Alcatel 1X Released in the US: $99 Unlocked Android Go Phone

One hundred dollars unlocked is cheap for a phone. Especially in the US. Next week though, the Alcatel 1X is being released on Amazon for that exact price.

The phone is going to be running Android Oreo Go edition. If you aren’t familiar, Android Go is the same Android you’re used to but just optimized to run on lower-end phones.

On these devices, we have Android Go versions of your most popular Google apps pre-installed. These take up less storage and use less RAM than their non-Go versions. There’s an Android Go Play Store for downloading more optimized apps, and a bunch of under the hood changes that take away a few features but are optimized for storage and RAM so lower-end hardware can be used.

Case in point, the new Alcatel 1X specs are below:

[table id=14 /]

Now, of course, this is a very inexpensive phone, but it’s because of improvements like Android Go being less resource-intensive that allow¬†Alcatel (TCL) to make it with less expensive parts, still get a smooth user experience (this part is key), and keep that price under the $100 mark (also key).

For anyone interested, you can find the Alcatel 1X here in about a week on Amazon.

What do you guys think? I know we’re all about high-end devices, but it’s still interesting to me to see just how much you can get nowadays for only $100, no?

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