LG G7 ThinQ Specs Are Official: Here’s a Quick Bulleted List of Them

Today, LG released the 7th generation of their G-Series flagship devices, the LG G7 ThinQ. The device looks very similar to the G6 but has a metal trim around the outside and sports Gorilla Glass 5.0 on the front and […]

Razer Project Linda Featured

Razer Project Linda: Turn Your Razer Phone Into a Laptop (Video)

I’m here at CES and wanted to try and get some videos out for you guys of some of the stuff I’m being shown. This is a tech convention though, so please excuse the quick and dirty nature of these. First […]

Essential Android Phone

Android’s Founder Launches His Own Sexy Android Phone

Andy Rubin, the original founder of Android before Google bought them back in 2001, has been teasing that he’s making an Android phone with his new company Essential for some time now. Today, he finally announced that new phone, and […]

Predator Triton 700 Closed on Stand

Acer Reveals The GPU in Their Ultrathin Gaming Laptop (Hint: It’s Better Than I Expected)

Remember that Triton 700 super thin, metal gaming laptop I got to see at the Acer event in NYC last month? Well, when they showed it off, we didn’t know what GPU was inside. Until now. Turns out alongside NVIDIA announcing […]

Surface Pro on Table

The New Surface Pro, Surface Pen, and Type Cover

The new Surface Pro was announced today by Microsoft in Shanghai today. Expected to be the Surface Pro 5, Microsoft has switched things up (and simplified things, I think) by just calling it the Surface Pro. Period. New Surface Pro […]


Appeals Court Just Overturned the Federal Drone Registration Law

Back in 2015, the FAA set in place a registration system for drones that required their pilots to use a website, pay a $5 fee, and pass an exam to get their license to legally fly their drones in the […]

All the Things You’d Care About from Google I/O

Today was the last day of Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference, where, lately, they’ve been announcing new versions of Android, new home automation products, and updates to their AI offerings. This I/O was no different. Android O is now […]

The New York Times in 1942 Will Make Your Appreciate Writing On a Computer

I was inspired this morning by a feature on Mashable that showcased photos from 1942. Thought some of you guys might like to see them, too. The reason for these photos existing is that an Office of War photographer named Marjory […]

YouTube on Phone

YouTube is Spending Millions on Free Original Content

YouTube just announced at NewFronts (a video ad convention here in NYC) that they are now going to be offering new, premium content on the site with top celebrities and creators for free. Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, Demi […]

AFTV Amazon Touchscreen Echo

Amazon Touchscreen Echo Images Leaked?

So take this with a grain of salt as most leaks and rumors, but Mashable just posted a photo they found in a tweet of what is supposedly the next Amazon Echo with a full touchscreen. Exclusive: This is Amazon’s […]

OnePlus 3T

The OnePlus 5 Confirmed to Be Coming This Summer

That’s exciting, no? The successor to the super popular OnePlus 3 and 3T has been confirmed by OnePlus to the Verge. The reasoning behind the jump from 3/3T to 5 instead of 4, is apparently because 4 is considered an […]

Uber Pickup

Uber Broke Apple’s Rules and Got Caught

This story has been going around the internet that originated on the New York Times’ site –feel free to read it there in full detail. The article essentially discusses Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, and how his “drive to win in life” […]

Plastc Card Lost

Plastc Disappears After $9 Million in Pre-Orders for Their All-in-One Smart Credit Card

Plastc took $9 million dollars in pre-orders for their card that allows you to store a number of cards in it digitally and then swap between them by tapping the e-ink touchscreen built-in. Brilliant, right? I thought so, and that’s why […]

Rockem Sockem

Google’s Working on Dueling AI That Can Teach Each Other Without Humans Needed

SKYNET. FREAKING SKYNET. Sorry, every time I see one of these articles, images of the Terminator run through my head as I’m sure they do a lot of yours. I digress, though. Regardless of whether the push into AI is […]

Snapchat vs Instagram

The Truth Behind Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

So there’s been a lot of talk this last week about how Instagram Stories has just passed Snapchat for daily users. Part of what’s fueling the headlines is, of course, the fact that Stories are a pretty blatant rip of […]