How to Update Your iPhone to the Latest iOS 7 Beta Version (Video)

So you already have iOS 7 Beta running on your iPhone? Thing is the latest Beta has been released and you have no clue how to update to get all those new (and quite necessary) bug fixes. No worries, it’s actually really easy if you already have iOS 7 installed. Simply as checking for an OTA update. Here’s how.

I. Before You Begin.

1. You MUST already have iOS 7 on your device (any version of the beta but still iOS 7). If you DO NOT have iOS 7 Beta, head to our How to Update to iOS 7 Beta Right Now on Your Apple iPhone procedure and install the Beta 1 version via iTunes FIRST, then you can come here to see how to update to the next versions.

II. Check for and Install the OTA for the Next Beta Version

1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.

2. Then click on General.

3. Then click Software Update.

4. It should show the new version of iOS 7 Beta, if it doesn’t, just wait a few hours/days and check again. I find it shows up there by the end of the day when a new beta is released (every two weeks).

5. Pull of the Control Center by swiping up from off the bottom of the device, then tap the Wifi icon at the top to connect to Wifi (if you don’t have your Wifi saved yet, simply go to Settings > Wifi > and connect to a network > enter in the password and wait for it to connect).

6. If it does show an update, just click Download and Install and wait for it to download the file.

7. Once it’s downloaded, you click Install to install it. You MUST have at least 50% battery power so plugging the device in while it does this is always recommended.

8. Once it’s done, it’ll reboot. Repeat this procedure two weeks from now to check again.

III. (Optional) Manually Install the Beta Update via iTunes.

1. If the OTA isn’t working for you, feel free to install this manually by going to our How to Update to iOS 7 Beta Right Now on Your Apple iPhone procedure and following the steps but choose the iOS Beta version you need to update to (you must go in order, don’t skip one, i.e. if you are on Beta 1, install Beta 2, before installing Beta 3) during the procedure. Make sure to make backups! Good luck!

If you ever need to undo iOS 7, head to our How to Downgrade your iPhone / iPad procedure.

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  • Ebbzz

    you can only update this way if your a developer?