7 Best iPhone Games

There are some great games out there, but which are the best iPhone games? From chart toppers to time wasters, we’ve got some suggestions you just might find yourself loving. Here is our list of some of the top iPhone games right now!



Get ready to be frustrated! Poptile is fun, but also a bit of trickery. Three columns are stacked with different colored blocks, and it’s your job to chop them down by tapping matched blocks. Just when you think you’re doing well, one column has snuck its way to the top of the screen! It’s a bit like Tetris, just without the falling blocks.



Think you’re good at crossword puzzles? What about when there are multiple answers?! Bonza will have you puzzled (pun intended), but also give your brain a workout. Arranging the pieces to form multiple answers is both fun and a bit challenging.

Plague Inc.


Wearing the bad-guy hat, you’re tasked with creating a virus that can destroy mankind. Once you shed the guilt of killing millions, though, it becomes a lot more fun to create and manipulate a deadly toxin. You can give it special resistance to certain cures, morphing it into the ultimate killer. For a quick five-minute jaunt that does so much damage — digitally, of course — Plague Inc. is a lot of fun, and one you should try.

Two Dots


Dots was a great game, and the follow-up is even better. Not only do you get the same great, addictive gameplay as Dots — you get new levels and challenges! Two Dots brings a new look to Dots, but is easy to pick up for seasoned Dots champs and beginners alike. A lot of fun, Two Dots also sees a lot of updates and new levels, keeping you playing and working your way through all the levels you can handle!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of Dots, it’s exceedingly simple. Match two or more of the same colored dots on the screen, and they disappear. You have a quota of dots to reach, and a set number of moves to accomplish that goal. Your goal is to remove all the colored dots you need to, which moves you to the next level.



A puzzler, threes sounds so simple. Slide numbered tiles around, and they create new numbers for you to match up. Then you pair those numbers up, and the cycle repeats itself. Fun to play, Threes will also drive you a bit mad, and make you feel pretty dumb now and then. Like any good puzzle game, it seems simple until you play it — and are unable to stop playing, because it’s so addictive.

Impossible Road


Your iPhone’s gyroscope is world-class, so you should take advantage of it! Impossible Road does, taking you on a twisty road. Like Labyrinth, Impossible Road puts you in control of a sphere, working your way through twisty, bending roads. The simple aesthetics will appeal to minimalists, and the gameplay will make those who are fans of time-wasters happy as well.

Monument Valley


Another puzzle game masquerading as a kind-of RPG, Monument Valley takes on a different feel. Like an MS Escher painting, you’ll find your character, the princess Ida, traveling paths you didn’t think were possible. Finding new treasures along the way keep you coming back, and the graphic interface is just gorgeous.


These are all among the best iPhone games for 2014, and we think you’ll enjoy each of them. The iOS platform has a lot of great games, but these are some of our favorites for the smaller iPhone screen. Give them a shot the next time you’re looking for a game to get involved with. You might be surprised!

Any other games for iPhone you think need to be on this list? Add them in the comments!

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