Android 2.0

So over at BoyGeniusReport seems to have gotten a very early Xmas present for Android users.

Android 2.0 has the following upgrades (and it’s a lot):

  • Combined Inbox
  • Exchange Support
  • New Google Maps w/ Layers (Wikipedia etc.)
  • New browser (no Flash 10, and no multitouch yet, but still an improved browser)
  • YouTube Widget
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Car Home Application (to make it easier/safer to use your phone while driving)
  • Redone Contacts (new submenu when you tap on a contact’s image)

They have tons of screenshots and info on Android 2.0. I think it best for you to just go over and take a look 🙂

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As for release date, still seems pretty far off and the version they played with is far from finished. Still kinda exciting 🙂

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  • DirectMatrix

    Its very exciting. I would love to see the code drop in the near future so the devs would be able to start including some eclair goodness!

  • mitchapalooza

    This update sounds good but I really hope by the time it comes out they put in the flash player and multitouch…I know that’s somethings everyone would like to see 🙂

  • Smoke360

    Sounds good hopefully they include a camera zoom in the update.

  • VR

    oh how i love you, ANDROID!

  • Nick

    When do you think that the Android 2.0 (a.k.a Eclair) will be dropped? How does this O.S. stack up to others? I don’t know…what ever it is I am excited to check it out for sure!

    • Hello Nick,

      We have heard rumors of early 2010, but it could be sooner. Who knows…
      As we get closer Im sure we will get more and more details and you know well be posting them as we get them 🙂

  • Nick


  • Nick

    I have the G1 and currently running the Hero O.S. It is pretty sweet but don’t like the lag. Just wish that there was a way to up the RAM and overall processing speed. Oh well.

    What I like about your site is that it passifies me enough to download and upgrade my phone rather than go out and buy a new one. The crappy thing about technology is that there is always something better coming out. Wierd!

    I love this site a lot and check it religiously everyday for constant updates. Just flashed the new recovery. Kind of in the dark about some of the functions of the new recovery or when I would use them. I am assuming that it will be heavily used once new Roms are introduced.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hello Nick,

      Sorry Hero isn’t working out that well. Have you tried the Maxisma Hero ROM for the G1 in the Downloads section? Also check our post on How To Speed Up Your Hero ROM.

      Thanks! Glad you like my humble little site 🙂 Will try to keep it updated as much as possible, keep checking back!

  • Nick

    I will give it a try.



  • david

    will the g1 get android 2.0? my g1 is not rooted.

  • jgraeff

    hey unlockr-

    i rooted my mytouch and used the new amon ras dream 1.2.3 and i have noticed i can only go about 3-4 hours on a full battery, i use to be able to use my phone for 2 days, is there anyway i can fix this? i really need the tether program but other than that would another rom be better?

    • Hello Jgraeff,

      The ROM would not effect your battery life. If you are tethering constantly or using wifi constantly, that would make your battery go down that quick.

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  • dre

    It will be nice to see multi touch and flash… in the update. Come on now.