7 Best Free Apps for iPhone

The App Store often asks for a small charge for apps, which isn’t a big deal at all. If you just want some freebies, though, that’s also possible. Free apps for iPhone can be had, and more are going free every day. Here, we’ll walk you through a few options for our favorite free iPhone apps right now.

Paper Karma

Paper Karma

If you’re tired of getting junk mail, Paper Karma can help. It’s a free app that lets you snap a picture of your flyer or mailer, which tells the app to remove you from the mailing list. Over time Paper Karma reduces your junk mail, which is good for your inbox and mother Earth.



Ever been somewhere, snapping photos, and forget where you were later on? Tagg.ly saves you the trouble of remembering — the app adds a small watermark and location to your photos. You can even choose to name the photo array after an event, so making sure you know which photos were from which birthday party is a breeze. Simple to use and free to download, Tagg.ly is a photo app you should have.


Shazam iOS

Ever heard a song playing while in a restaurant or store and wondered what it was? Shazam can help, and it’s free to boot! All you have to do is ask Shazam to listen, and it can help identify the song. Its robust search algorithm can find you almost any song you like, and it even keeps track of which ones you’ve searched for so you can find them later on.



Can life happen automatically? Sure it can! If This Then That, or IFTTT, lets you create recipes for your life. So, if you post to Twitter, but also want to save that post to Google Drive, you can create a “recipe”. You can also get a little more in-depth, like having the lights turn on when you get home (with the right equipment, obviously). IFTTT is a great way to delve into connected everything, and is free to download.



Is that run-down Mexican restaurant any good? You could be the weirdo asking people on the street, or you could download Yelp. The review app will tell you what’s good, and what to avoid. It also suggests places open where you are, and considers the time of day. Want a five-star snack at 10pm? Yelp can help!



A new app, Jink is a fantastic location tracker that has privacy in mind from the ground up. Send a Jink request when you’re meeting up with someone, and it will tell you where they’re at on the map. You can even chat with them while you’re both on the way to the rendezvous spot, and the session goes away when you arrive. It keeps no leftover data, so when you leave the meeting, there is no worry someone can follow you digitally.



If you like online shopping, Slice is for you. Not only does it keep track of your packages for you, it tells you how you spend your money. If you think you’re spending too much on clothes, Slice will tell you if that’s accurate or not. If nothing else, Slice is a fantastic way to track packages easily — all you need ot do is give it access to your email.

Once you tell Slice which email to keep tabs on, it automatically scans your inbox for shipment notifications and receipts. In a card-based layout, it then offers up quick access to your package in the app, even tracking it for you the whole way. If we were to make a comparison, it’s like Google Now’s package tracking technology. You tell it what email to keep an eye on, and it culls shipments for you. The only downside is that it picks everything up, so when you buy an app — it’s gonna show in Slice.


These are some of the best free iPhone apps we’ve come across, but are by no means the only ones out there. For just about any solution, you can find a great iPhone app for free. Even though paying for apps isn’t typically a problem, some free ones might prove that you just don’t need to charge yourself a dime.

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