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How to Unroot the Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Vodafone)

Maybe you flashed a custom ROM on your device but later on found out that it has some bugs that won’t let you properly use your device? Maybe you want to get rid of all the crazy customizations you have […]

How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Korean)

Did you just grab a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Alpha in Korea and just wondering if there’s a way to root this beast? Well, there is. A few clicks here and there you will have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Alpha. […]

How to Unroot the Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Korean)

Maybe the apps that you’ve installed on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha running a custom ROM crash too often? Maybe the custom ROM itself has some bugs that you think aren’t going to be solved anytime soon? Either way, this guide […]

How to Root the Motorola Moto G on Android 5.0

Did the Android 5.0 Lollipop update just hit your Motorola Moto G? Did it break the root-access and you wish to regain the same on your device? No worries, here’s how to root your Moto G on Android 5.0 and […]

How to Unroot the Nexus 9

Maybe you’ve had enough playing around with your rooted Nexus 9? Maybe you want to flash it back to the stock firmware to enjoy what pure Android has to offer you or maybe you need to send it in for […]

How to Root the Nexus 9

One of the greatest things that the HTC Nexus 9 brings with it is the latest version of Android –Android 5.0 “Lollipop”. As soon as the device came out, devs began finding a way to gain root access on this […]

How to Translate Web Pages in Safari in iOS 8

So you just did some Googling finding information about a topic, arrived on a great looking page, but unfortunately it’s not in the language that you speak? Well, short of searching through your contacts for a friend from that country¬†and […]

How to Unroot the HTC One Mini 2

Maybe you’re facing issues on your HTC One Mini 2? Maybe you want to send in your device for warranty reasons? Either way, this guide should help you unroot your device to reinstate the warranty, so you can then make […]

How to Root the HTC One Mini 2

While Android gives you plenty of options to customize your device by default, there’re some customization options that are only limited to rooted users. If you’ve got an HTC One Mini 2 and are interested in making it truly yours, […]

How to Remove Recent Contacts from the App Switcher in iOS 8

One of the latest additions aiming to help you easily call and text your loved ones in iOS 8 is the recent contacts bar in the app switcher. When you double-press the Home button to switch apps, you’ll see your […]

How to Post to Facebook and Twitter from the Notification Bar in iOS 8

One of the greatly missed features in iOS 7 was the ability to post to Facebook and Twitter right from the notification bar. It allowed users to update their social profiles without launching the official apps for these sites. Many […]

How to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Do you still own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone? Do you wish to unlock it to be able to use it with whatever carrier you want? No problem, here’s how you can do that. Unlocking the Galaxy Note 2 […]

How to Quickly Delete Photos in iOS 8

It’s really easy to take a ton of photos while spending your holidays abroad perhaps. But when you come back home and check out the Photos app on your iPhone, you find that it’s clogged-up with a number of blurry […]

How to Unlock the HTC Desire 510

Ever wanted to get rid of the carrier your HTC Desire 510 is locked to? Are you not getting any exciting deals from your current carrier? Switching to a new carrier is the best thing you can do right now. […]

How to Root the Sharp SH-10D

Ever wanted to root your Sharp SH-10D but just did not have the right tools to do so? No worries, this guide has got everything for you to gain root-access on your device. Once rooted, you’ll be able to do […]