7 Best To-Do List Apps for iPhone

Optimal organization is a goal so many of us aspire to, and so few of us achieve. So why not grab an app that can help you get, and stay, organized? Check out this list of the best to do list app for your personal needs. Whether making lists is like pulling teeth and you need the organizational equivalent of a hard-ass personal trainer, or you just need a better system than lists scribbled on scraps of paper, there’s an app out there for you. Keep reading to learn about these seven great to-do list apps, and become the task master you’ve always dreamed of becoming.


photo credit: just-like.net
photo credit: just-like.net

Wunderlist is definitely one of the best to do list apps out there. It’s a great tool for those seeking simplicity. If you’re looking for a place to store grocery lists and tasks that need doing, without having input your entire life into the app, then Wunderlist is a great choice. It’s easy to use and quick to master. It has sharing capabilities, allowing collaborators to comment on lists, and lets you to link common tasks lists with hashtags. Wunderlist also lets you see completed tasks, so you get that warm, fuzzy, full-of-productivity feeling that comes with checking items off your list. Bonus, it looks great too.

iTunes (free or $4.99)



photo credit: thenextweb.com
photo credit: thenextweb.com

Another long-time favorite of the organizationally inclined is Todoist. Set up like an email inbox, Todoist makes it easy to navigate, set reminders, create sub-lists, and even track your productivity. You can use the tool on basically any platform out there, from iOS to Android to browsers to email, so anyone can access tasks, anywhere, anytime. This also makes sharing tasks and collaborating a cinch.

iTunes (free or $28.99 for a year’s premium subscription)


Remember the Milk

photo credit: apiminer.org
photo credit: apiminer.org

First off, Remember the Milk has a less “look at all the tasks you must do NOW!!” feel to it. Maybe it’s the cow mascot or the script-y font, but I definitely appreciate its less stress-inducing look and feel. RtM lets you organize tasks using lists or tags, and allows you to assign priority levels, so it’s easy to customize the app to fit your organizational style. You can also sync Remember the Milk with other apps and programs, like Evernote.

iTunes (free or $24.99 for a year’s premium subscription)


Carrot To Do

photo credit: ican.cn
photo credit: ican.cn

Carrot takes the ‘evil robot programmed to make you productive’ approach, you know, that old stereotype. So, if you need an extra kick in the pants to get you to finally organize all those papers on your desk, then Carrot can certainly help you with that. The app is structured like a game, the more tasks you complete the better you do. And if you get lazy, or as Carrot puts it “persist in sloth,” the app will straight up berate you –he’s a very busy robot and he doesn’t have time for any of your BS excuses. So, do the laundry now, dangit!

iTunes ($2.99)



photo credit: tomshw.it
photo credit: tomshw.it

Any.Do is clean, simple, and easy to organize. However, it has a few nice features that set it apart from other similarly well-designed apps. It allows you to set geolocated tasks, so you can have it remind you to “pick up milk” the next time it geotags you at a grocery store. It also tries to help you make organization a habit, by suggesting you set up an “Any.Do moment,” a time when it will show you your tasks for the day –set it to run thru your daily assignments each day as you drink your morning coffee, for example, and soon you won’t have to try so hard to remember to check items off your list.

iTunes (free or $2.99)



photo credit: macrumors.com
photo credit: macrumors.com

If you like to edit, change, organize and reorganize your tasks, Clear is a god-send. The app allows you to easily create new lists, delete old ones, and change the order and placement of tasks, all through gesture controls. These gesture controls make using the app smooth and easy –you don’t realize how much constant clicking and tapping is involved in other apps until you’ve tried Clear.

iTunes ($4.99)



photo credit: habitrpg.com
photo credit: habitrpg.com

If organization is a real chore for you, or you’re a fan of the Mary Poppins “in every job that must be done there is an element of fun” approach to boring jobs, then HabiticaRPG is the app for you. And while I tend to disagree with the that supercalifragilistic nanny on that point (no, Poppins, ain’t nothing fun about cleaning the bathroom, or trying to rectally take your sick cat’s temperature), turning to do lists into a game is a brilliant idea. You separate tasks into different categories, like daily lists, to-do’s, and habits. Gain points, gold, and health by completing various tasks, lose said items by being lazy. The better you do, the more cool character add-on’s you can get. Why not turn those boring errands into a game?

iTunes (free)


Which app works the best for you? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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