How to Remove Bloatware from Any Android Device (Video)

I understand your pain. Getting a new phone and while you are setting it up, downloading all the apps you want, you begin to notice all the apps that you didn’t download, but instead were already installed on the device when you turned it on. Who said you wanted AT&T’s crappy navigation software, Verizon’s Music program, or any number of other junk the carriers and/or manufacturers put on the phone? Well, there’s a way to clean up that app drawer of yours (and free up some serious storage space in the process). Simply root your Android device and then install a simple app to help you remove all those unwanted apps and bloatware from your device. Here’s how.

I. Before You Begin

1. You MUST be rooted in order to do this procedure. If you are not, please head to our Android¬†How To’s¬†section, find your specific device, find its how to root procedure listed, finish it, then come back to this one to continue.

II. Remove the Bloatware from your Android Device

1. Open the Play Store on your device.

2. Search for and install No Bloat (Free).

3. Open No Bloat.

4. Always allow Superuser permissions when prompted.

5. Tap on System Apps.

6. Tap on any app you want to remove and click backup and delete then click Okay.

7. Repeat step 6 until all the apps you want removed are gone.

III. Permanently Remove the Apps to Increase Storage Space (Optional)

1. Test out the phone for a while to make sure you didn’t delete anything you might have needed.

2. Open No Bloat.

3. Click on Backed Up Apps.

4. Tap on any app you want to remove entirely and click Delete Backup then click Okay (Once this is removed it is difficult to reinstall this app without scouring the internet for the apk replacement so just make sure it’s an app that you don’t use and doesn’t control anything you might use i.e. AirView, or other Samsung features you want to keep).

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