7 Best Windows Phone Apps

Though there may not be as many Windows Phone apps as there are for other platforms, you can still get some great ones. From messaging to games, we’ve got some great apps for Windows Phone that we think you might like. Some might even be better on Windows Phone than there are on other platforms, too!



The popular messaging app has come to Windows Phone, and it takes the simple aesthetic of your favorite platform to a new level. Balancing the bold WP text with a colorful minimalism, WhatsApp just might end up as your new messaging service. Free for the first year, WhatsApp is only $0.99/year afterwards.

Asphalt 8


A favorite game for racing enthusiasts, Asphalt 8 on Windows Phone is just as good as it is elsewhere. Upgrades, challenges, competitions —they’re all here! The graphics are also top notch, and the playability is through the roof. Give Asphalt a try if you’re into racing games.

Fresh Paint


If MS Paint was decent on the desktop, it’s great on mobile. Fresh Paint is everything you’d want a draw-and-paint program to be, but also a bit more. In addition to having plenty of pens and color palette options, you can also turn your photos into digital art with several built-in filters.

Open Table


Making a reservation can be tedious, but Open Table takes the guess work out of it. Simply open the app, select a restaurant that uses the Open Table system, and you’re on your way! It’s a great app used on other platforms, and the Windows Phone version is no different.



Backed by a huge library, Spotify aims to bring music to your fingertips. The app lets you find and stream music, and has a social layer meant for added discovery through sharing on Facebook and/or Twitter. Syncing between mobile and desktop is also a very useful feature, and especially nice for Windows’ various iterations.



Powered by Bing, Translator is a robust translation tool for anyone who may be traveling. It’s also good for those times a restaurant menu might not be in English (natively), giving you a straightforward translation for the text. It uses over 40 languages, and even has a text-to-speech function if you can’t quite read the screen.


audible 1

The best read-it-to-you book service is alive and well on Windows Phone. The app provides audio books to you, letting you go about your day and still get some “reading” in. Free to download, you will need a subscription to use it. Heavy readers will love Audible — especially those who can’t seem to find time to read.


The Windows Phone app market is growing every day, but these are some of our favorites for the platform. All make good use of what makes Windows Phone unique, and are far from Android or iOS ports. Consider these a few for your phone, but by no means all Windows Phone has to offer.

What are some of your favorite Windows Phone apps?

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