It did brick my phone and I cannot seem to fix this issue. I Erased all contents due to lagging app update, got the chinese screen/ ” cannot activate due to developer program etc”.. I am literally freaking out I have an interview tomorrow and need my phone! Please help! I have gotten it to recovery mode, hit shift and the only “software” is the beta IOS7, and I have downloaded the IOS 6.x.x.x for the Iphone 4, when I try to restore with it, it sayys error 3191 or 3194 I believe…. πŸ™ Email me if you can: I would even be willing to give you my phone number!!!!

        • andrew

          i know this is clearly later than what you need, but i had the same issue. just reset to factory settings and you’ll be fine. set up as new iphone and pray you have your contacts, music apps, etc backed up!

      • Caesar Mendoza

        so i succesfully updated this and was able to get ios 7 running but it than crashed right after for a whole day and me being pissed at the fact i couldnt use my phone i restored it forgetting that i should not do that and now my iphone is asking me to log into my dev account btw i used beta 1

      • Greg Shera

        Actually im pretty sure mine just got bricked doing this…. During the last restart of the install my phone stopped responding…. Right now its at the loading screen showing the apple logo with a progress bar underneath… Has been sitting there with no progress for nearly an hour… πŸ™

  • Rich

    I have followed the instructions to the letter and now my iPhone 5 is in recovery mode? I only have the option to restore iPhone to its factory settings… What do I do?

  • Rayius

    Hello, if I’m from Sg( Singapore) all handsets are unlocked here which file shld I be using for my iPhone 5?

    • Check to see if you are GSM or CDMA and use the corresponding one, whether you’re unlocked or locked makes no difference.

  • AnandWHY

    @David Cogen: hide ur number andο»Ώ serial number 1:19

    • Thanks!

      • AnandWHY

        you welcome David πŸ™‚ and the you edited good πŸ™‚

  • derplederp

    Lololol. “Install the new iOS 7 Firmware”, Step 5. Hold option and “dick” check for updates. Impressive spelling ierror

    • derplederp

      oh.. the irony. error*

  • Anna

    Why did you remove the video?

    • It’s back now, had to change a mistake I made.

  • Abhisek

    What will happen to my contacts and apps and all those stuff?? Will they go ??

    • No, so long as you do the procedure step by step I have you do a backup first and then restore the backup after updating. That brings all your contacts and photos back etc. Only thing that won’t come back is your music and apps, but you just have to Sync with iTunes like normal to get those to come back as well.

  • Robert

    which file do i download for iphone 4 for tmobile?

    • Added a chart to the procedure to help people figure out their version.

  • Ben Thorne

    Does not work. I get a 1364 error.

    • Ben Thorne

      updated itunes, downloaded the file, shift click on update, extracts the software and gives me an error…

    • Ben Thorne

      totally worked, had to restore my host file… too much h4x0ring

      • ed

        How did you get it to work? I’m having the same problem you did.

        • Ben Thorne

          I just reset my host file. Put the error code from iTunes into google an google and then go to the link on apples discussion boards and follow instructions. Posting from iPhone on ios7

  • Cass

    How do you know if your phone is GSM, GSM Rev A or CDMA? I tried the GSM one, but it said that it was incompatible with my phone..

    • Brett

      GSM is if you use at&t, CDMA is verizon, and GSM Rev A is for an 8GB iphone 4

      • Cass

        I don’t use any of those.. D: Maybe it doesn’t work with my cell phone carrier or something…

    • Added a chart in the procedure for you to find your version from πŸ™‚

  • Abhisek Parija

    Hey david if i put ios7 , how do i get my contacts and apps back on ?
    do i have to individually download them all?? Please reply.

    • Follow my procedure and it makes you do a backup first before starting, then when your updated you restore the backup to get your contacts, photos, etc. back (only thing you wont get back is apps but you can hit sync in iTunes to get those back as well).

      • Abhisek Parija

        Apps were there πŸ™‚

  • Cass

    Ok, I have an iPhone 4, and I downloaded all of the firmwares for it and none of them work… iTunes says that the files are incompatible. Can you help me please..? I’ve restarted my computer and iTunes already..!

    • Abhisek Parija

      Same here, it simply pops up a message saying it is not compatible. was trying with my iPhone 5.
      Dont knw whats happening πŸ™

      • james

        same! it said that the firmware update wasnt complete

        • Make sure it’s an IPSW file and not a .zip

      • Is it downloading as a zip?

        • Abhisek Parija

          got it working. no wasnt downloading as a zip. it was mentioned CDMA & RoW (which worked) where as my device is a GSM device in india & the US GSM version dint work.
          CDMA & Row version working good. lots of bugs still there. hope they roll out fixes soon πŸ™‚

    • Andrew

      Did it change the file into a .zip?

    • Make sure the file is in a .ipsw format and not a .zip file. Also try redownloading them as sometimes they get corrupted during download being that they are pretty big files.

  • Logan

    The imzdl website says you have to register your udid with them and pay the 8 bucks, is this true for their download as opposed to the download here?

    • No need to register or pay them, just download the file from them and follow this procedure.

  • Sam


  • alaa

    Mine worked but it won’t activate. It’s basically bricked now… HELP!!?!?!?!?

  • sid

    I saw a video of tyiphonehelp .
    He mentioned that we can’t use ios 7 after beta 2 is released where we have to pay for Dev account or we.will not be able yo use Phone till the stable release of ios 7.

  • bhamss

    awesome! thanks dude worked like a charm. will beta updates need to be done similarly or via the app store?

    • All beta updates will have to be done through this method they don’t release them OTA.

      • bhamss

        will you be posting updated betas from time to time?

  • ldroo

    does this work with verizon iphone 4?

  • julian

    What build do you use for iPhone 4 , sprint, 8gb?

    • matty j


  • ed

    Okay, so i did exactly what the video told me to. I updated Itunes, downloaded several types of firmware, and clicked “Shift+Check for update” and an error still comes up and says “Error 3194”. Can you please help? @TheUnlockr:disqus

    • I think @benthorne:disqus has a similar issue below… check his solution out.

  • james

    does this work for iphone 4s bell?

    • Yes, but you need to use the 4S firmware fill (the carrier makes no difference).

  • Charles

    It says that it was unable to complete my activation due to not being a member of the program?

    • You clicked Restore instead of Update?

      • Downgrade using the How To Unjailbreak procedure above and then try again πŸ™‚

  • Ios7FTW

    abou to try it! it better work!

    • You better come back and comment and tell us it does!

  • cassidy

    i do everything it tells me to do, then i get to the shift click software update and the file doesn’t show up i just need help after the shift click software update and where to find my file.. the file uploads in utorrent and then disappears

    • Make sure you hold down shift when clicking update. And you need to just find where ever you downloaded it to on your computer.

  • Royston

    I’m from The Netherlands.
    Does it work for me ?

  • James G

    absolute legend, worked in my iPhone 5 on EE in the uk!!! loving your work

  • Ios7FTW

    do i right click on my iPhone icon?

  • Benjamin

    My phone is factory unlocked, so its recommended that i dont use this?

    • You can use this no problem. The carrier makes no difference, your unlock will still be intact after this. Let me know how it goes!

  • Quinn

    I am having trouble turning on iMessage. When i flip it on it crashes. Is this just part of the beta or is no one else having the same problem?
    If you know how to fix that could you please tell me.

    • Quinn

      Thanks for the ios7 btw! It does work! =)

      • You’re welcome! iMessage is working me by the way. I’d suggest redoing the procedure and reinstalling the firmware to see if it fixes it (if a quick reboot doesn’t fix it, of course)

        • Will

          I’m having the same problem, how do I just redo the procedure? do i have to restore my phone?

          • No just plug in to iTunes, then hold option (shift for Windows) and click Update and select the iOS 7 IPSW file again and wait for it to reflash.

  • Nate Carson

    Do u download the torrent or direct?

  • Hazi

    I had an error saying like cannot update firmware (-1) … something like that… help pls

    • You need to make sure you are using the right firmware for your device and also that you are hitting Update and not Restore. Use the chart I linked in the written procedure to help determine your device and what firmware to download.

  • Cameron

    Just worked flawlessly on my iPhone 5, now installing on an iPhone 4….thanks!

    • Did it work for you on the iPhone 4 as well, people are having issues with their iPhone 4s… Thanks!

  • Anthony

    It states on itunes that it can not be downloaded because the firmware file is not compatible… what do i do?

    • anthony

      I have the iphone 4 by the way

  • sonicdash

    i cant connect to my wifi now. how can i fix this?

  • Tyler

    I tried updating, but an error occurred because the firmware file is not compatible. I checked the model on my phone, and downloaded the correct file, but it won’t update.

    • Anthony

      Me too!

  • Techn9cian

    iMessage not working. iPhone 4 8GB

    • Croft4r

      I have the iPhone 4 8GB also and I am in the process of installing IOS 7, and I will let you know if I have the same problem when I am finished.

    • It’s a beta, lots of things might not work (i.e. my Siri doesn’t work very well at all). Just for you to play around with it. You can always go back to iOS 6 by following this and then restoring your backup after (

  • lindsay g

    phone automatically locked durring updated, i guess error occured & now is saying connect to itunes should i download ios6 again and restore?

  • jb2015

    is their any chance of getting caught by apple?

    • There’s nothing wrong or illegal with what your doing. This is all Apple’s own firmware and their own method of loading it. Worried about being caught installing their software? Only way they would be upset about this is if you installed it and then procedure to complain to them about how glitchy it is. Just keep in mind it is a beta and that glitches are expected and if they get to be too much, don’t complain to Apple, just downgrade back to iOS 6.

  • El Coco

    Worked like a charm!

  • Michael

    Only thing I can say is that the Home Button response seems a bit slow. Of course this is not your problem, simply the beta still being a beta. Hopefully this will be fixed, or this is just me before a restart.

    • Yeah it’s definitely buggy (my Siri is pretty hit or miss for example).

  • Ye

    I keep getting this message: “The iPhone “Named” cannot be restored at this time because the iPhone software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable.” What am I doing wrong?

    • Sounds like the Apple server is down, try again later.

      • Ye

        I’ve been trying all day. I’ve tried every solution that’s out there. It just doesn’t work for some of us.

        • Luke

          You’ve downloaded the wrong iOS 7 Software. Check the back of your phone then download the right one, same thing happened to me.

          • Ye

            No I downloaded the correct file. Hell I even deleted the file and downloaded it again just to be sure. It just doesn’t work so I’m really over it.

          • Ace One

            What device do you have?

          • Ye

            I have an iPhone 5 on AT&T.

          • nick

            I am guessing that no one replied to this message?? I have downloaded the A1428 firmware for AT&T but I get the not compatible error

          • Colin

            look on the back of your device and search fro the model no. it should start with an A and use that number to find the correct file

          • Taylor Cashdan

            I’m getting the same error. And i download the correct firmware, and version of iTunes

          • yousaf

            download the latest mac operating system (mountain lion) and latest iTunes, that way you won’t receive these messages…

    • ethan

      do you get this message when you try and update or when you try to restore your backup?

  • Matt

    Is there still an expiry on the beta?

  • Tasha

    Flag as inappropriate

    Everything was going fine then it said unknown error occurred. Now its in recovery mode?

    • Sean

      The same happened to me!

  • Kaushik

    Hi, i’m from India and it works fine here. Thanks

  • Batman

    When the beta 2 comes out we have to downgrade to iOS 6 or pay for the developer account?

    • You’d find the new Beta 2 IPSW file and install it using this same procedure

  • sam

    it iPhone 4S iOS 7 Beta 1 the right one for the iphone 4s wit AT&T

    • Should be but check the chart I linked to in the procedure to double check. Worst that happens is it says it isn’t the right version (won’t flash it or screw up your phone or anything).

  • Jonathan

    worked fantastically!! im in lolve with iOS 7

  • toby

    Worked a charm on Australian iPhone 5, iMessage and all other features are working. Thanks heaps

  • kjadhfsh

    my wifi won’t connect and none of my apps are updating. they are stuck updating without actually loading anything so i can’t open them either.

  • Sa

    What’s the difference between iPhone 4 GSM Rev A iOS7 Beta 1 and iPhone 4 GSM iOS 7 Beta 1?

    • Check the list linked to in the procedure for choosing the proper firmware for your device.

  • simon

    option button not working

    • Hold it down and click. Or if you are using Windows use Shift.

  • Kip

    Worked great! Thank you so much for the information.

    • Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to post that it worked!

  • Sean

    Help! I followed the instructions for my iPhone 5 (gsm) and got the correct software but when I installed it I received an “unknown error” followed by a (-1) and then my phone got sent into recovery mode

  • zXxIOS7xXz

    it says my device is not eligible for the request build

    • What iPhone do you have? And make sure to use the chart linked to in the procedure to determine the right software for your specific device (and if you have anything earlier than an iPhone 4 there is no beta for you at all).

  • A

    Wait does it need to be on ios 6 exactly or can it be on any part of ios 6 like 6.1.4 or 6.1.3 etc.

  • Croft4r

    Well, it seems as if the people that are using an iPhone 5, are having no issue, but some with an iPhone 4 are having problems. πŸ™

    • Ye

      I have an iphone 5 from At&t and it doesn’t work.

      • Croft4r

        Oh ok. Thanks. What was your issue?

      • I have an iPhone 5 on AT&T and worked fine. Just make sure you are using the GSM iPhone 5 IPSW file and are selecting Update and not Restore.

    • 4S and 5 seem to be having better luck for sure, but some people with 4’s are saying it worked. Just make sure you do a backup first and if it doesn’t work you can use the how to unjailbreak procedure we have to downgrade back to iOS 6 then restore the backup you just made and all back to normal.

  • Edgar

    When my iPhone 5 turns on after doing the update, it turns on, gives me the passcode lock numbers, then freezes, what can i do to fix this? i have done the update twice already.

  • Martin

    Do these versions come unlocked? I have an iPhone from the USA with Sprint, but I just moved to Argentina and want to switch carriers. Do I have to wait until an unlock is found or can I just take it to the carrier with this iOS and just activate it directly?

    • Unlocked or locked has no difference with these so long as you’ve unlocked via a code or IMEI unlock. That’ll stay (and in case it doesn’t for some wacky reason, you can always restore back to iOS 6 using the unjailbreak procedure linked to above and then restore your backup).

  • zzXzIOS7zXxx

    evan though it took numerous trys, it worked! what will happen when v2 comes out? will we HAVE to update?

    • Glad it worked for you! You’d find the new Beta 2 IPSW file and install it using this same procedure πŸ™‚

      • adament

        cant select carrier-says are you sure then only option is cancel after I select Verizon

  • Pablo

    Worked like a charm on 5 and 4S. Very very glitchy though. More so on 4S.

  • SAM

    iTunes Radio isn’t working on my iPhone 4. I restarted it thinking it would help the problem, but instead it erased it from the Music App. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do to fix this problem? I really want it on my phone!

    • Please keep in mind this is a beta, which means it isn’t ready for the public. There is a huge possibility that things will just not work properly. Feel free to revert back using the link in the procedure.

  • molly

    Will this delete all my text messages?

    • Not if you do the backup and restore it. It brings them back. If you are realllllly worried about losing texts, Google how to backup texts on the iPhone and there’s some free programs that can help. Do that before hand to be safe.

  • skyler

    it didnt work and now my phones broken

    • It’s not broken, just do the How to Unjailbreak procedure to bring it back to iOS 6.

  • peej

    thank you so much this worked like a dream much easier than i thought i wouldnt work tbh just one question though what happens when iOS beta 2 comes out?

    • You’re welcome! You’d find the new Beta 2 IPSW file and install it using this same procedure πŸ™‚

  • Rem

    Didn’t work. Did click update. Did click the right firmware. Did land into recovery mode. Don’t follow this guide.

    • 20,000 have done this procedure based on the stats here, didn’t work for you, seems to be working for most. And so long as you do a backup, why not give it a try?

  • Croft4r

    I have an error. When I try to update, it says, “The iPhone “name” could not be updated because the firmware is not compatible.” What do I do?? Anyone please help me.

    • Croft4r

      By the way I have an iPhone 4 (GSM model)

      • Please use the chart in the procedure to determine the correct software for your device.

        • Croft4r

          I did, and finally got it to do it, but it messed up and deleted all of my stuff and messed up my backups. By the way, I have one question. How do you determine if it is the (Rev A) thing? That is what mine worked out to be, but how was I supposed to know?

        • engel0604

          im having the same problem, (iPhone 5 gsm a10468)

  • dan

    Does it erase ur memory?

    • So long as you do the backup before and then restore it after then no.

  • Croft4r


    • Ok a few things…

      1. It’s a beta and isn’t meant to be used daily. This is just for people to try it out and play with it.

      2. 20,000 people have done this procedure according to the stats here and the majority are having no issues.

      3. If an issue does occur, you can simply follow this procedure ( and then restore your backup I had you make in the beginning of the video and you’re back to your old setup without any data loss or issues.

      So to scream bloody murder and “warn” people to not try it and wait till fall? Little excessive, no?

  • SkyGrid

    Doesn’t work for me, followed the instructions all the way but when I get passed extracting software or something, it says an error code. Please help. iPhone 5.

  • benboslice

    this definitely works david? cause the download fucked up idk why.

  • JStrizz

    Seems terrrrrribly laggy on the iPhone 4s compared to the 6.1.3 iOS, any suggestions? Yes; I’m aware it’s a beta and there are glitches, but the lag is noticeably terrible.

  • Ethan

    im almost there. is says “itunes will verify the update with apple” but i dont have a udid device. will this be a problem?

  • tyu

    my imessage wont turn on !

  • phil

    Got ios7 on my iphone 4! It’s a bit laggy, but i love it!

  • jum

    imessage won’t turn on )-: sad. Using iphone4. everything else works swell just a tad laggy

  • Dustin Pomeroy

    Getting an error on the phone and iTunes that my phone is not registered to the Developer Program. Phone will not go into Recovery Mode, only restarts itself. Cannot revert to iOS 6. Help.


      You got to go into DFU mode to go back to ios 6, of course you need to download 6.1.4 and then update it and restore your last iso 6 backup.

  • NotAnAppleEmployee

    It was a really tense process but all in all it worked out great! Thanks for the help!

  • Jason

    It cant’t be downloaded.. My downloads stop everytime at 74%… Why?

  • Jason

    Please help me…

  • allan

    it shows that i need to be a developer member to activate !and it cant restore my ios 6

    • rocky123

      how did u download the firmware??? its asking me to choose a file. which one did u choose?

  • Rocky123

    it wont let me download the firmware it say to choose an application

  • alex

    when i try to do it on ipod it says could not update because firmware file is not comatible

    • The person who responded

      It is only compatible with the iPod touch 5th generation, not anything else. Hope this helps

  • Dylan van Wyk

    Am I able to go back to iOS 6.1.3, if so how ?

  • lebrro

    Obviously this is going to have a ton of bugs, but as the bugs are fixed, will they be fixed on our phones? or not until the next update

  • Cormac Phalen

    I am have tried twice and it keeps giving me the error message, but I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you so thanks, I am going to keep trying and hopes I get it right….

    • Cormac Phalen

      it finally worked

  • ellis

    what happens when apple comes out with ios 7 for all users? Will we have to do anything?

  • lloyd

    when updating to ios7 i click the file and it says my firmware is not compatible and doesn’t go ahead with the procedure, any thoughts?

    • ellis

      make sure you download the correct one, there are several versions for each phone / ipod etc. and make sure itunes is up to date

  • stephanie lopez

    Will this ruin my phone?

  • Lolita Baxter-Hyland

    it keeps aying the firmware is not compatible!! can you just tell me which one to download for iphone 4?!?!?! I waited so long for this download to complete too!

    • Ams

      did you click at the top of the chart of all the iphone models? It tells you which file to download if you aren’t sure

  • clodarose

    hi i have two questions
    1. will this effect my phones speed or could it ruin my phone?
    2. when apple releases the free ios7 in the fall will i be albe to download that?


  • Ariana Grande

    is the restoration on iTunes supposed to be so long? (mine took roughly 40mins) Ari x

  • Jon

    Why cant I put any songs on my phone now?

  • daveydog

    i tried to go back to ios6 because ios7 was so slow and buggy on 4s and now its saying device isnt eligible for the requested build… so now what. πŸ™‚

  • Jonathan Ellis

    Works perfectly and a VERY EASY process is you follow the instructions!

    I am in the UK using an IPhone 4 –

    NOTE: if you have an iPhone 4 GSM – 8GB then you need to download the ‘iPhone 4 GSM Rev A iOS7 Beta 1’ file and NOT iPhone 4 GSM iOS 7 Beta 1.

  • JetLiife

    Worked on my iPhone 5. I’m with Bell in Canada!

  • Brianna

    My phone like frozen on the lock screen and it won’t let me enter my password. I have the letter password not the numbers& it doesn’t have the “ok” button. And it keeps turning on and off, I don’t know what’s going on with it.

  • Jfeder

    Installed on two iPhones worked great! Thanks! One question when iOS 7 beta 2 comes out will you have the links on your site same day ?

  • Ken


    Worked like a charm on my iPhone 5 w Verizon in Virginia! Love iOS 7. Many thanks!

    Can’t wait to show to some fellow iPhone owners and make them envious. Even da wife liked some of the new features. πŸ™‚ Ken

  • Lilly Baker

    It says: The iPhone “Lilly’s iPhone” could not be updated because the firmware file is not compatible. What should I do?

  • Cole

    will this affect the warranty on the iphone?

  • shanzar

    i have iphone 4 gsm model…….. which on should i downlod REV A one or the simple GSM ipsw firmware. plz tell me i

    cant w8 till fall for ios7.

  • Sean

    Mine says “The Iphone *name* could not be updated. An unknown error occured. (3194). Any idea?

  • JKatman

    In the process of installing ios7 on my iPhone 5 (A1429 CDMA). Will report back results =)

    • JKatman

      installed without any kind of issues. diggin the updated interface =)

      • Nick

        Did you use the A1428 FW? I have tried using that on my iPhone 5 A1428, but I keep getting “device is not compatible with selected firmware” Someone said try the Verizon one, so I am in the process of doing that right now.

  • jack

    iOS 7 works on my phone, but the interface was so ugly that i switched it immediately. The app is slow (and some features may not work like iMessage or FaceTime), but its exactly expected in a beta. The new features (like blocking sms/calls) are a plus, but some are misnomers: Like the moving icons… They look cool in YouTube, but when you keep using it, you barely notice. I’m a very hardcore fan to this iOS 7 craze, but this install made me realize how ugly the iOS dashboard is (it even messes with your wallpaper so you need HD ones). Just being honest, no biases whatsoever. I’ve seen it all, and now I know why many people hate it. I restored my iPhone to iOS 6, and it weirdly felt like I upgraded rather than downgraded the OS. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to ask me. Tnx uploader for the easy update and restore! πŸ™‚

  • TM

    I got it to update but its now freezing when i type in my passcode… how can i fix this?

  • GJ

    freezes when i type my passcode…what do i do

  • Ed

    If anyone gets the message “Cannot update this iPhone” with error code (-1) what I did to fix it was simply unplug and replug in the USB to the computer. Not sure if that’s a universal fix but it did work for me.

  • kris

    this iphone 4s one will work on both the gsm and cdma iphone? I have the cdma 4s with Verizon so just wondering will that file work on it?

  • junz

    i think the image is self explanatory.
    please advise.

  • kaka

    when i try to download ios beta it doesnt download, screen stays on cloud loading

  • mike

    mine did the update but wont activate it says that its not registered with the iphone developer program.

    • mike

      nevermind i did the wrong process

  • Donovan

    Thanks for the awesome and clean tutorial — worked flawlessly on my iphone 5. Only question is when Apple rolls out the official iOS 7 to the public OTA, won’t that cause conflict on my phone? My UDID isn’t tied to the 7 releases like the developers get.

  • carmina

    i downloaded the file, what do i do next? i opened up itunes and backed up my phone

  • MysteriousDude

    my iphone is A1349 i downloaded that one and it said the file name was iphone 3 but mines is a 4 and didn’t work for me…?

    • Dave

      iPhone_3 is just the name of apples firmware files for the iPhone 4

  • lalala

    I put the ios 7 beta on my iphone 4 (a little laggy xD)
    It was of course unlocked. You said it is not anymore, because of ios 7.
    Is it unlocked again if I restore it with the 6.1.whatever?

  • imoore

    Is there any reason in particular why I can’t turn on my iMessage? I have a 4S and it just keeps saying “waiting for activation”

  • Sergio Carcamo

    Hi, I get error 3014 when trying to update to iOS 7.

  • sdelsol00

    Should i expect iMessage to not work? Or is that normal?

  • Amy

    Question? do you always up date the beta version? what i mean is will my phone tell me if there is another version out for the beta. or is it something I have to do manually. Or will it brick the phone?

  • Ashley

    I tried to download the iOS7 Firmware for the iPhone 4S and it says “The file you are trying to download is no longer available.” Are there any other links available?

  • tweet

    Just installed it followed the instructions and everything works properly!

    There are a few small glitches but its a beta and I like what I am seeing so far.

  • Cali

    Iphone 5 for Verizon…worked great…no probs. Question, How do you close apps? I double click but they wont X out

  • yeha

    the mega wont woirk i think its down

  • RB

    It worked thanks!!!

  • me

    First try gave me an error, but after unplugging all other usb devices attached to my mac, I was able to download flawlessly on a verizon iphone 4s.

  • Willie

    Thanks a lot bud, really appreciate it. Whole thing works awesome.

  • kelsey

    i have an iphone 4 on verizon will it work?

  • Joel Penalo

    If I do get the beta for iOS7, when the real thing comes out will my phone still ask me for the upgrade to the full version?

  • Ohtee

    Has ANYONE had success with the iPhone 4 and/or 4S using this method?

    • Ohtee

      GSM model, that is.

  • Tia

    It made me restore my phone and when I did that iOS 7 still wasn’t on there should I try again?

  • Cali

    David, worked great…How do you X out the apps? I cant close any

  • Nick

    when i try to do it on ipod it says could not update because firmware file is not compatible….I have an iPhone 5, AT&T Model A1428…I have downloaded it from your links and it was the firmware that said A1428, so why do I keep getting that message??

  • Nick

    I don’t see anyone helping with this issue….I guess no one really knows whats up with that. It is really annoying though.

  • Newby

    i did this method it worked for a day the n for somereason when i tried to change the time it went back to the “needs to be activated” screen and wouldnt let me go anywhere. can you help me?

  • Cal123

    I tried to restore my iPhone 5 from iOS 7 to go back to iOS 6 and getting to iOS 7 everything worked fine, but going back it showed up in itunes and said it was associated with an apple ID (c****** and thats not my ID and I dont know what to do. Any ideas?

  • Meowmeow

    Has there been any problems after the download? I am wanting to do this to my phone, but I am worried of the after effect.

  • D

    It keeps saying my firefox is not updated so I updated it and it’s still not working. Apparently I’m using an outdated browser that is not supported by

  • BH

    does this cause the software to be glitchy because you’re installing iOS 7 over iOS 6 without removing the iOS 6 before installation?

  • swishinj

    I get an error on the phone and iTunes that my phone is not registered to the Developer Program. Phone will not go into Recovery Mode, only restarts itself. Cannot revert to iOS 6. Help.

  • MysteriousDude

    thank you david it finally worked!!!

  • relly

    what does it mean when it says its not compatible?

  • corey

    where is the option button

  • ravish

    it really work man…thanks a lot….

  • Alvin

    Can you still get the actual iOS 7

  • Rick

    How do I take this software off? I tried restoring it, but its the same… I want iOS 6 back, please D:

  • Delia

    So I made a huge uh-oh and reset my phone after backing up. The IOS 7 was overheating my iphone 5 so now when I try activating it after resetting everything, it says “This device is not registered as part of the Iphone Developer Program. If you are a member of the program, please register your device” and then it gives me the link. I even went as far to pay for a developer membership and at check out, it said that my purchase may take up to 24 hours to register. I use my phone for all work related things. It is literally my life line. Can someone please help me or do I have to go to apple?

    • Zakia

      I’m having the same problem. I don’t know what to do either.

  • mtflis

    Perfect instruction. No problems. Liking iOS 7 beta, thus far.


  • Brandon

    Is this legal for non-developers?

  • RG

    I hope this is interesting, very buggy. You tried to update programs while I was at work with the Wi-Fi. One program to try to update was Facebook. It was having a hard time updating Facebook. Finally seem to have updated it now the Facebook icon is gone. When I go back and look at What has been updated it shows Facebook as being updated I click on the button that says open and nothing happens when I go to iTunes it Facebook is already installed the same open button and no response. I can’t even uninstall it because I have no icon.

  • RG

    Sorry it should have said
    The iOS is interesting
    With no wifi at work

  • RG

    Also can I still plug into my computer to update the rest of my software?

  • mark

    it works for me awesome
    tnx a lot

  • Damien

    Listen this worked perfectly on my iphone 5 and all I did was follow the instructions it took me a couple of minutes to figure out my model number but that’s cause I didn’t know it was on the back but to whoever else wants to do it I say its perfectly fine and just to point out im 18 and have little knowledge of technical phone stuff bt this was very easy and simple. but also what do I do when either beta v2 comes out the real update comes out?

  • Ahmad Magdy

    I couldn’t wait to have it on my i5! Will do it first when I’m home and let you know. I was wondering if any users reported a problem with iMessage on 7 beta so far.. Worried it might not function properly.

  • RG

    Update to my previous post. Plugged phone into computer, updated apps, still on facebook. Went to facebook listed as being installed (in iTunes) and deleted it then resynchronized to remove facebook completely from phone, then added the app to the phone as a new app. now it works fine.

  • Jared

    I hold down shift then click on check for update. It pops up the folder that I have the file in but when I click on it, the update isn’t in there. how do I find it?

  • Chris Macko

    will my phone be broken when ios 7 beta 2 comes out?

  • Bryce

    how do i do this on iPod 4th generartion

  • Moderniak

    When i try to update my 4s the instalation freez…. something is wrong or beta1 is closed?

  • Ian Black

    Thanks David….worked perfectly for me
    Ian – South Africa

  • D163

    The over the air update appears to be working. Can I go that route instead of flashing it per your procedure? Thanks. David

    • D16

      I apologize. I should have been more descriptive. I have IOS7 Beta1 installed from your site instructions. Can I use over the air update and still get back to IOS 6 when the IOS7 is released in the fall?

  • Patrick

    If I have beta 1 installed can I install beta 2 from the phone itself? Or should I download the file and update through iTunes again?

  • rob

    i cant find it when i download it on my pc so how do i get it to show up when i press shift and check for update because like i said i cant find it

  • Taz

    I can’t get this to work on my PC. Can anyone help?! I’ve been trying for hours.

  • angelo

    my ip5 just keeps on restarting is it normal?

    • angelo

      it was stuck on the boot with a apple logo its been 30 minutes already is this normal? heeeeeeeeeeeelp! 😐

  • seth

    the download is down please add mirrors if you can

  • Whitney

    On the web site it says that if you download it without registering your device will no longer work. Is that true? I need some help, I’m really confused!!

  • Zakia

    Im very pissed off with this! This bull crap messed up my phone completely! Thanks Alot!

  • irma

    whats the link for beta 2?

  • gus

    I followed the steps above, and it seemed to go fine, however now it’s just showing my apple logo. When I plug it into the computer it backs up the iPhone, but it just does it as a loop. Did I do something wrong?

  • Moldedsalad

    When I update my iphone 5 to ios 7, it gets stuck in a boot loop after it installs it and if I update from a freshly restored iphone 5, it works! But when I try to restore my backup from 6.1.4, it gets stuck in a boot loopο»Ώ again.. PLEASE HELP!

  • Colin

    i went to do download the software and it said that too many people have viewed it and that it is unavailable for 24 hours why does it say this am i doing something wrong?

  • klee

    i did it on my iphone 4 and now the apple keeps popping up and then it goes away and comes back in negative. HELP πŸ™

  • Micky

    Hey man, after my phone restarted theres just an apple emblem in the middle, and it seems like its trying to restart but it wont work! HELP ME

  • alex

    were the download for the A1429 model for the Iphone 5 for IOS7?

  • Ipod 5th gen user

    you forgot ipod touch 5th gen download link, plz add

  • Paige

    Hi, I’m a little annoyed at this point. I’ve updated my iPhone 4s (well tried to anyway). I’ve gone through all of the steps, but now my phone wont come on. Please help!

  • waseem

    i keep getting this message “This version of the iPhone software (6.1.4) is the current version.” what do i do? im using a mac book pro

  • jacob

    so my computer says that i have iOS 7 but it wont turn on it just stays on the reboot loop… i can restore it though but i really want iOS 7 to work on my phone

  • Brad

    What does it mean when my phone keep changing from a black apple screen to a black apple screen? I am getting kind of nervous!

  • Chris

    Why is the ipsw linked above 384mb but the one on imzdl is 1.1gb?

  • Jimmy

    I download the Ipsw file and then it dissappears and says the add ons are not where they are suppose to be

  • Nic

    So it all updated great but now it says i’m not a dev so do i have to just restore it or is there any other way aroundi? i really want ios7

  • MaxMacs2001

    iTunes isn’t showing anything to open when I click “Check for Update.” What do I do?

  • john

    My link doesnt work





  • Yezzus

    I have downloaded the file but I can not find it when I click Check for Updates. Why can’t I find it?

  • Nik

    I keep getting “The iPhone could not be updated because the firmware is not compatible.” Using a Sprint iPhone, Model A1429, tried with both iPhone 5 versions. Any thoughts? Edit: Haven an iPhone 5.

  • Rosie

    Activation error: This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program.If you are a member of the Program, please register your device in the iPhone Developer Program Portal.

    What should I do now?

    • steve

      That’s what I wanna know but Im not getting an answer

  • Taylor Cashdan

    Here’s the screen shot I was talking about on the facebook post

    • I’m uploading the Beta 1 files, try those instead πŸ™‚

  • CraigOd

    Does this still work? I heard Apple are getting tougher on beta versions being installed on devices that aren’t developer registered

    • The beta 1 works, I just put those back up. Try to use those instead and then OTA to beta 2 and you’ll be fine.

  • Steve

    I keep getting the message that I have to register my device with the developer program thing on itunes and on my phone. what do I do?

    • CraigOd

      That’s what I’m worried about!

  • laurenaue

    I downloaded this and now my phone has turned off and won’t turn backon. What do I do?

  • Ugh

    Said “The iPhone “name” could not be updated because the firmware is not compatible.” and I have an iPhone 4S and there is only one option for 4S?

  • MIKE

    i have an iphone 5 from att i downloaded the iphone 5 gsm and it still says not compattible HELP

  • MIKE

    tried the other one too just incase didnt work either

  • lamborghiniembolado

    I downloaded the one to iPhone 4 CDMA and it went through this crappy client that was loaded with offers. When I backed up my iPhone and held Shift and clicked search for updates, the file was there but was only an empty folder? What now?

  • MIKE


  • Sam

    everything worked great but iMessage is still saying “Waiting for activation…” does this eventually work?

  • filip

    can u install beta 3 directly or u need to go 1 by 1, meaning beta 1, beta 2 then beta 3?

  • Jennifer Herman

    Download ios 7, move it to desktop, but can’t find it when i shift/click update……am i missing something?

    • dan

      same problem???? help

  • Mike

    Where is the link for iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429) beta 2. I put beta one on my phone and tried the OTA update but it says its up to date. So I was going to manually update to beta 3 but the instructions say you have to go in order to beta 2 then 3. Can anyone help how I can get beta 2?

  • paski


    i already followed all your updates.

    i’m currently on beta 2.

    when i try to download beta 3 on the links you provide, it downloads an .exe file that is 292kb size.

    i know that no exe file can be legit and “clean” with a size that small.

    what’s wrong with the links


    • Dentalar

      You are probably going to want to remove the beta 3 file as It was detected as an adware file by Avira Antivirus on my computer.

  • Joshua

    I’m trying to manually update to the Beta 2 version, and I followed all of the steps again, downloaded the iPhone5 GSM Beta2 ISPW file (I have AT&T) and it said it was not compatible with my iPhone. I’m using iOS7 Beta 1 no problem. Please help πŸ™‚

  • zach

    I keep getting the message that it could not be updated because the firmware file is not compatible. The message occurs when i’m trying to update to beta 2 of ios 7. I need help any suggestions?

    • Joshua

      I’m having the same problem!

  • ThePropain65

    Could someone mind helping me please?

    I was using iOS 7 beta 2 on an iPhone 4 and the other night on July 7th I got a message saying that beta 3 is ready for install, just before I went to bed. I went ahead and hit install, and let it install overnight so that by tommorow it will be ready.

    However, the next day, I woke up to find a blank iPhone screen! I went and did a hard reset by holding the home and sleep buttons down, and the Apple logo came up as normal. The screen then went blank after about a minute, but instaid of going to the lock screen, the logo appeared again! My iPhone is stuck in a reboot loop! I obviously did something I wasn’t supposted to do.

    Updating OTA was probably where I went wrong, but what I don’t understand was that it worked with no problems when I OTA Updated from beta 1 to beta 2.

    I let it boot all day and night yesterday, to now avail. Now I’m stuck and I can’t get any help from the Apple Support Communities because my iPhone isn’t registered! =(

  • bhamss

    how is Beta 3? is it worth upgrading from 1? I hope so there are some flakey things on 1 that make it a lil tough at times

  • Jose

    So i’m trying to download the firewear and once it finishes downloading I open the file and it says that Windows can not find the find the Beta any solutions? Did i do something wrong?

  • Masel_Tov

    Beta 1 works fine, but 2 gives me the “firmware not supported” error. OTA update seems happy that 1 is the most current version… iPhone5 GSM. 3 doesn’t give me the error but I don’t want to install since you’re supposed to go in order.

  • Dentalar

    Ummmm… I got an adware virus form downloading beta 2 for Iphone 4 GSM. wtf?

  • EladSaar

    This is Wirte From me the iphone could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible Plase Help!

  • nath

    ive got windows 8 and when i do the shift check for update it cant find the dowloaded file?

  • Don

    I was able to install Beta 1 with no problem (THANK YOU!) but I am not able to do OTA updates (it says 7.0 is most up to date software). I’ve downloaded both B.2 and 3 to do a manual update but when attempting B.2 updates it states the firmware file is not compatible. Will the OTA updates eventually show up on my phone? At this point, I’m going to leave it with Beta 1 and be happy πŸ™‚ I’m enjoying it so far!

  • Andrew Jon Larson

    Do you have to have the latest version of ios before you do this?

  • Ashley

    I have ios 7 now on my sprint iphone 5 and now my MMS isnt working.

  • EpicFox11

    what do i do at billion uploads

  • EpicFox11

    what do i do at billion uploads it brings me to an install genieo page

  • Igor

    3194 Error!ο»Ώ How i can fix it?

  • S

    After successfully installing the iOS 7 over a month ago, i decided to downgrade since I was having terrible wifi problems…i successfully downgraded but wasn’t able to restore anything….so i tried going back to the 7. Now, i can’t go back because of the “this device isn’t eligible for the requested build” error and there isn’t anything apple related my host folders πŸ™ AND my wifi still doesn’t work on the downgrade…What can I do?

  • Igor

    Error 3194 can you help me?

  • rewind


    I get the message: The iPhone “..” could not be updated because the firmware file is not compatible.

    Does anyone know why?

  • AmandaD

    I was successful updating my iPhone 4S but now I’m trying to update my friend’s 5 and it’s telling me that “[…]This device is not eligible for the requested build”


  • kenzie

    does this only work with the iPhone 5? because I have a 4S and I’ve tried this over and over and it doesn’t seem to be working.

  • TheGuyyy

    When i hold shift and click check for update, it doesnt recognize the IPSW file, help

  • boo

    this is crap,,just tries to download a homepage app

  • Pete

    Just a heads up, I’d been using this OS for a while, the BETA version, the this past weekend my phone crashed and would not boot past the apple logo. Tried countless things to get it to work, finally after half a dozen attempts at restoring it, it finally worked. Had to manually locate and pick the backup file which was from back in May as it wouldn’t allow me to reload any IOS 7 back ups.
    All seems to be ok now though, just sat on 6.1.3.
    Just thought I’d let you all know.

  • Carsen Young

    On the verifying with Apple step I got the message “The iPhone could not be updated. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.” I’m on an iPhone5, CMDA, currently iOS 6.1.4.

  • Gradey

    it keeps downloading a file that ends with .ipsw.exe what do i do about that?

  • Jess

    Hi! in need of help. any advice would be appreciated! I downloaded 7.0 when it came out. when the first beta update came out i got the message on my iphone but then it went away. however, i still had the little red one in the corner of the settings on the device, but whenever i pressed it it said 7.0 was the most current software. the same thing occured when i plugged my device into itunes. It would not give me the option of updating to the new beta updates. This morning i turned my iphone on and it was stuck on the activation screen. however, when i enter my apple id username and password i get an error message saying that it cannot connect to the activation network. When i plug my phone into itunes i now get an error message that my software is expired and i need to update. I also cannot seem to downgrade my phone back to ios 6 because it says that find my phone is on and can only be turned off from the device.
    dont know what to do and cant use my phone!

  • mike

    um the new downolad link gave me adware that i had to get rid of is there a different link or site for ios 7 please help

  • SIDjkgfdg

    What happened to the downloads for ipod touch 5?

  • Brady

    I watched another video and they said to choose restore instead of check for update. which one is better? also if i update to ios7 will all my previously downloaded apps still be there?

  • Alan

    I have an iphone 5 64 gb at&t (A1428) and i am getting an error when it tries to verify the update with apple. Is it working for people?

  • dallin

    It starts to download then when it gets to verifying it with apple it says the iPhone “name” could not be updated. This devise is eligible for this request build. What should I do?

  • AlexMalone

    How do I put iOS 7 on my iPad?

  • Tim Van Daele

    Hey David, your method worked just fine for me (and my iPad Mini), I’m amazed that the difference is that big between the restore and update-buttons. It still said checking software with Apple but I guess the UDID was never checked. Anyway, thanks a lot! πŸ˜€

  • Will

    Update seems to be stuck on “Updating iPhone software…” ; what should I do?

  • Riain Mc Laughlin

    my iphone 4s seems to have stalled after installing the firmware, macbook no longer reading the phone while it is still plugged on. iphone screen has apple logo and a progress bar, tiny bit of bar coloured, been sitting for half an hour like this, any advice

  • Greg Shera

    David Actually im pretty sure mine just got bricked doing this…. During the last restart of the install my phone stopped responding…. Right now its at the loading screen showing the apple logo with a progress bar underneath… Has been sitting there with no progress for nearly an hour… πŸ™

  • javier

    stuck on apple screen after restarting while installing ios 7

  • nick

    what happens when apple releases the ios 7 to everyone? will I have to uninstall my beta to get it?

    • georgie

      good question! no one has been able to answer that for me either..

  • A

    Your blog is very good

  • Samuel Ismael

    Help! I tried doing this. after installing iOS 7 it says activation error. What do I do?

  • Barrnei

    Thank You! I’ve been trying to get beta 5 but I’ve been getting an update error and iosbetas dot com was absolutely no help. (I had registered my UDID with them at the start). They wouldn’t even return my messages. Anyway, the link you guys have posted worked perfectly and my phone is now updated with beta 5!

  • Victor

    Always Error 3194 or 3004?

  • peej

    in the downloads section i think there might be a typo because it says

    Beta 5 Downloads (try to use these first, if they give you an error then try another beta file for your device) –

    iPhone 4 GSM
    iPhone 4 Rev A
    iPhone 4 CDMA
    iPhone 4S
    iPhone 5 GSM (A1428)
    iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429)

    Beta 5 Downloads (only use these if the newer Beta files above do not work) –

    iPhone 4 GSM
    iPhone 4 Rev A
    iPhone 4 CDMA
    iPhone 4S
    iPhone 5 GSM (A1428)
    iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429)

    is it supposed to say this?

    Beta 6 Downloads (try to use these first, if they give you an error then try another beta file for your device) –

    iPhone 4 GSM
    iPhone 4 Rev A
    iPhone 4 CDMA
    iPhone 4S
    iPhone 5 GSM (A1428)
    iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429)

    Beta 5 Downloads (only use these if the newer Beta files above do not work) –

    iPhone 4 GSM
    iPhone 4 Rev A
    iPhone 4 CDMA
    iPhone 4S
    iPhone 5 GSM (A1428)
    iPhone 5 CDMA (A1429)

  • Joe

    I keep getting a message that says the firmware is not compatible. I am 100% sure i have the right firmware. What can i do to fix it?

  • Philipp

    i always get the the warning the firmware is not compatible with my iPhone but it is the correct version and i tried every beta version…

    it worked fine the first time but now i can’t put ios7 on it and i need to do it because my old backup is an ios7 backup :/ any ideas

  • madds

    I downloaded the right one (or at least I think it was right) to my computer then went into iTunes and did what it said to do. But every time I try to update it, it gives me an error saying “The iPhone cannot be updated at this time because the iPhone software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” It does this every time. Help!

  • Zack

    I have tried this before, and it says “This build is not compatible with your device” or something like that….I know I’m clicking the right one, iPad 3 WIFI Only, any ideas?

  • GMoore

    Is the a version for the iPod touch 5th gen?

  • trikky

    how do i know which firmware to use

    • trikky


  • ryan

    if u do it without a developer account, can u update to to the regular iOS 7 without it messing up ur phone when it comes out?



  • Trippy

    Hello I’ve been having the same problem I want to update to iOS 7 & restore my phone so I can unlock it & the message keeps poping up every single time I try to do it. I don’t know if it my computer or my phone is just messed up know from being jailbroken

  • Yulia Dvorkina

    404 pages///