Vine Gets Front Facing Camera Support As Part of Huge Update, Android Users Rejoice

Vine for Android saw a major update today packed to the brim with new features that its loyal users have been begging for since its launch. When the popular video sharing app finally made its way to the Android platform earlier this month it was painfully evident that the Vine development team rushed to release it and skimped out on some key features. Thankfully, they got their act together and now Android users can enjoy the same features as their iOS counterparts.

The updated app, which is now available on Google Play, includes front-facing video camera support  and a huge bump in the overall speed. Check out the full list of enhancements below:

  • Front-facing camera
  • New upload manager for unsubmitted posts
  • Improvements to settings
  • Improvements to camera loading time and support for more devices
  • Speed improvements overall
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

Now that Instagram is trying their own hand out the video sharing niche, do you think Vine’s update is a day late and a dollar short. Or are you Vine heads rejoicing out there?

Source via Google Play

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