How to Get the Android Oreo Launcher (Video)

Google just announced their new Android version called Oreo this past week and, as promised, have begun pushing the new update out to Pixel and Nexus devices.

If you don’t have one of those devices though, there’s no telling when you’ll be getting the new Android 8.0 update, unfortunately, but thanks to some crafty developers, you can try out the new launcher (and no, no root is required).

Reddit user AmirZ and another developer DeleteScape, managed to get the new Pixel launcher to work on other Android devices that aren’t able to download it from the Play Store and, surprisingly, it’s super easy to install the new launcher using a packaged APK file.

Install the Oreo Launcher

First, you’ll need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources by going into Settings > Security > Unknown Sources (exact menu names vary but it’ll be something like that).

Unknown Sources

Then, head to the Github page where the developers are hosting the app by pointing your phone browser to this link, (I’ve shortened it for you to be able to type it easier if you aren’t viewing this on your phone).

Download the Oreo Launcher

Once there, download the latest .apk file at the top of the page under Downloads and let it download to your device.

Oreo Launcher Downloaded

After it downloads, tap it and then tap Install.

Install the Launcher

Once installed, hit the home button and select to Always use the Launcher3 when you hit the home button to set it as the default launcher.

Hit Home to Select Launcher

Then turn on notification access for Launcher3 when prompted and you’re all set.

Android Oreo Launcher

Uninstall the Oreo Launcher

If you want to undo this, you can just head to Settings > Apps and find the Launcher3 app.

Launcher3 in Apps

Then tap it and tap on Open by Default and Clear Defaults.

Clear Defaults for the Launcher

Then you can hit back and uninstall it.

Uninstall the Launcher

And there you go, the Oreo Launcher. Frankly, it’s not too much different than the Nougat launcher and most of the changes are pretty subtle but fun to check out regardless, I think. Enjoy it and let me know how it went in the comments.

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