7 Best Facebook Apps for Android

Facebook might be where you make your social home, but the stock app can be boring. If you’re looking for an alternative, we’ve got you covered. You won’t need to leave Facebook to enjoy these apps. Which is the best Facebook app for Android, though? Let’s see if we can find out.



If you have an HTC One, we suggest you set Blinkfeed up as your Facebook viewer. You can do just about anything you want from Blinkfeed, from posting to checking up on your favorite people and sites. It also cuts the Facebook routine with other social entities like Twitter, so you don’t need to navigate anywhere else. Social,y Blinkfeed is great 00 and Facebook is social. [What?!]



If you like Facebook, but are tired of the aesthetics, try Fast. The app is a bit like a skinned version of Facebook, and is widely used and highly rated. It’s also been recently updated, jumping on the Material design bandwagon. For a new-look Facebook, check out Fast.



Do you like the idea of Blinkfeed, but don’t have an HTC One? Seesmic is the next best thing! The Facebook and Twitter client brings a fresh look and cobbled social experience together, so you don’t have to migrate back and forth too much. You get full functionality with Seesmic, too, so you don’t have to compromise one bit.



Like many Facebook clients, Hootsuite can manage multiple social accounts. Unlike the rest, it organizes them effectively, rather than cobbling them together. Hootsuite is a lot like an RSS feed for Facebook and others, making it great for consuming massive amounts of data, or getting through your feed quickly and effectively.


VK App

For all intents and purpose,VK is a skinned version of Facebook. It looks and feels a bit like Google+, which is nice because Google+ is a sharper aesthetic to Facebook’s often tired design. Plus, it offers up all the functionality of Facebook, so you won’t miss a beat.



Like VK, Klyph takes Facebook one step further. Unlike some of the others, Klyph brings in modern Android styling and usability, making it an app you will find easy to use. Klyph doesn’t miss on any Facebook utilities, either, so you can get all you need with Klyph.



While others let you manage multiple social entities, Everypost lets you post to multiple spots as well. It also handles more social layers than the rest, making it great for those times you want to post to Facebook, but ultimately other spots as well. Facebook might be your home, but if you want to post to more locales as well, Everypost is your one-stop shop.


Facebook gives you a lot of news and updates from family, but doesn’t allow much else. If you’re tired of the look and feel of Facebook, we’ve given you a few suggestions. If you’re looking for the best Facebook app for Android, hopefully one of these might suite you.

Hootsuite might be the best all-around performer in my opinion, so give it a go should you want to try Facebook in a new way. It also offers a web or desktop version, so you’re never without your social fun for the day.

Any we missed?

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