Amazon Echo Unboxing (Video)

Amazon recently released their new Echo device. Marketed as a bluetooth speaker and voice assistant similar to how Siri or Cortana works, the device has been on sale since the middle of January, but just started shipping this month to users who pre-ordered it and patiently have been awaiting its arrival. You know, like me.

So as mine finally arrived, figured it was appropriate to do what we all do with our new tech here on the web: an unboxing.

Here’s my unboxing of the Amazon Echo:

So far it seems more of a novelty (and possibly a decent bluetooth speaker I can control with my voice?). Downside is that I seem to only be able to use Amazon Music for any of the songs (I usually use Spotify myself). At the moment, coupled with the email I received saying “Thank You for Getting Amazon Music” which I didn’t sign up for, it seems like a bit of a way to force more people to use their music service. But, as we already know,┬áit’s only a matter of time before it becomes the voice-controlled hub for our home. And, with the limited testing I’ve done with the voice control so far, I might be okay with that.

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3 thoughts on “Amazon Echo Unboxing (Video)”

  1. The video does’nt work. Something about the video is a copy of a video already uploaded on youtube.

  2. Thomas Paterson

    Do you know how to install the Echo app internationally? I bought the Echo in the US and took it home to Mexico, but didn’t install the app before I traveled. As a result, this isn’t working!

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