7 Best Weight Loss Apps for Android

So you want to lose a few pounds, eh? Good news — Android can help! When it comes to weight loss apps for Android, there are plenty of options. From working out to counting calories, we’ve got a few Android apps for weight loss you might like!

Lose It!

Lose It

Lose It does it all! You can track calories, log foods you like to eat, and even get a count of which foods you might order in are costing you health-wise. Lose It tracks your weight loss, and even sets new goals as the pounds come off. You can even challenge friends and keep track of each other via the app, making it competitive fun. Daily, weekly, and more long-term goals are actually fun, making weight loss more of a game than a chore.



A popular way to shed some pounds is taking up running, and few keep you on track better than Runkeeper. It tracks your total activity level, and works with smartwatches, too! You can also set goals, digitally encouraging yourself to lose the weight.



Designed to work with the Fitbit activity wearable, the app is perhaps the most robust tracking tool we’ve ever seen. It tracks your calories burned, steps taken, weight loss goals, and overall activity (even sleep). While you need the wearable for it to work, it’s a small investment you will be glad you made over the long run.

7 Minute Workout


Sometimes, weight gain comes from an active lifestyle. If you’re on-the-go all the time, but still gaining weight, the seven minute workout might help. Sedentary lifestyles attribute to weight gain, but finding a few minues in your day to do some quick exercises can’t be that hard. It runs you through a few rudimentary exercises that will help you shed a few pounds and feel healthier.

8 Minute Abs


Seven minutes isn’t cutting it? Cut your midsection down with eight minute abs, then! The core exercise program takes you on a ride that will target and work out your gut, bringing you a slimmer profile in no time. Diagrams take you through how to execute the exercises, and even tells you what it’s doing for you.

All Recipes


Yeah, you’ll have to navigate past the fried chicken and stodgy deserts, but All Recipes has a ton of healthy options, too! In addition to exercising, you also need to eat right — and All Recipes offers up more healthy recipes than other apps. For those with dietary concerns, the sheer volume of recipes ensures you’ll find something you can eat.

Fast Food Nutrition and Weight Loss


You’re going to eat out, and don’t worry — nobody expects you to stay home and eat fruit three times a day. This app will let you know where to eat, and what’s good for you. Rather than searching online for the restaurant you might want to go to, find it via the app, and see what’s appropriate on the menu for your diet. And hey, if you want to cheat a bit on your plan — at least you know how much you have to do to work it off!


Losing weight can be a tedious process, but these apps might make it better for you. From tracking activity to finding good food to eat, these weight loss apps can really help you find your way to a new you!

Any other apps that you guys use for weight loss that might help others out?

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