Amazon Touchscreen Echo Images Leaked?

So take this with a grain of salt as most leaks and rumors, but Mashable just posted a photo they found in a tweet of what is supposedly the next Amazon Echo with a full touchscreen.

And, I have to agree with Mashable: it’s not the best looking device.

There have been previous reports, namely from the Wall Street Journal, saying that Amazon is working on a 7″ touchscreen version Echo with better speakers, but in that report they mention it looking like a tablet on a stand which this, maybe I’m crazy, doesn’t at all look like.

Also, having never heard of this AFTV News site doesn’t really help the case… but maybe?

What do you guys think? Think this is what the new touch screen Echo will look like or is it fake? And does anyone even want a touch screen Echo?

Source: Mashable
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