Android App of the Day: GateGuru

I don’t travel a lot, but when I do I always feel the familiar airport-induced anxiety building for weeks prior to my trip. Between the stress of getting to the airport on time, waiting in multiple lines, paying for your bags, and searching for decent food at the gate I am truly in awe of people who travel all the time for work. I for one would just be a big ball of nerves. With that said, my whole attitude towards travelling by air has completely changed thanks to a little live-saving app called GateGuru. It only took one trip with GateGuru by my side to convince me that this app would get a permanent home on my Android device. I may not use GateGuru all the time, but when I do travel this app truly acts as the one item you can’t leave home without.


  • Free!
  • Most comprehensive and accurate listing of airport amenities
  • View TripIt or KAYAK flight details
  • Add or view airport security wait times
  • Clean and uncluttered airport maps
  • Access to real-time ratings, reviews, tips and photos on airports, terminals and amenities
  • Quickly sort amenities by rating or name to find the BEST option for YOU
  • Simple search engine
  • Bookmark function for airports and amenities
  • High Flyers leaderboard
  • Social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Gowalla) to keep your network posted on your airport travels


  • Can not sort listings my ratings
  • Slight data lag when waiting for listings to load

How it works:

  • Download app
  • Turn on your device’s location settings to “ON”
  • Choose airport from list displayed or search for airport by name, city, or code
  • To view reviews on the entire airport tap on “Entire Airport”
  • To search for reviews on restaurants tap on “Food”
  • To search for reviews on shops tap on “Shops”
  • To find services and promotions on select services tap on “Services”
  • To see additional details on a listing just tap on the name of the business
  • To add your own rating tap on the pencil and notepad icon at the top right hand side of the app
  • Tap on the top right map icon to see a visual of the terminal that you are currently located at
  • If a business or service is not referenced in the app, you can add it yourself


I have and always will be a fan of user-review based services making this app one of all my all time favorites for Android. GateGuru combines the best of airport related know-how with real traveler’s opinions for a robust experience. The best part about this app is that it not only supports airports inside of the US, but also has support for airports in Canada, Europe, and Asia. Now that the app is free you really can’t go wrong by giving it a try the next time you’re scheduled to jet-set somewhere.

GateGuru is available for free in the Google Play Store. Requires Android 2.2 and higher. Play Link

This is part of our Android App of the Day series. We take our favorite app for Android for each day and post it here for you to check out. Feel free to check out all of our App of the Day posts here.

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