Every Device With Alexa Built In Announced at CES (Video)

If there’s an easy trend to pick out of CES this year, it’s that Alexa is everywhere. From cars to audio equipment, to phones and robots, Amazon’s virtual assistant is now chatting to you from every conceivable product category.

So many products were announced here but let’s see if we can name them all, shall we?

List of All the Alexa-Enabled Products at CES

  • Lenovo Smart Assistant Speaker, lenovo’s newest smart capable speaker will use Alexa
  • Lg’s latest fridge the Instaview SmartFridge will allow you to use Alexa for commands but also allow you to order food as well.
  • Along with the LG Hub robot who will use Alexa
  • Belkin’s Wemo Dimmer Switch
  • Incipio CommandKit Wi-Fi Light Switch
  • Whirlpool says “many” of their smart appliances will use Alexa commands in early 2017
  • The Aristole, a new smart baby monitor, from Mattel will allow parents and kids to ask her questions.
  • The Copay Airmega Air Purifier
  • The linksys Velop their wifi mesh network system can use it to read the password outloud and other basic functions.
  • The nightingale smart sleep aid will be able to use Alexa to launch goodnight scenes or dim the the built-in nightlight.
  • Ford is integrating Alexa into their Sync 3 system meaning that any car with that will be able to use her to do various commands in the car and even in their house with an Echo or Dot like starting the car etc.
  • Likewise Volkswagen is integrating it into their cars with CarNet enabled
  • INRIX is adding it to cars that have the OpenCar system
  • Huawei is claiming they are the first phone to have Alexa built in in the Mate 9
  • Sensory, the company behind various voice-recognition software in various products as announced they’ll be adding Alexa support that will work in future Bluetooth headsets
  • Dish is adding it to their Hopper DVR
  • Jam Audio’s Jam Session Speaker
  • Theil’s new Aurora lifestream wireless speakers
  • iHome with an Alexa powered bedside speaker
  • Monster’s SoundStage speaker systems
  • The Lynx humanoid robot uses her
  • and finally Samsung’s new Powerbot VR7000 robot vacuum will respond to Alexa commands as well

Did I miss any? And isn’t in nuts how many there were? Seems like this is how Alexa is going to stay competitive with Google Home. What do you guys think?

Special thanks to DigitalTrends.com for bringing me with them to CES! Check out their site for more tech from CES!

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