How to Make the Apple Logo on Your iPhone Light Up Like a Macbook (iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus) (Video)

Sometimes it can be hard to make your iPhone stand out in a sea of iPhones. You can jailbreak the phone and then change all the icons, you can find a clever unique case, but beyond that, there’s not a whole lot to differentiate your iPhone from all the others.

Today though, I’m going to show you one of my favorite tweaks for making my iPhone stand out in a crowd.

You know how the Apple logo on a Macbook lights up when the screen is on? Well, using a small kit, we can make our iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus do the same thing. Needless to say, it catches people’s attention – especially while sitting in a dark bar – and garners a lot of “What the hell…” responses and it’s inexpensive to do, doesn’t affect the battery life of the phone, and isn’t terribly hard to do.

If you’d like to give it a try, I’ve put together a video on how exactly you can do it below. Please keep in mind, however, that this does require opening of the phone and that’ll void your warranty (if you’re phone is over a year old you are out of warranty anyway, but if not, keep that in mind). Also, this isn’t really for the faint of heart so please understand that you are performing this at your own risk and I am not responsible if you mess up the phone.

Looking for the light kit for the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus instead?

With the disclaimer out of the way, here’s how to make the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus light up like it does on a Macbook.

Before You Begin

1. Again, you are doing this at your own risk and I am not responsible for your actions. This will also void your warranty if you still have one.

Get the iPhone Light Kit and Tools

You can head here to purchase the light kit.

Make sure to purchase the one for your specific model of iPhone.

Install the Light Kit on the iPhone

Once the kit arrives, here’s how to install it.

Open the Phone

1. Turn off the phone.

2. Using the provided pentalobe screwdriver from the kit, unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the phone on either sides of the charging port.

3. Using the suction cup from the kit, put it on the lowest part of the screen you can and pull up on it. This will create a small gap under the screen at the bottom of the phone. Put the pry tool into that gap and slowly turn it to separate the screen from the casing.

Pry Open the Screen

4. Once it is separated, pull the screen back to 90 degrees (don’t go past that as it’ll break the cables that are holding the phone to the motherboard.

Remove the Screen (Optional)

You don’t need to remove the screen from the casing, but it might make it a little easier to remove the battery (more on that later) so if you want to follow the next few steps to do that, otherwise you can skip these and continue in the next section.

I’d recommend trying to do this without removing the screen as it makes it a lot faster to install and if you end up struggling to keep the screen upright while doing the rest of the tutorial, then go ahead and use these steps to remove it.

1. Unscrew the screws holding down the metal plate over the screen’s cables and set these aside. I use a white piece of printer paper and put everything down so I know exactly where it goes back (some of the screws are slightly different sizes so keep that in mind).

Keeping Track of the Screws

2. Remove the metal plate and set that aside as well.

3. Using the pry tool or your fingernail, disconnect the cables and then the screen will disconnect and you can set that aside.

Removing the Battery and Apple Logo

1. Remove the screws holding down the metal plate near the bottom right of the device that is over the cable connecting the battery.

2. Remove the metal plate and set that next to the screws.

3. Disconnect the battery.

Here’s the hardest part. We need to remove the battery from the casing and Apple glues the crap out of it so it’s not easy to do. Just do the following very slowly and carefully and try not to puncture the battery, if you do you can buy another replacement relatively cheap from here.

Remove the Battery

UPDATE: Thanks to some smart people in the comments, you can apparently pull the to flaps at the bottom of the battery and pull them straight down to get the glue out instead of all this heat and prying. Try that first and then if it doesn’t work use this way to get it out. Thanks to everyone who recommended this!

4. Using a butterknife or another small, flat metal object, wedge it under the battery little by little to separate the battery from the glue underneath it. (Optionally, you can use a blowdryer on the back of the phone to heat up the glue a little to make it a little easier to remove. Just don’t heat it up to where you can’t hold it as that’ll be too hot and damage the internals of the phone itself.

5. Once you finally do that (again, be patient, it’ll take a while), remove the battery and set it aside.

6. Using the pick or your fingernail, remove the two pieces of tape holding down the metal Apple logo under the battery.

7. Using one of the screwdrivers, pry up the edges of the metal logo bit by bit until you can peel it away. Set this aside as we can reinstall this if we ever want to undo the light kit.

Connecting the Light Kit

1. Insert the light kit so that the LED is placed into the new Apple shaped hole left by the metal logo. Make sure it’s snug.

2. Put the two pieces of tape we removed earlier back on to just help hold it down.

3. Put the battery back in but do not connect it just yet.

4. On the underside of the screen there is a tiny cable coming from the top left of the earpiece. Carefully scrape away the tape on top of it so the three metal connectors are exposed (see video or below).

Screen Connectors Exposed

Reconnect the Screen (if you removed it)

At this point, we need to reconnect the screen if you removed it in the steps above.

1. Reconnect the cables from the screen to the motherboard.

2. Replace the metal plate on top of them and screw that back down.

Attach the Light Kit

1. Take one of the small sticky sponges from the light kit and add it to the very top of the skinny part of the light kit cable to form a T shape (perpendicular to the cable).

Sponge Perpendicular on Cable

2. Now connect that part of the cable to the newly exposed connectors on the back of the screen.

*For iPhone 6 Plus, see this comment from a reader on how to line them up properly (thanks, Tom!) –

The kit for the iPhone 6 Plus has 3 conductors. I found that only by centering the kit’s middle conductor on the mating iPhone conductors did the two outside connections seat properly, without shorting other pins on the iPhone’s connector. David, thank you for this really terrific kit! – Tom King

3. Take another sticky sponge from the kit and stick it vertically to the right of the cable so that it is half on the cable and half on the back of the screen.

Second Sponge

4. Finally, stick the electrical tape that came with the kit over it all so none of the light kit’s exposed cable is visible. We need this to be as covered as possible as if it isn’t insulated the logo won’t light up (this is where you need to inspect should the logo not work right away).

All Taped Up

Finishing Up

1. Reconnect the battery to the motherboard and replace the metal plate on top.

2. Screw the metal plate back down.

3. Using the last piece of electrical tape from the kit, tape down the lower part of the LED’s cable where ever it’ll fit in the bottom of the phone.

4. Put the screen back down and carefully and slowly press on the sides to snap it back into the casing (be careful not to crack the screen).

5. Put the two screws back into the bottom of the device to close it back up.

6. Turn on the phone and check to see that the Apple logo lights up. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen on the phone to change the brightness of the LED as well.

Enjoy! Let me know if it worked for you below in the comments!


Here’s a video for those having issues getting it to work!

Issue #1: The Apple logo won’t light up.

Solution: This actually happened to me the first time I installed it. Simply open the phone back up (make sure to turn it off first), remove the sponges and tape attached to the exposed cable on the back of the screen and put them back. Just make sure that everything is stuck down well and that there is no exposed cable. What happens is that if this isn’t taped up very well and/or the sponges aren’t where I told you to put them, electricity will escape from the back of the cable and not go into the LED (and that means no light).

Issue #2: I broke the battery while trying to remove it.

Solution: Again, this has also happened to me when I’ve gotten a little too impatient with the glue. If this happens, just order a new one from here. They aren’t expensive but it just means you have to wait until the battery arrives before you can use the phone, of course.

Issue #3: There are lines all over my screen what do I do?!

Solution: The cable isn’t on correctly when you removed and put the screen back. Check this video out for help.

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211 thoughts on “How to Make the Apple Logo on Your iPhone Light Up Like a Macbook (iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus) (Video)”

  1. Got the iPhone Light Kit mod for my iPhone 6 Plus installed today. Um, yes, it is absolutely awesome! Two notes of interest: 1) The claim that the iPhone Light Kit Mod “Won’t affect battery life” is not correct. The added LED does draw additional current. It would be accurate to state, “Won’t noticeably affect battery life for most users,” since the power required by the LED is only a few milliamperes of current. 2) The video and instructions are excellent, but the power connection for the iPhone 6 Plus kit does *not* match the provided instructions, which shows 2 conductors. The kit for the iPhone 6 Plus has 3 conductors. I found that only by centering the kit’s middle conductor on the mating iPhone conductors did the two outside connections seat properly, without shorting other pins on the iPhone’s connector. David, thank you for this really terrific kit!

      1. I should also mention the nice quality of the included tool kit, just perfect for modding the phone. The phone opens easily, just as the video and instructions show. This is a top notch kit all the way and an enjoyable mod to do, due to the quality of the kit, tools, and great instructions. Yes, the mod may not be one for the faint of heart, but it is not that difficult to do either. I find the Otter Box case to be a perfect match for this mod, since it features a hole which shows the logo on the back of the phone, yet offers great protection. Now, if only I can stop staring at the new, now glowing Apple logo on the back of the phone…

      2. Hi. I installed this today along with a new battery and it works! However but I feel like the iPhone 6 Plus is getting warm around the rear top area. Is this normal? How would I know if there is any shorting between the conductors? Thanks for the instructions and video!

      1. I don’t use Apple Pay, so I can not say this mod does or does not affect the functioning of near field communications on the phone.

    1. Hi. I installed this today along with a new batter, but I feel like the iPhone 6 Plus is getting warm around the rear top area. Is this normal? How would I know if there is any shorting between the conductors? Thanks for the instructions and video!

  2. Hey David Thanks for all that you do!!!!! Just purchased the kit I noticed that the kit was updated 12/31 as being on backorder. Is that still the case or do you now have them in stock? If so will my order ship immediately? Thanks again I can’t wait to perform this mod. Now only if we can Jailbreak 9.2 LOL!

    1. Thanks so much!

      So I have them in stock for the 6 Plus and should have the 6 back in stock by the end of the week. You can order now and it’ll ship out as soon as it is in stock or you can wait until then and check back.

      Good luck with the mod once you get it and let me know how it goes!

      Ha, 9.2 keeps getting teased but not here yet sadly. Soon hopefully!

      1. David I just saw your response I’m glad you mentioned the 6 Plus. It is a very good thing that you don’t have the 6 kits yet because I accidentally placed the wrong order I NEEDED THE 6 PLUS but I placed an order for the 6. Since the order has not been filled can you please assist me in fixing my order so I get the correct kit!!! PLEASE HELP!! The last thing I want to do is pay for the wrong kit!

  3. Hey, I recently did this with my iPhone 6, but my screen cracked a couple days later when my friend dropped it. My question is if I bring it into apple, will they fix it? Obviously now that there’s extra wires attached to the screen….. Can they still repair my screen??

  4. Hey David i just got the product today and i was really excited. I connected everything the way it said in your video and it is still giving me trouble. I also try the troubleshooting solution u have on this website and i try replacing the electrical tape and still nothing i was wondering do you have any more tips you can give me to fix this problem i would greatly appreciate it .

  5. 6plus here, Great Kit, I will say, go ahead and pull those glue strips at the bottom of the battery. It was way easier then trying to pry and bent the battery plus mine had 3 small glue strips. The apple logo was a pain and took a while until I found a small tool that could finally fit under the glue (actually a small tool for working with clay). The connection port was tricky because it seemed big and the fan pads were little small. I placed one in the center of the strip horizontal and the other like you said vertical on the side. I then used some extra electrical tape to cover it and tap it in place. lining up was no such a deal but took time. Then i just had to add extra electrical tape of my own to cover it completely. Now one thing that drove me crazy, I noticed that I have to turn the Auto-dim off. It seemed that at a certain low dim point it turns off the LED, I just turned the Auto-dim off and advanced it until the Apple logo shined nice. working great

      1. It’s because you reused the puffed up battery. Get a new one, so the screen won’t be squished against the old battery.

          1. No I did not. I bought new battery and put in but still the same. I end up take them all out.

  6. I’ve done this first try the first time. Now I bought a new one for my friend and it’s not lighting up after many x’s redoing it. I think this one is defective. Could I receive a new one please?

    1. Also, removing the logo with a flathead is kind of hard and will slide and damage the stuff on top. Plus, how do we seat the cable better. It’ll fold real hard against the speaker as the screen will go back to place. Please get back to me because this isn’t my money that went in this.

  7. Instead of using foam and electrical tape to secure the ribbon wire to the screen, could I solder the leads to it instead?
    I would be using a VERY low heat solder and soldering iron.

    1. Hmm. I’m honestly not sure. I’d imagine you COULD technically but I’d recommend sticking with the tape frankly. Also just good for if it gets damaged, you want to put the original logo back, etc.

  8. I purchased the kit for the iPhone 6, but when I go to remove the 2 screws at the bottom of the iphone on either side of the charging port I cant, it seems as though the pentalobe screwdriver head is too big and I’m afraid im going to strip the screws. Any thoughts/help?? I really want to get this kit on my phone ASAP! 🙂

  9. I connected the kit and it worked but then after a while the light dimmed so i opened up my phone again and reconnected it and now it doesn’t turn on at all any ideas?

    1. If you didn’t disconnect the battery before adjusting the LED you could have fried it. Email me using the contact us form on the site and let’s see about getting you a replacement 🙂

  10. The screen connection for the 6 plus is a really touchy affair, but I got it to work (you really should have a separate video from the 6 plus). The foam pads seemed a bit small. I had to add some electrical tape for better coverage. Now I have a couple of small white splotches in the screen where the connection is being made. I am assuming that it is because of pressure from below on the back light. Will this go away eventually as the foam compresses or is it going to stay that way? Anyone else run into this!!

  11. Will I get a shipping notification when my kit goes out? All I have received is my order receipt and a completed order email.

  12. I received my kit but the blue pry tool came broken into pieces and I don’t have the 2 foam pieces or tape that its supposed to have. What do I need to do? I need those pieces. Also, the kit you sent me is different from what you have in the video… my phone (iPhone 6+) has 5 connections but the kit does fit it perfectly but I can’t do anything without the missing pieces you didn’t send in the kit!!!!

      1. Received my new kit in the mail sometime while I was on vacation. Got back and installed it. Few things to note with the iPhone 6 Plus, the foam pieces that come with the kit are a little too small to cover the end, maybe they fit the 6 fine but the 6 Plus must have a larger connection and a different design. I ended up completely damaging the battery, luckily I had another waiting. I also had to add another piece of tape to make it to make it a hair thicker once closed. Other than that, it went well, certainly not something I would recommend for most people to attempt. I’m happy with the result and I don’t see any hit on the battery power!!!! Already had a few people asking about it after only a single night. 😀

        1. Thank you so much for the honest review! Definitely going to include more tape and sponges in all orders as it seems that’s the biggest thing for most people that I can easily solve.
          Yeah, I get randoms staring at it from across the bar, love it 🙂 Enjoy and thanks again!

  13. I purchased the IPhone 6 kit and and spent a day carefully installing this. The logo was a pita to get out (; The logo won’t light up. I’ve checked to see that it was properly insulated with tape and that the glue was scraped off like the video said and I’m beginning to wonder if there’s any other way to check to see if the light is functional at all. I’m at a loss as to what to do next.

  14. Now I’m reluctant to install this after my friend installed it on 2 of his devices only to find out it interferes with NFC Apple Pay causing it not to work, he removed them both and NFC worked again. Is Apple Pay working for you?? 🙁

    1. NFC working fine for me and no one else has complained. Not to mention it is literally a copper wire with an LED and wouldn’t affect the NFC at all (in the same way a metal case wouldn’t). It is more likely that your friend might have messed something up during the installation maybe?

      1. Amazing, turns out it was a single screw missing in the top right corner of the plate covering the ribbons and that’s what was causing NFC not to work, WOW interesting!!!! Make sure you replace all the screws!!!! The other phone he had just happened to have a NFC chip that went bad.

  15. For anyone having trouble installing the kit, my advice is to make sure you connect the contact strip from the LED so that it stops at the top of the connector on the screen. So where the three metal contacts end essentially. I used the first piece of electrical tape towards the bottom, then the second to seal the top portion off. Then I placed one piece of the foam horizontally in the middle. Also be careful with the other end of the LED, where the little circuit bulges out near your charging port. I had to shift it around til I was able to close the phone up without crushing it.

  16. My screen does not display anything now. any suggestions on how to fix. i already took the apple led logo out to maybe find a way to resolve it this way..battery seems fine and connected. issue might be when i tried connecting the cable. plz someone leave suggestions.

    1. Sorry to hear you are having issues with the install. Did you disconnect the LED from the back of the screen and see if that solves the issue. The LED cannot cause an issue like that on it’s own honestly, it’s just a copper cable and light. What could have happened is you bent back or ripped the cables connecting the screen to the motherboard… but check the LED first.

  17. Brian Guillén

    I keep getting white dots on the LCD after I close it. It seems like it is from the foam and tape pushing against the back of the LCD. How do I resolve this. I have the iPhone 6 Plus.

    1. Hello Brian,

      Same thing happened to me on a phone. You just need to adjust how it is attached to the back of the LED until that doesn’t happen. Make sure that the LED isn’t overlapping any metal other than the conductor itself as best as possible and even though it needs a lot of pressure to light up, try making it a little looser (so it isn’t putting enough pressure to create that white dot but has enough to light up, of course).

    1. Means the led isn’t connected correctly or its too tight. Sometimes that darker side also goes away on its own as the led loosens a little. You can try adjusting it until it lights but the screen isn’t affected.

  18. iPHONE 6 install – I believe the wrong kit was mailed to me. I would not know this because nothing was identified on the package, I got everything apart, the logo don’t fit snug or flush, there was not enough tape or insulation to tape the logo, and get the connector on properly. The logo strip was too long and not sure if you are to cut this or not (I didn’t), I had to bend it to get the case closed. The connector seem to fit something with 6 prongs not the 3 I have, The logo is not lit, but I have my “W” on the bottom of the keypad bright (I believe it’s the bottom of the strip that was bent back and pushing on the screen). Is it possible the 6s or 6 plus logo was shipped to me? I hope you don’t want the one I have back until I install the new one, don’t want to risk the screws getting stripped and breaking the screen. I am sorry I sent all my info and the issue in your contact area and after it sent I got a message, “please don’t send technical issues here” Not sure if this was pointed out in the beginning, but I am sure it didn’t but could because the way the page loaded on my end. On the good end, The instructions were really good (those little screws are a bugger to get back on) the tools were awesome and fit right and magnetized to hold the screws making it easier then my fat thumbs gripping the little guys, the battery sucked too until I was able to get the glue stretched out and I then can get it pulled out, still impressed that Apple put the battery in right and secure, Just disappointed it didn’t work the first time and believe I got the wrong logo size. I also think something should be sent to glue the battery back in place to keep it sturdy and not slide if it falls out of your hands and hits the ground, that will make the battery possibly disconnect something. Can you send me the correct logo for iphone 6 and more tape and insulation to complete the job properly?

  19. Jose Carlo Lozano

    Hey David, received an iPhone 6 kit and install it and it worked perfectly! Of course a white dot showed on the screen cause of the pressure of the foam tape. After I while I saw the LED didn’t light up anymore, so I opened it and moved it around and it still doesn’t. I tried the troubleshooting video to check if it works but it doesn’t light up either. I’m not sure if it’s because there might be glue still stuck on the conductor or not. But my question is, is it okay if I cut the conducted of the LED shorter? I feel it’s too long and it hits with the metal plate of the screen where the hear piece is at.

    1. The LED cable is long so that it can bend backwards and create some extra pressure on the conductor (see the troubleshooting video). You can cut it but then grab some extra foam and electrical tape from a hardware store before hand so you have some other way to make it stick better. Otherwise I’d recommend just trying to position it as best as you can without cutting it.

      If it still doesn’t light, you might have fried it :/ Email me though through the contact us form and I’ll get you a replacement if needed.

  20. I installed the kit and there where lines on the screen so I did what you said to do in the video but then my iphone 6 completely stopped working. Do you have any idea of what happened? Also the way you remove the battery on the 6s also works on the 6.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention I even took out the kit and put everything back to how it used to be and it still doesn’t work

  21. Jeremiah Smith

    Hey David, i got your light kit the other day for my iphone 6 and everything was going great until i turned the phone on. When i turned it on, i found that the brightness no longer works. and by this i mean that the screen brightness is all the way down, and no matter how much i repeatedly move the brightness bar up and down, it does nothing. So far i have tried: replacing everything just the way it was, restarting the phone, reconnecting all of the phone cables multiple times, putting a different screen on, and resetting the entire phone. Through all of this, still nothing. I thought i should come here before going over to peach mac, what do i do?

    1. Sorry to hear you’re having such issues! As mentioned, the kit can’t cause any of these issues, it’s just a copper wire with an LED. As for the brightness not working, I’ve never heard of that before honestly and it sounds like a software issue (a glitch) not hardware. Do a restore in iTunes instead of just a reset on the phone and see if that solves it for you.

      1. Jeremiah Smith

        I’m sorry what i meant by resetting the entire phone was restoring it. so I’ve already restored it.

        1. Ok, I’d recommend taking it to Apple then and just don’t mention the light kit at all. Just say it started doing it out of nowhere and see what they do (if you tell them the light kit they’ll blame it even if it isn’t the cause just to not have to help). Sorry again you’re having such issues, first person ever with this one :/

          1. Jeremiah Smith

            Haha, ok thanks. and something out of the ordinary is bound to happen sometimes 🙂

  22. Is there anyway I can make sure the apple logo doesn’t turn off? Some time it keeps turning off, so I have to tap the phone to turn it on :v

  23. Do you have any tips on how to put just enough pressure so the logo can light up without one side of the screen a bit darker and a lighted up spot on the screen? I have opened mt phone many times and added a bit of tape at a time to try and fix. But the problem still persisted. The led strip is covered with the insulator you sent.

    1. It’s just a delicate balance. Needs to be tight enough to light but not tight enough to cause the issue you are mentioning. Also, make sure it isn’t overlapping the metal on the back of the screen, too.

  24. My iphone 6 got the black screen. I did all the reset process and even open it to fix it, but nothing did not work. What can i do now? Please help
    Thank you.

    1. That means you bent the cables connecting the screen to the motherboard. You need to check them, maybe even disconnect them and reconnect them. Read the other comments on here as well for other tips. Sorry you’re having such an issue with there installation!

  25. Hey David,

    I just recently ordered the 6 and 6s Light kit from you. Just a question, does the kit include new battery adhesive strips? I want to be able to put back both batteries just the way it’s intended by Apple, you know, completely fixed inside the phone.

    I wanna know in advance, so that if it’s not included (bummer), then I’ll order it from somewhere else so that it arrives as soon as I get both light kits.

    1. Hello,

      They don’t include those glue strips and I did that on purpose. The reason being that those glue strips are the hardest part of the installation and if you install the kit wrong and need to adjust it after you put in the glue it is a nightmare to have to remove them again and adjust. Also, they are not necessary by any means –the battery does not move inside at all.

      Go ahead and buy the strips (they are cheap) but, again, I highly advise against it.

        1. No problem! Make sure to watch the troubleshooting video on this page before getting started too just to help with issues that arise and good luck!

  26. Hey guys,
    finally got the kit.
    I’m having trouble getting the original apple logo out. Can anyone give me tips how to remove it? the glue is really strong. The battery was a piece of cake compared to this! I’ve already spent close to 45 mins, without any success. I’ve been using the flathead screwdriver that came with the kit, but I’m being careful with it, because when the screwdriver slips, I’m afraid of hitting other pieces in the phone.
    Badly need help, been stuck on this for awhile.

    1. It happens sometimes some of the logos are on tighter than others. But regardless you need to just scrape at the same spot over and over until you can get an edge under the metal (not pry yet just scratch until it makes a divot then get under it and pry). Be careful not to push too hard that it dents the back of the phone either.
      Also check the troubleshooting video for more help on this page –

      1. I finally installed it, and it was working after how many tries, the light wouldn’t turn off anymore, but then my other problem was that there was a dark gray spot on the spot of where I put all the insulating tape, I figured I could remove some, after I did, the light kit won’t turn on anymore. I don’t know what’s the problem, as I tried to add tape again, and now it wont even light up if I add pressure. What could be the problem? I’m going crazy here, 3 hours into this thing.

        1. So you fried it. That spot on the screen and the fact that it wouldn’t turn off means it wasn’t attached correctly and was drawing power even then the screen was off. You probably overlapped some metal on the back of the screen. I’ll send you one replacement for free just please be careful with this one and email me through the contact us form at the link below with the order number, iPhone model and color of the LED to confirm.

          1. Gee thanks, but before you send me a new one, what I meant by “the light wouldn’t turn off anymore” was a good thing, because, before that, it was flickering, and it would only stay on, if I added more pressure, by pressing spots on the phone. Then I opened it again because of the gray spot, where maybe there was too much electrical tape, and adjusted by removing some, it didn’t turn on anymore, so that still means its fried?

    2. I’ve been stuck on this part for the better part of an hour. I’ve tried everything already mentioned, I just feel like it’s going nowhere. Did you end up finding a trick to getting it off easier?

      1. Just focus on 1 part until you can get that screwdriver under the metal. My mistake was that I was immediately trying to pry it up, that’s why my screwdriver would always slip, but you have to scrape in 1 spot until it gets under, that’s the only time that you should try to pry it up.

        1. After doing that and then lifting it up with a very thing knife, I was able to get it off and the rest of the mod installed. Thanks!

          1. Wow! You got it to work immediately? Good on you! I’m hoping my second try goes as smooth! I had trouble with the connectors for the LED, i kept adjusting it and finally fried the LED. I’m waiting for the 2nd one to arrive.

          2. I was just a surprised as you, haha. I found installing the connector first and then the apple logo was easiest, despite others doing the reverse in some tutorials. Just make sure the little slip of plastic on the connector is fully slid under the metal plate and you should be good. Hopefully you’ll get it on your next try, good luck! Oh, something I wished I had done before I closed everything up was put a bit of super glue under the new glowing logo, because you can slightly push up on it from the back of the phone. It’s a minor thing, but you might want to consider it if little things like that bother you like they do me 🙂

          3. Yeah, I noticed you can push the apple logo, and it was actually bothering me, because i use my phone with an arm strap, and sweat accumulates on the backside of the phone when exercising, right where the logo is.

            It has been worrying me whether it can go inside that area. What kind of glue did you use? I dont want to use something too strong like superglue, because I want to be able to remove it if I have to, don’t want to have the same problem as removing the metal apple logo. Hahaha! Also not something too weak, otherwise there would be no point.

          4. I didn’t end up thinking of using glue until I had finished closing it up, unfortunately. I’m thinking either a very thin layer of hot glue, or a small ring of super glue just around the apple logo. That way, if need be, something like isopropyl alcohol can be added underneath the logo and dissolve the glue.

          5. Nice idea! I’m gonna do that as soon as I can make sure the light turns on. Thanks!!

  27. I’m having trouble getting the screen off. No matter how much I pull on the suction cup, I can never make a big enough gap to slip in the pry tool. The suction cup is right above the home button, is there something else I’m missing?

  28. Hey David,
    Just got the kit and was very excited to install it. I carefully followed the tutorial, but I am stuck on removing the battery. I tried the pull tabs method, but unfortunately they both broke off almost instantly. Is prying it really the way to go? Or should I use a heat gun also? I am really nervous about braking the phone itself but I don’t care about the battery as I am already planning on replacing it (the one in the phone sucks). I know this is supposed to be an easy step and like Beary Nice below said, apparently removing the apple logo is even more challenging 🙁 Thanks

    1. Never mind, I found a GREAT solution, you can easily remove the motor by the two screws and then you can easily access the battery. Using pliers I was able to pull up the tabs and get them out! Now I need to just complete the tutorial.

      1. Alright so I have done everything, but I can’t get it to light up. It was on for 10 seconds before going out. How can I make the connection better?

        1. OK, check to see if it is fried (you might have fried it) but following the troubleshooting video about and using your finger to hold it down and see if it lights at all. If so, then you just need to put more sponge on it and make sure the electrical tape is VERY tight. If it doesn’t light up at all and it’s fried, use the contact form above and tell me your order number, iPhone model, and color of the LED and I’ll get you a replacement 🙂

          1. Thank you for the suggestion. I tried to reconnect it, but the backlight on the phone went out even when the logo was disconnected from it. After several attempts to get the backlight to work, it finally did. This product is cool but now I am too scared to try to connect it again. You have a really nice website and I like your tutorials but I think this one is a little too risky.

          2. The screen going out has nothing to do with the led (hence why it made no difference when you disconnected it). It has to do with you messing with the screen’s cables during the installation. If you bend them back to far or rip them it’ll effect the screen otherwise you’re fine. Happy to send you a new one if you want to give it another go, this time be very conscience of the screen’s placement while installing everything (sounds like you’ve already done the hard part but up to you). Reach out via the contact form if you want another kit to try.

  29. Hey David,
    My LED has suddenly stopped working. It started to go dimmer than usual for a period and then after that just wouldn’t come on at all. I’ve opened it up and played with the positioning but still no joy. Any ideas?

      1. Appreciate that but you’ve already sent me a free replacement once so I’m happy to buy a new kit if need be, just wondered if you know what most likely could have caused it?

        1. There are a lot of factors that I can’t tell unless I had your phone in my hand. A lose connection, it touching the metal on the back of the screen could have shorted it, etc.

          1. Ahh ok cheers. I’ll have a play around and if I still have no luck I’ll buy another kit. Thanks David.

          2. Sorry! Good luck, and use the contact us form and let me know how it goes before you buy the next kit, I can at least give you a discount on the next one for being so persistent 🙂

  30. Hi, thx for the amazing light kit. I have ordered two of it for my two iPhone 6. Installation was not so difficult, only the connection to the screen is very tricky.
    There is always two light dots on the screen where the connection for kit is.
    Also the left or right half of the screens dims when the kit lights on.
    Have you a tip how to fix that?

      1. Hhmmm when i loose the pressure of the connection the led don’t turn on anymore.
        Other question, why is the connector so long? Will there be any trouble when i cut it the connector to the half?

        1. Yeah there’s a balance in between the two pressures :/
          Yes, don’t cut it. It is meant to bend so that it puts extra pressure on it. See the troubleshooting video on this page for more info –

          1. New day and a new try.
            I have now a new problem, the LED don’t turn on anymore.
            No matter how i connect the flex cable or close slowly the screen, the LED will not work anymore?
            If i temporally connect my second led from my second order it lights on when i close slowly the screen.
            ByTheWay… Why it’s only turns on when the connecter bends? If i push the connector directly to the screen connectors the led doesn’t turns on!? Very suspect!?

          2. Hi, you probably fried it by touching the metal on the back of the screen while it was attached to the conductor.
            To answer your question it only turns on because the bent connector helps to put pressure against the conductor from the flex.

            Send me your order number, iPhone model, and color of the LED through the contact form on the below page and I’ll send you a replacement 🙂


          3. I have send you an e-mail, thank your for your support.
            Other Question: is it possible to solder the connector to the pins of the screen? It’s only 2 connections and i have all the stuff to solder here.
            Have you try this method? The best of this method, it don’t need pressure anymore and i hope the 2 lightdots on the screen will go away.

          4. cool, i will try it and give you a feedback if it help me to fix the TwoLightDot and connection problem.
            Is there any reason why the connector and resistor cable are so long?
            The connector cable is veeery long so i must bend it minimum two time.

          5. Sending the new one out already.

            Yes it needs to be that long so that it bends as the bending helps put pressure on it. You should be able to just bend it once though.

          6. Hello again, i have a bad news. I have soldered the 2 connections but it also will not work. The LED not lights on with a soldered connection.
            I will finish my work with your product, saidly i have ordered 2 kits. The connection is to difficult and the window to get it perfect is very very small. I don’t understand how any get it so simply connected.
            Thank you for your great support.

          7. But i don’t know how i fried it. The connector or something else hasn’t contact with the metal on the back of the screen.
            Have you maybe the working specs of the LED so i can test it with a voltage adapter if it’s really broken?
            My main problem still is, i really don’t know any other solution to get the led working without the 2 Dots on the Screen.
            When i loose a little bit of pressure the led stops working, but when i increase the pressure the 2 dots are visible on the screen.

            Have you other tips for me to resolve this issue?

            And i still don’t understand why the LED only works when i try to close the screen!? If i take pressure with my fingers the led don’t turns on.
            Is there maybe any indicator so the pins only get voltage when the screen is closed?

          8. OK so I had to remove the link in the comment because it’s linking to a counterfeit product (after my first couple of videos got a lot of hits people started copying the kit).
            If you want to use it for tips you do so at your own risk as even though they are similar they are not the same.

            As for your questions though, I sent you the troubleshooting video where I also put my finger on it and get it to light up. Did you not watch it? I suggest using that to test the new one I just sent you before you begin. Also make sure you have scraped enough glue off the conductor (a common issue and something also covered in the troubleshooting video).

            As for the dots on the screen I don’t have any other advice than what I gave. You have to experiment on your own. Literally thousands of people have done this successfully without any issue but it is, as warned, not for the faint of heart and is not easy to do.

            Good luck with the 2nd replacement kit when it arrives!

          9. Nice i will try my best. The Tip with the cable to bend it first time under the battery is a good one so the cable fits better on the screen pins.
            I have watched your Troubleshooting video, that is not the problem ;).
            There is another point that i read here from Joe Marino
            “… Also be careful with the other end of the LED, where the little circuit bulges out near your charging port. I had to shift it around til I was able to close the phone up without crushing it.” I think he means the electrical resistance on the end near the dock connector.
            There can be also locate my problem that i broke it maybe on this point, because i have always a tiny space between the screen and the backcase when i close it. So hopefully i can simple replace the resistance and the led works again!?

          10. It could be. I can’t tell from here since I wasn’t standing over you while you did it 🙂 The new one is on it’s way just wait for that and start fresh and be careful. Good luck!

          11. I will directly solder it to the connector cable to avoid any problems. I have totaly forgot that i have the perfect wire for the led… the Kynar Wire. Very thin wire for leds or something else with small voltage.
            I will post some pictures of the work if it finish and work.

          12. today the new one was delivered. I have it first check with the soldered Kynar wire and all is ok, the other 2 are really not working.
            To the installation: First…. tadaaaa.. it works and i have finished it.
            How? I have soldered two Kynar wire from the 2 pins on the screen directly to the 2 pins on the LED cable. Then i have stick the LED cable without bend it to the top of the battery. Fix the LED cable connection with insulating tape. That’s it, BUT the soldering work must be veeeery flat otherway you will see the Light Dots on the screen.

            And i have found the reason for the Dots on the Screen.
            It can be everywhere on the screen if anything push the screen from under! I have it on first because the wire cables has overlaps and so there was a push in middle of the screen. Overlap fixed and the dots go away ;).

            Thank you for your support, but the installation is very difficult in the connection part.
            It’s not so simple how it looks like! Without soldering it would never work on my side…

          13. Hey man where is my last comment gone?
            Is there any problems that i explain my experience here and try to give good tips for all customers to easy install the kit.

          14. yes, i have insert another good youtube instruction video with an alternative variant to place the connection cable.

  31. Hi. Opened my iPhone 6+ to do this but my connector looks nothing like the one in the video. The connector on the back of my screen has six prongs. I also scratched the top off of the volume controls running through the back is there anyway to fix that?

      1. The video doesn’t help. He does it for a 6. With a Plus i don’t know how the 3 connectors are supposed to line up to 6 on my phone. Thanks

        1. Again, this process is identical regardless of what model you have. The only difference is there is a larger connector to line up but you still looking it up in the exact same way. For more info check out the troubleshooting video on this page here –

          1. Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I have watched the video. Tom says to connect the middle on the light to the middle connector on the phone but there is 6 connectors on the 6 plus so there is no middle one. I am very close to having this working please help. Thanks

          2. Just make sure there is no glue left on the conductors and yes there is a middle one it is the color strand in the LED’s connector he is referring to (if you look closely at it there are 3 colored lines on it, line up the middle one with the conductor it needs to be on and make sure the other two are lined up with conductors as well). Good luck

          3. Just wanted to check back in and say the second LED is looking freaking great. The second one worked on the first try. Thanks so much for your fantastic customer service and prompt responses to any questions I had. Will definitely be a repeat buyer in the future. Good day to you sir.

  32. So the led light does work, however the left side of my screen is now dimmer than the right side.. any suggestions on what may be causing this?

  33. What is causing the left side of my screen to be dimmer than the right when the led light is on? Any suggestions? Love the light kit, just wanna solve my dim screen issue

    1. That can happen if the led is on too tight, or if you are overlapping metal with the led cable (I.e. the metal on the back of the screen).

      Watch the troubleshooting video on this page for details –

    1. The kit cannot cause this on it’s own. It is simply a copper wire with a low voltage LED. If something is wrong with the phone, you messed it up when doing the install. Either you bent the cables that attach the screen too much and they ripped or the connectors are now lose or bent at the end of them, or you damaged the battery when trying to take it out. I’d recommend disconnecting the screen and reconnecting it and seeing that helps and then if it doesn’t check the battery for damage. You can buy batteries for cheap if that is the issue and try that first and if after you do that it still doesn’t work, I’d buy a new screen and see if that works. I sell batteries and screens for repair in my shop but you can find them all over the place if you need them –

      Sorry you are having such issues, but all can be fixed and as mentioned this installation is definitely not for the faint of heart.

  34. Ibrahim Gangawali

    Dude what is this ? When ever i fix the light my screen goes off and then again when i unplug the battery and plug it then the screen starts to work but the logo light never did! What might be the prob?

    1. You might have fried the logo. Please check the troubleshooting video here for help and then use that form there and let me know if it still can’t light with your finger holding it down –

      1. Ibrahim Gangawali

        Bro.. I tried holding the logo light with my finger , the time i connect the logo light with my finger the display direcly goes off i dont know why .. Im really very sad about this .. The logo light is damn awesome

  35. Ibrahim Gangawali

    Bro i have experienced one new thing .. When i connect the logo light when the iphone is switched on the brightness of the screen increases and when i disconnect it the brightness gets back to normal how it was And the apple logo light never glows .. Please help, Thanks

  36. ACiT tech here. Installed many of these. There’s no real reliable way to install it where it will always work (outside of soldering) unfortunately. Heat from the phone will expand the adhesive on the tape and the connection will come loose. To those who are having screen issues because of it, you’ve probably bridged your light box by installing it crooked or having it get crooked over time. It’s also possible to short out the screen this way. Because I don’t use a case that grips the screen down I usually have to readjust the connection every other day which becomes a bit of a pain and is risky if you aren’t careful. My recommendation would be to run the tape and padding under the metal display shield. That will hold it in place better but requires additional disassembly of your device and might leave an imprint on the light box causing a tiny brighter spot on the screen. Overall I would say this mod isn’t worth the headache for most users. Good luck guys!

  37. Anthony Gabriel Taluy

    So I recieved my 6s plus kit and the corresponding numbers for the LED are vertical and the conductor is horizontal. I am having a lot of difficulty getting this to work.

    1. That is the right way. The concept is identical, you just need to line them up on the conductors. Make sure there isn’t any glue left on the conductor (a common issue) and make sure to check the troubleshooting video here for help –
      If it still won’t like when you try that, use the contact form on that page and I’ll get you a replacement (you might have fried it).

  38. Hey David. So I have the iPhone 6 kit. I installed it and it took me a while to get it adjusted so the logo light would stay on when I closed the phone. Problem is, there are two dots on the top of the screen. Is it because of pressure? If so, how would I mitigate that while still having enough pressure to keep the light on? It took me over two hours getting it positioned well enough to work. Also will leaving it with the two dots for a while damage the screen? Idk when I’ll have time to fix it. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Aaron,

      You need to put enough pressure on it for it to light up and not enough to get it to create dots on the screen.

      The dots you see on the screen are the result of more than enough pressure. You will need to keep doing it until you get used to the amount of pressure it requires for lighting up.

      Hope that helps!

      1. I’ll try it and see. Thanks! I have another question. So it seems like the front facing camera and the speaker at the top of the phone isn’t working but everything else seems fine. Any ideas why?

        1. Hi Aaron,

          That has nothing to do with the kit. Maybe something has got messed-up inside the phone which is causing these issues. You should always make sure that you do everything carefully when you open-up the internals of a phone.

          If something isn’t working on your phone, you can easily get that part from sites like Amazon and these parts are usually inexpensive.

          Hope that helps!

  39. i have problem with this apple logo kit, if the light glowing my left screen is black.. have hope someone can help me

    1. If you bought the kit from me just use the contact form on the site for help. (Generally though that means it isn’t connected properly and that the led cable is touch metal somewhere like the back of the screen or isn’t insulated enough).

  40. Hey so every time i connect the light kit to my phone, half of my left screen is darker than the right and idk what’s going on any ideas?

  41. After I installed my LED kit, I notice my iPhone 6 plus receiver is not working.

    Will try to see if there are any lose connection inside phone, but help is appreciated.

  42. Im installing this on an iPhone 6. Whenever i get the LED logo working and ready to close the phone. once i seal the screen on the phone the logo works but the upper right side of my screen is dimmed. any advice?

    1. Means the led connector is either too tight on the conductor on the back of the screen or its touching metal (in addition to the conductor) and shorting a little. Check the connection.

  43. I’m trying to install this on an iPhone 6, but I just can’t pry the metal Apple logo up from the phone. I have been trying for almost an hour, and nothing has happened, and I’ve just scratched the logo a lot. Please help, anyone

    1. It can take a while. You just need to dig back and forth in a tiny area right next to it until there is a divot that you can get under the logo and pry it up (on some phones this part has taken me 20 minutes by itself and on some 5 mins).

  44. Matthew Warner

    Hey David, I recently ordered the iPhone 6 light kit and tried installing it. I found though that my phone’s screen power supply had 3 electrodes, while the light up logo connection had only 2. When I tr

  45. David, I’m having a problem after installing this on my 6s plus. The phone likes to die randomly now. When I try to turn it back on, I get the “dead battery” icon the first time. Second attempt, it turns on. I’m wondering what I did wrong.

    I also noticed that when I turn the phone back on, if I jack the brightness to the brightest setting, the phone dies within 5 seconds. Every time. I’m not stranger to repairing iPhone screens, but I’ve never seen this before.

    1. So that means it isn’t installed right. Check to see if it is touching any metal (i.e. the metal on the back of the screen) while it is touching the conductor as that would cause it to discharge and affect the battery. Also, disconnect it from the conductor entirely and see if the issue still happens. If it is happening without the LED connected then it isn’t the LED and instead you probably damaged a component while installing it (i.e. punctured or bent the battery too much while trying to remove it, or scratched a cable on the motherboard while trying to remove the metal logo, etc.). Check and see if any of that helps and then also make sure to check the troubleshooting video on this page as well and let me know! –

      1. The battery was definitely beat up a good bit, the adhesive is something else on these. I’ll unplug it and see if it goes away. If it doesn’t then I guess I’ll be ordering a new battery for my 2yr old phone. Probably was due for one soon anyway. Thank you for a super fast reply

    1. No as each kit will only work for the exact model listed because they are all build differently. You can search my site though and there is a tutorial for the iPhone 4 light kit but I no longer have them as they were discontinued a while ago.

  46. Hi David, I recently installed this light kit and it worked, but my screen doesn’t seem to show anything. I can still hear all the sounds ringing, but it won’t show.

  47. I have a question about the last part connecting to the solar points. I have tried a couple of times but cannot get power to the logo. What is the trick? Do you line the gold stripes of the connector to the spaces between the silver stripes on the solar point? or line up with the 2 spaces between?

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