Apple Announces New iPhone Dubbed “iPhone 3GS”


Apple annouced today that their new incarnation of the iPhone will be the new iPhone 3GS (the S stands for speed and we’ll get to that later). The looks of the phone are almost identical to the iPhone 3G except for it being a bit heavier and will have a new “fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating” on the back.

Here is a chart from Engadget showing the differences from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS - Here

As far as we can tell, the only added features are:

  • Digital Compass
  • Different backing (“fingerprint resistive”)
  • 3.0MP camera (iPhone 3G had a 2.0MP)
  • The ability to run on the higher end of AT&T’s 3G spectrum (Up to 7.2MBPS instead 3.6.MBPS) but we’ll have to get one in our hands and do a side by side to really see if it is a big deal (7.2 and 3.6 are theoretical and are definitely NOT averages for either device so there is a lot of wiggle room for actual data speeds).

*Other features were listed by Apple, but they will all also be available on ALL iPhones when the 3.0 Update comes out, so we don’t count them and neither should you.

Think this will make people who already have the 3G iPhone switch? And what about people that don’t own an iPhone yet, will this make them take the plunge?

We don’t think it’ll be as big of a deal as the first 2 iPhones, but we’ll just have to wait and see on June 19 when it releases…

…except for those people who will be buying up the phones with contracts so they can sell them overseas and pay the cancellation fees, they might be lining up to buy the phones.

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