Android’s Founder Launches His Own Sexy Android Phone

Andy Rubin, the original founder of Android before Google bought them back in 2001, has been teasing that he’s making an Android phone with his new company Essential for some time now. Today, he finally announced that new phone, and it’s sexy as hell.

The phone is a flagship device with specs that definitely match that title. Take a look at the chart below:

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Now, look at the device itself with its almost completely screen front and slick back (that shows no logos, a point they mentioned during their announcement that I appreciate).

Right?? The company says that in addition to the no logo they also believe in not shipping a phone with extraneous junk so maybe we won’t see a terrible amount of bloatware on it.

Also, you might notice two odd sensor-looking things at the top of the phone.

Essential Phone Connector Points

These are pogo pins that allow accessories to connect to the device (clearly trying to make a modular selection of accessories to go with the phone at some point). Currently they are making a 360 degree camera that connects magnetically to these pins and is normally $199 but comes with the phone during pre-order for $50.

Check out the source link for more info and to pre-order (I already did and you can definitely expect a video soon as it shows up). Unfortunately, at the moment there is only the Black and White models available for pre-order (even though I really want that green one) with the other two colors coming “soon”.

Anyone else as excited as I am about this phone?

Source: Essential
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