How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge (All Snapdragon Versions) (Video)

There are two chipset versions of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The Exynos and Snapdragon versions. Exynos is developed by Samsung and Snapdragon is devloped by Qualcomm. While there are a few differences the big one we need to discuss, is the fact that the Exynos version was easily rooted while the Snapdragon one wasn’t.

This basically meant that anyone in the US with a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge was out of luck (all of the US versions are Snapdragon models). That is until Chainfire released a root method for the Snapdragon models not too long ago…

Now, using this method to root your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge won’t allow you to flash a custom recovery or custom ROMs like the rooted Exynos versions (still waiting on the day that happens) but it does let you do some other fun things like install Xposed to customize the stock ROM and even run some scripts to optimize and remove the bloatware from your GS7.

If you’d like to give it a go, here’s how to root the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Snapdragon models.

I. Before You Begin

  1. This will erase your phone so be sure to backup anything you need.
  2. You need a Windows computer to do this.
  3. This will give you root access but will not allow you to flash custom ROMs or a recovery. Do not attempt to flash a custom recovery or you could hurt the phone.
  4. You can however use some cool tweaks and Xposed to customize the phone instead.
  5. Make sure that secure boot in Settings > Lock Screen is disabled.

II. Setup ADB and the USB Drivers

  1. Download and install the Samsung drivers here.
    Samsung Drivers
  2. Head to Settings > About Phone and tap on build number until it tells you you are a developer.
    Developer Mode
  3. Tap Back and tap on Developer Options and enable USB Debugging.
    Enable USB Debugging
  4. Plug the phone in via USB and head to my how to setup ADB tutorial and install adb from there (takes about 30 secs to do, don’t worry). Once done, return to this tutorial.
    Setup ADB

III. Flash the Rooted Boot Image via Odin

  1. Download Odin and save it to your desktop.
    Download Odin
  2. Download the rooted boot image for your device below and save it to your desktop (it is a .tar file, do not extract it, keep it as a .tar):
    All Galaxy S7 Versions
    All Galaxy S7 Edge Versions
    Download Tar File
  3. Extract and open Odin.
    Extract Odin
  4. Turn off the phone and turn it back on by holding down Volume Down, Home and Power at the same time until we get to Download mode.
    Boot into Download Mode
  5. Click on AP and select the .tar file for your phone you just downloaded.
    Select the Tar File
  6. Click Start and wait for the device to flash and reboot.
    Click Start to Flash

IV. Install SuperSU

  1. Download the SuperSU installer and save it to your desktop.
    Download SuperSU
  2. Extract it after it downloads.
    Extract SuperSU Installer
  3. With the phone still plugged in, double-click the root.bat file and wait for it to flash the phone.
    Double-click Root.bat
  4. When that’s done, open SuperSU on the phone and make sure to IGNORE it asking you to update the binaries. The developer of SuperSU has said this might hurt the phone so just don’t update it. Ever.
    Open SuperSU

There you go, you are rooted and ready to either install Xposed and begin customizing the software or, as I highly recommend, use the deboater and optimizer script to get rid of all that unwanted crap in one fell swoop (then maybe install Xposed after for further customizations).

I you ever need to undo this or just are having issues and want to start over, here’s how to unroot the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge as well.

Hope that helped you guys and if it did please share the article as it is greatly appreciated and if you have any issues please post in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them as fast as I can.

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  • Lareb Khan

    I did this and now I’m stuck in an endless bootloop at the AT&T logo. Can you please help.

  • Nathan Burns

    Let me start this by saying I have the SM-G930U. I followed all of the steps above and I can’t get my phone to root. I was able to get SuperSU on there, but no root. ;n;
    Can someone help me out?

  • Curtis Paddack

    Worked for Me on tmobile s7 full root access granted! Thanks!

  • Samuel Diaz

    My samsung galaxy s7 edge is the unlocked version. I followed all the steps and after flashing it reboots and says “checking device status”. After 40 seconds or so it reboots and keeps doing the same thing. Help?

    • You didn’t flash the right version then, please check with the developer page you downloaded it from and make sure you got the right version. If there isn’t one for your exact model, do NOT flash a different model.

  • Wander Soler

    I followed all the steps got supersu install but when I open it it says the su binary needs to be updated continue? Root checker pro says root access is not properly operating or granted on this device. Help?

    • Did you try and update the binary in SuperSU?

      • Wander Soler

        yes I did I get installation failed! Please reboot and try again

        • OK, then try and reroot the phone and start over, also make sure you flashed the correct file for your phone and that it wasn’t corrupted during download. Not much else you can do. Good luck!

          • Wander Soler

            thank so much for the help

  • seleemzid


    i double-click the root.bat but nothing happen it’s only show black box for cmd appear for a second then it’s disappear but nothing happen

    • Try and right-click it at run as administrator. Also check device manager on the computer to make sure the device is being recognized in adb (and along that make sure you have USB debugging enabled in settings).

      • pat

        same problem please help

  • jonathan romero

    Hello davidI’m coming to you with a question

    I’ve been running root for a couple of weeks now on my T-Mobile Galaxy S7 , but my problem here is that all my apps are foreclosing and this is the second time that I’ve actually been rooted it runs great without any lag after a few moddifications with gravity box and trickster mod but the last time that I was rooted the same thing began to happen after a few weeks of root I did what any logical person would do and I restarted phone after I restarted the phone it went into a bootloop it wouldn’t go past the T-Mobile design and well its been a week nowq since i factory reset and re rooted again and this morning it started to force close all my apps and I haven’t attempted to restart my phone because of the fact that if I do it’s probably going to go into a boot loop…

    help please

      • jonathan romero

        i mean yesterday i restarted the phone and of course it went into a bootloop so what i did i went into stock recovery did a reset from there and had to once again flash the super su file from your video and once again i was rooted right now im running root flawless but i feel like in a weeks time the same thing will accur where i wake up one morning and my apps are forceclosing and so are you suggesting to go back to complete stock and reroot ???

        • Go back to stock and reroot if it’s not working properly is the best option. Good luck!

      • jonathan romero

        cause like i said i run root great without any issues for about a week so i really dont know what could be causing this

        side note when ever i did root both time my phone never needed a factory reset cause i didnt go into a bootloop after flashing the rooted boot image

  • Chase

    My phone keeps trying to “activate service”. It just gets stuck in hands free activation window. I have tried un-installing root and going back to factory settings, I re-downloaded all files making sure everything was correct for my Galaxy S7 and same results. Any suggestions?

    • What carrier do you have? And you did this video and got all the way back to stock correct? –

      • Chase

        1. Sprint.
        2. I am fully back to stock Android.
        3. When I go back to stock Android my phone gains service again as if nothing happened and I’m setting up for the first time.

        • Got it. OK, so I’m not sure the issue if number 3 is true. Just go through the setup process to get it to work again like it used to, no?

          • Chase

            Sorry, I might not have been clear about #3. I’m back to stock Android and the phone is woking as normal, I have full service, texts, emails and phone calls. When I try to root I have no service.

          • Got it. Try this (and if not that check that thread for more, seems others have had the same issue and fixed it there) –

          • Chase

            Thanks for lead, I’ll have to try it later and I’ll let you know if it works.

          • No problem. Please do! Thanks!

          • Chase

            Sorry to say wiping the cache partition from the recovery did not work…Technically. My device did gain service and I can send and receive emails, texts and calls BUT now my phone is still trying to connect to Sprint even though it already has service. It is also running very hot, keeps rebooting itself and everything is running VERY SLOOOOW. Not sure what is going on but I’m going to have to go back to stock Android. If anyone finds a fix for this please update us. Thanks for all the help and keep up the good work. I appreciate you trying to help 🙂

          • Aw sorry to hear man! Hope someone with a Sprint version can help!

    • Jarrett Luthy

      Hey man, did you figure anything out? Im with sprint and Im having the exact same problem…Stuck in activate service mode..thanks

      • Chase

        Sorry to say “I have not”. I even tried calling Sprint to see if they could ping the phone on their end and force it to activate but to no avail. Obviously I played dumb and did not tell them what I was trying to do 😉 If you come up with any solutions please give us a shout, I promise to do the same…Take care!

        • Jarrett Luthy

          hahaha Im on hold with them right…well shiiit…this sucks…seems like stuff like this always happens to me lol

        • Jarrett Luthy

          Well, I fixed my phone, but I had to take it to a local “cell king” store to get an actual expert to work on it. Cost me 50 bucks. He said he sees the problem all the time, and that sprint rooting is the most difficult and the most problematic compared to att, verizon tmobile etc. He said he had to reboot the whole phone and load all the software on it again. Hope this helps

  • anthony chavez

    Hello, how do you install xposed? Thanks in advance.

  • Bryan Lurie

    Does the baseband/build version affect the root? In your video you are on PG1 and my phone is on PD2 and keeps wanting me to update which I have been avoiding. Thoughts on if I should be ok?

    • It shouldn’t matter but I’d update to the latest update before rooting just because once you root you cannot update or it could put the phone into a bootloop. And that update notification is annoying as hell anyway.

  • Brandon Hartzell

    so my phone wont activate now ive tried every simple thing factory reset and even called sprint

  • taylor

    So I’m using the boost mobile version and successfully rooted however now I can’t get lte. tried everything in this thread and wondering if anyone has seen anthing else.

  • Devon Montes

    So I did everything correctly, but the issue I’m having is with the SHA256 invalid line coming up in Odin. It seems to be a relatively new thing that has been happening and I don’t know what to do. This is exactly what Odin says:
    Odin engine v(ID:3.1203)..
    File analysis..
    FAIL! SHA256 is invalid
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Is there any way to fix this???

    • Means you are trying to flash the wrong firmware or the firmware is corrupted. What phone do you have and what carrier is it locked to?

      • Devon Montes

        I have an s7 edge and it’s with AT&T. I’ve been trying to flash the correct s7 edge firmware from the XDA website so idk.

      • Devon Montes

        I tried princecomsey special Odin to get around SHA 256, it said it passed but on a root checker it didn’t work and supersu won’t install. But every time I boot the phone it says it’s custom, so idk where my phone stands now.

  • Lemuel Estevez

    I need help!

    • Seems like you did find the tutorial on here

  • Lemuel Estevez
  • Lemuel Estevez

    When I try to on the phone, say something like: “The Kernel Seandroid Enforcing”

  • Lightsflash

    Whenever I try to root, it does everything it shows in the video, but when it reboots it just loads back in to everything where I had it and no root installed. when its booting it shows an unlock symbol and says custom, but nothing happens.

  • Rushane Wilson

    it worked but immediately after my phone started moving extremely slow, I downloaded clean master to improve the speed but it didn’t help much

  • Hey Dave, i didnt know how to ask you this question or which forum to ask it. If i have my Galaxy S7 working just the way i want with your Rooting information, etc … Do you have instructions on how i can create an image that i could flash to anytime to put my system back on my phone with the image anytime i need. I have all the root apps like flashfire, etc … I would just like to create an image like the one you used in How to Root your S7. Could you please either point me to the right place or give me instructions on how to create that? I would really appreciate it.


    David M.

  • Kevin

    HI Dave,
    after i used odin, my didnt reboot, but showing
    Bootloader exception
    [ RST_STAT=0x10000000]
    EVT 1.0
    ASV TBL VER=8, Grade=C
    MINGS:39’C APOLLO:43’C G3D:42’C ISP:42’C

    Exception: do-handler-sync:UNKNOWN(esr:0x2000000)
    pc: 0X800ac000 lr: 0x8f009318 sp:0x8f10ff50

    im using galaxy s7, when i reset, it show Kernel is not Seandroid Enforcing, then goes back to the codes i showed …..
    Please HELP!

  • Anonymous

    Does this method of root trip Knox? And is there anyway to avoid tripping Knox on the Samsung galaxy s7 phone? I’ve alwayse wanted to root my phones but I wait until it out of warranty but by then I get a new phone so it’s pointless. So I just want to know if there’s a way of avoiding setting off knox and voiding the warranty.

    • It will trip knox. I can’t remember the last time I needed to send a phone back in for warranty. Most issues with phones nowadays are software related and you can always fix them with flashing the software (see the unrooting tutorial for details on how to do that). And with most manufacturers they still honor it after rooting so long as you put it all back to stock since it’s the law they have to prove that the action caused by the consumer (the act of rooting in this case) could have caused the malfunction in order to void the warranty. But totally up to you as there is of course a risk.

  • Anonymous

    Is Samsung really anal about rooted devices and not warranting them .

    • I’ve never had to send one in recently o couldn’t tell you from my experience. Maybe look around on forums and see what others have said about it.

  • Anonymous

    I just rooted my Sprint samsung galaxy s7 but i dont have a data connetion and i cant send text messages.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see a fix. When I try to make phone calls I get the spring automated message saying your account isn’t active.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think you could please make a vide on how to install Xposed Framework?

    • I’m planning to, just having an issue with my GS7 Edge at the moment… Soon as I get it sorted I’ll do the video though!

  • john

    My phone is stuck on the tmoblie boot menu

    • Use the unroot tutorial linked at the bottom to get it back

      • Eddie Sierra

        I tried your unroot method, followed the steps and it fails in odin

        • Please read the other comments on the unroot tutorial. You flashed the wrong firmware and need to Google for the correct one (unfortunately the person who listed the original firmware that I linked to hasn’t updated his page in a long time so this is just the only thing we can do for now).

    • Eric

      There are several forums that advise clearing your data and cache if you get stuck in a bootloop

      press the VOLUME UP + HOME + POWER buttons all the same time and HOLD THEM DOWN. release only the POWER button when the device vibrates. release the other buttons when the ANDROID SYSTEM RECOVERY screen appears. using the VOLUME DOWN / UP buttons to navigate, select WIPE CACHE PARTITION.

      • Thanks for helping out here!

        • Eric

          Absolutely. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve refreshed to stock and done this process countless times. Odin FTW!

  • Joe

    Hey david. I own a galaxy S7 and did everything right. Then restarted my phone after and now its stuck at the U.S Cellular Bootup screen. Anyway to fix this?
    Every 5 seconds it buzzes. Either once or twice.

  • Chris

    I had the same problem as Joe and I tried to use the unroot tutorial and it still did not work. it just said fail after a while.

    • Means you tried to flash the wrong firmware. You might need to google for your specific firmware to get it to flash (I.e. The ones on that page are the most common but if you are on a newer firmware it’ll require you to flash the newer firmware or it’ll say fail).

      Same thing happened to me with mine recently and so I had to check for a newer firmware.

      • Eric

        When reflashing stock ROM make sure you match the AP file to AP, the BL to BL, the AP to CP and CSC use the HOME CSC file. When I got failures I was using the CSC in the CSC file slot. I am on VZ S7e

  • Klo

    everything has gone correct for me except when I get to the root file in supersu…. upon clicking on the file, nothing happens and when I verify root status with root checker… it is not rooted. I am not sure what else to do.

    • Klo

      I visited the XDA forum also and did the following” Your user profile path can’t contain a space. That means if your Windows user is ‘Somebody Nice’ and thus your Windows user path is ‘C:UsersSomebody Nice’, the install will fail. You can create another user on your computer (if prompted for a Microsoft login, choose to make only a local account) and enter a short, single-word name for your user. Sign into and use that user profile instead. Also, the path where you extract the SuperSU package can’t contain a space, so try extracting them to somewhere simple like perhaps C:S7Root.” my head hurts please assist.

      • Sorry you need to ask that on the forum for the developer to help with his toolkit.

  • Brandon Thron

    I just rooted my s7 edge W/ UR download & my hone is broken @ the moment I need UR help please & thanx (the only screens I see R the samsung, t- mobile bootup & the redownload screens), so I went on 2 xda developers & youtube last nite & I think discovered their called custom binaries, but that’s as far as I can get on my own, I need UR help 2 get the rest of the way & use my device 2 its full potential!!! So thanx & talk 2 some1 soon…….. PS I’m on a different pc, so do I have 2 download the same software 2 do this??

  • Chris Carer

    I am having the same exact issues as Klo. What can I do ? I am also stuck with a security violation warning that cannot be deleted. I don’t think Verizon S7 can be rooted. I just see forum after forum positing that it can be done and hundreds of comments stating failure. Is there no where one could pay for a professional to root their device?

    • You’d have to check with the developer of the exploit on that forum I linked to a few times in the comments. There might have been an update to the firmware and that might be effecting this. The developer will probably update the rooting script to fix it ASAP.
      Sorry you’re having an issue, good luck!

    • Eric

      I can verify that even on PH1 firmware you can root your Verizon Galaxy S7.

  • Jared Walters

    Their is no way to fix this. Even doing a OEM firmware install. I also have the Intel security threat deteted event On my permanent record. I feel so juvinile… Status is ‘custom’ and unlocked.. no root either..

    • You can fix it by doing this entirely and making sure you pick the correct firmware –

      • Jared Walters

        I posted in that thread too and tried to keep it on topic.

        I like your forum and you gleam info well. Their is some confusion tho… and I tried to clarify it to you and others.

        Thank you for the reply. I return the same link to you and ask you to look in forum thread

  • Jared Walters

    See attached ss on previous post. Sorry for 2 posts

  • Bradley Hommerson

    I have tried to do this and i have sprint but it wont connect to lte and i cant call or text and it wont activate arghhhplease help

    • Bradley Hommerson

      alright now i have lte but it wont text or call it is so wierd ( i tried to activate when it gave me lte but stillno text/call arggg)

      • Please read the other comments. A few people have already mentioned this.

  • Maja Johansen Haubeck
    • What step are you on and why did you type in adb wait-for-device?

      • Maja Johansen Haubeck

        Root step.. ?

        • Sorry but I need you to be more specific than that. If it helps tell me what number step above in what section. For example, step 3 in Section II. Make sense?

          • Maja Johansen Haubeck
          • I’ve honestly never seen that screen during this tutorial. You must have done something wrong before. I recommend simply going back through the steps and making sure everything says it worked and that you flashed the right firmware for your specific model before continuing and trying that step again. Unfortunately without me literally standing with you while you do it, there isn’t much more advice I can give right now :/ Sorry, but good luck!

          • Eric

            From seeing the screen, and I cannot totally tell, but I got to a screen similar to this before flashing the ENG package and trying to run the root.bat file. At this point like David said you should go back into download mode and flash stock firmware and start over

  • Julieanne

    we rooted and debloated our phone and now cant text, call or IM. need help asap as we need to use this phone for work

  • King Kakar

    why it is stuck please tell what should i do now please tell me

    • Please be more specific. What step are you stuck on? What is the error/what happened exactly and when? Can you take a screenshot of what you did right before it happened, etc.? Otherwise, just head to the unroot and try and find your firmware on the web and flash that to get back to stock if you just can’t do this. –

  • hamada olives

    can you help it has taken me to a bootloader exception black screen

  • Jose Trejo

    So after part 3 step 6 my phone turned back on and everything but then it got stuck in the sprint logo and starts vibrating every couple seconds. Now i have it back in download mode to end the vibrations. But now i dont know what to do to get it to start up again

    • Others have reported the same in the comments below. Check that for a solution if they found one, otherwise just unroot it using this –

      • Jose Trejo

        It starts up fine now like normal as if nothing happened to it. i dont know how it got there, and now every now and then it pops with a message saying there is unauthorized actions and to restart my phone to undo these actions.

        • Is that after you did the unrooting? If so try and redo the unrooting but also flash the BL file as well (sometimes it needs it even though it usually doesn’t).

          • Jose Trejo

            okay and which file do use on the CSC, the regular one or the one that has “home” before csc

          • You’ll have to check with wherever you got the file from. I’ve never had a firmware with two CSC

          • Jose Trejo

            It worked with once i flashed it with the BL file. Now i must attempt to root again and il keep these files in case of brick or something. Also the files the i got were from Thank you

  • mehdi

    my galaxy s7 have this problem and i solved…. my id:in instagram linducdcd

  • GhostNinja

    Quick question: when exactly does your phone get erased? I just went thought the process and everything seems good to go, but I didn’t lose anything on my phone. I’m not complaining about it, but I feel like I missed something now

    • It doesn’t necessarily erase the phone. I just ask you to back it up just in case.

      • Ghostninja

        Makes sense. Thanks for the vid btw. I’ve always wanted to root my phones just to get rid of all the pointless stuff that comes on them. This was my first time and everything went smooth.

        • No problem, thanks and glad it worked!

          • Ghostninja

            Do you have any videos on just basic tips tricks you can do once your phone is rooted?

  • Will this allow FoxFi to run on a sprint phone?

    • Sorry but not sure what FoxFi is. If it is an app that requires root, then that is what this does so it should work.

      • It’s a wifi hotspot app that requires root to work properly

        • Then yes, this gives you root so if that’s all it needs it should work. But since I didn’t create the app you are talking about, you should check with the developer of it for it’s requirements etc as they are the only person that can really tell you if their app will work for your device and why or why not. Good luck.

  • Dylan Robinson

    When I hit start in odin all it says is succeded-0 failed-0. My model number is SM-G935P

  • James Blackwood

    When I try to run Supersu it just closes in about a half second and doesnt make any changes to my phone. Thank you for any help!

  • Manu Mayank

    trying to root sprint galaxy s7 and the phone keeps on rebooting and not allowing the root.bat drive to run. The phone is in a continuous reboot mode now, its keeps on getting rebooted after few minutes.

    • Device not found means the drivers aren’t installed (or literally the device isn’t plugged in). Check the other comments for help as I’ve answered this a few times now and all the links etc are here already.

  • Gary

    I followed all the steps and rooted successfully, but when I tried to text, it was stuck on sending. I decided to restart the phone and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge logo comes up, disappears, then a solid blue LED light is stuck on my phone. The screen is completely black, only the LED light is on. I can boot into download mode, and recovery mode. I tried factory reset and wiping cache, but nothing is working. Please help.

  • Dave

    Doing this will trip knox correct?

  • Charlie

    Does this still work? I have an AT&T S7 Edge and have updated it twice since the uploading of this video. I really want to do it but am scared because of the comments saying they bricked their phone. I would love a responce so hmu if you know. Thanks!

    • No one is bricking their phones. They can all unroot using the linked tutorial you see mentioned in the comments. There apparently was an update and the developer of the rooting tool hasn’t updated the tool so some devices aren’t able to be rooted. What I recommend is to head to that unrooting tutorial and try and find your phone’s latest stock firmware and maybe even flashing that using that tutorial (this will erase the phone but just put it back to the way it was out of the box) and once you can confirm that that worked, then there is very little risk to try this after that (since you an always use that firmware to reset the phone. Does that make sense?

      • Charlie

        So I flash the newest firmware onto my phone from that video and then do the rooting tutorial?

        • Right, so the flashing is just to confirm that you can get back to stock quickly in case something goes wrong. So once you can do that, then you can try the rooting tutorial (just good to have that stock file anyway frankly).

  • Charlie

    Hey, whenever I try to install adb, at the end it says “ERROR: invalid command line parameter” Whats up with this?

    • Charlie

      Nvm I was installing the wrong one

  • Charlie

    Whenever I try to run the root command to install supersu it runs through it but doesn’t seem to be installing it on my phone or anything.

  • Anonymous

    Bricked my phone. Nice.

  • Ray Rivera

    Good Day. Don’t know what I did wrong. Follow all your instructions and worked fine till I downloaded and installed packages from Xposed. Now it says “Unfortunatly System UI has stop”. Is there a fix? Is there only certain downloads I can use from Xposed? New to rooting. This is my first time trying. I have a Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge. Right now it is stuck on Download mode and I dont know what to do.

  • Vincent

    Can’t play Pokemon Go. Any help?

    • Might be checking for root and finding it so it’s blocking the game. You’ll have to Google for a workaround. Good luck.

  • Derek

    Hey it worked perfectly, i got free wifi all day thanks to you. BUT my s7 smg930t 6.0.1 lagging so much. Please provide me a fix. Much appreciated.

    • Try restarting it. Otherwise contact the developer for help.

      • derek

        And it worked again!. My phone is working as new, smooth as a water. thanks so much. you helped me saving so much time and money. Appreciated.

  • Mohamed Aflah
    • Dyllon Erasmus

      Look at Previous posts down in the comments.

    • Jerry Pineda Jr.

      Looks like you’re soft bricked

  • Roger

    Just bought Verizon S7 yesterday and rooted using your tutorial. It worked perfectly! I do have two questions:
    1- Do I need to temporarily hide root or un-root the next time Verizon pushes out a software update?
    2- How do I get rid of the giant hurricane/ VoLTE icons in the notification bar that appeared after rooting???

    Thanks again!

  • Eric

    I am folowing your tutorial for my samsung galaxy s7 edge for at&t but when it is time to install superSU i run the batch file and this is all it says.

  • ReubenLA

    Unfortunately, Sprint has some scam where they disconnect your cellular service once your phone is rooted. I followed every step and then was unable to make any phone calls or send text messages. Ironically, I had data without using Wi-Fi so I don’t really know why that was but I can just imagine Sprint doing it to prevent rooting. Now I’m stuck with the stock software and that’s that!

  • Alan González

    someone knows if it works for sm-g935u?

  • Brandon Macis

    when ever I restarted my phone it says unlocked with a unlocked lock is this normal?

    • Did that for me, too, but after I rebooted again it fixed it. Otherwise, make sure to flash the BL file and all the others again.