How To Scan / Use a QR Code

So maybe you’ve seen one of these square barcodes that have a bunch of dots in them somewhere and wondered, “What the hell is that mess?” Well, that mess is called a QR code, which stands for Quick Reference Code. A QR code is basically a barcode like you find on any product you purchase but instead of bringing up a product number when scanned, it can bring up a lot of different information (i.e. a website, or even a command for your device to head to the Market to show you an app to download). Unlike a regular barcode, these cannot be scanned with a straight red line in your camera’s viewfinder (like you may see in other barcode scanning apps), it needs a special program to scan it. In this Android 101, we show you how to scan a QR code using a special QR scanning app. Check out the video above for more details and feel free to leave any comments or questions below.This is part of our Android 101 section. Head to the entire collection of Android 101 posts here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    David, how did you make that apps menu slide from the bottom to top in 3D?

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