Android Users Most Likely To Give It Up On The First Night, Says

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, online dating site decided to run a study on the correlation between promiscuity and smartphone platform ownership. Promiscuity and mobile operating systems, sounds oddly romantic right? Interestingly enough, concluded that 62% of Android phone owners are open and willing to have a night stand. Blackberry owners were the least likely to give up the goods with only 48% of its users willing to partake in promiscuous behavior on the first date. We’re guessing that the other 52% would prefer organizing their email over anything else. Not to be left out, 57% of iPhone owners admitted that they would willingly partake in the merriment of a one night fling.

Can’t get enough of’s intoxicating research skills? The study goes on to show 72% of Android users to have pursued online dating sites, compared to 58% of iPhone owners and only 50% of Blackberry owners. Android users pulled ahead again with the least likely to feel guilty about a hit and run with 55% admitting to having “no issues with engaging in a one-night stand”. As far as the dreaded “day after call” goes, iPhone users appear to be the most anxious by only waiting “one day to call someone after a date”. Meanwhile Android and Blackberry users tend to play it cool with the 3-day rule.


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