Update to iOS 7 Beta for Free, No UDID Registration Required

I posted yesterday on How to Update to iOS 7 Beta Right Now on Your Apple iPhone and in that procedure I showed you how to register your device as a developer through a third-party that charges $8 to do so. Turns out, there’s a way to do it without registering the device. The catch is that you can’t restore the phone through iTunes, but in all honesty, you wouldn’t ever really NEED to do that most likely. Essentially don’t ever accidentally hit the Restore button in iTunes and you won’t have an issue (the issue in reference here is just that the device will check with Apple to see if it’s a developer device, and if it isn’t it, won’t go past the activation screen forcing you to downgrade back to iOS 6).

So what are you waiting for? Here’s the modified procedure and video for you to follow to get iOS 7 Beta on your iPhone for free.

How to Update to iOS 7 Beta Right Now on Your Apple iPhone for Free

Oh and for those that are worried they’ll be stuck with iOS 7 after doing this, just follow this procedure here to downgrade back to iOS 6 at any time no issues at all (yes, that procedure says how to unjailbreak, but trust me it’s the same procedure to downgrade).

Let me know if this worked for you!

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