7 Best Facebook Apps for iPhone

You like tiny screens and big social media — that’s why you want a new Facebook app for your iPhone. Though there may not be anything that can quite live up to the original, we’ve got some suggestions that will give your favorite app a new look, and might even give you some features you need. Facebook for iPhone is just fine, but it’s time for a change. Here are seven of our favorite iPhone Facebook apps.



If you’re not using Paper, we’d like to know what’s wrong with you. A gorgeous new way to use Facebook, Paper is exclusive to the iPhone. More News Feed than anything else, Paper relies on images rather than text, making it visually appealing the whole way through.



Unless you’re ready for retirement, you’ve probably figured out that “the email machine” on your desk has more social sites than just Facebook. You might even, perhaps, have a Twitter account or something! If that’s you, Hootsuite is the app you’ll want to check out. It’s like a social manager, bringing you feeds from all your stuff into one convenient app.

You’ll get access to Facebook, but also won’t be missing out on anything. It scrapes your feed, but doesn’t try to recreate it for you. You can also post from Hootsuite, and even schedule them if you like. If you’re a stats junkie, Hootsuite will feed you info on how your posts do.



Do you need an app that’s basically a skinned version of Facebook? If so Friendly+, might be your best option. Though there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, Friendly+ is a slimed-down app, and doesn’t take up much room on your device memory. For iPhone, which lacks expandable memory, that’s a big deal.

Friendly+ also lets you switch between accounts quickly and easily. The experience is a lot like what you’ll find on Facebook proper, except Friendly+ simplifies it all nicely for you. If you find the subtleties of Facebook a bit confusing to grasp, try Friendly+.

Facely HD


All that slightly-darker-than-corflower blue got you down? It’s the Facebook color scheme, and you can’t change it. They’re going to stay blue, no matter what you want from them. Deal with it, bro.

If you just can’t deal with it, try Facely HD. The app doesn’t do much in the way of making Facebook somehow stand out, but it does let you change-up the color scheme. Great for personalization, and it doesn’t get in the way of your Facebook feed.



Buffer is a lot like Hootsuite in that it lets you manage multiple social accounts from a single app. It’s a different interface than Hootsuite, so aesthetically — the choice is yours. If you’ve got two similar apps, why do you even need to choose, though, right?
People like Buffer because it makes sharing to multiple accounts easy. If you’ve got some snarky joke that everyone on Twitter and Facebook need to hear, Buffer is a good app for you. It also tracks your stats, if you’re into that sort of thing. The upside/downside here is that you won’t see your feed — Buffer is just for posting.



Okay, so this isn’t really a Facebook app, but hear us out. Flipboard is a news aggregate that culls from several sources, including your Facebook feed. If you’ve got family that posts things you want to respond to in a not-so-kind way, Flipboard might keep you from starting a social civil war.

It’s also nice because it will pull news from several sources, so keeping up to date on family drama is interspersed with space travel and neat recipes. You can share articles to Facebook via Flipboard, too, so give it a shot if you don’t want to get yourself into trouble with the family.



Like Hootsuite and Buffer, Everypost is an all-in-one social app. Also like the aforementioned apps, it has its own interface and styling. So why are we still talking about curated social apps, you ask?

Because Everypost is the best for power users who post more than they read. It works with most sites, and lets you do everything those others do — like schedule posts, or see stats on your post performance. If you’re a social junkie, and are tired of migrating between 8 different apps just to say the same thing, Everypost is for you. It even works with Dropbox for sharing media!


Look, the Facebook app  is boring. The app is ho-hum, which is why Paper exists — they had to pivot out of their rut. Facebook also knows they’ve got a cottage industry springing up around them, and these apps prove as much.

These apps are all good in their own right, and depend highly on what type of user you are. If you just want to change the color scheme of Facebook, give Facely a chance. If you’re tired of hitting up a billion different social apps to say something, Everypost is the power user’s dream come true. If your social ambitions are more Twitter/Facebook, Hootsuite is likely going to suit you just fine.

You can’t miss with any of these, but which is your favorite? Did we touch on your favorite Facebook app for iPhone, or do you have one we don’t know about? Let us know in the comments section below!

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