Best Portable Charger with a Real Outlet (Video)

I love portable chargers. I have so many gadgets and I’m constantly on the road so it’s helpful to be able to reach into my bag and pull out a portable battery pack, plug in my phone or other USB device and not have to panic that I’ll be disconnected from the world (a legitimate fear I have).

Thing is, there has always been one device that I also always have with me that I haven’t been able to charge using the portable chargers I’ve always had –my laptop. That is until I found this.

A Real Outlet

The ChargeTech portable outlet, as they call it, has two USB charging ports both capable of 2.1 amps of power output (I’d have nothing less as that used to be the QuickCharge 1.0 spec but is usually standard in most phones now) but it also has a real, honest to goodness three-pronged outlet.

Chargetech Real Outlet

In addition to having a real outlet, it also has a switch for turning it on and off – to save you from having power drain unnecessarily – and it has enough capacity to actually provide the needed power to charge a couple of devices and the laptop. At 27,000mah, I’ve found that it can charge a phone multiple times and gets my Macbook another 3/4 of a charge usually.

Because of this, it isn’t the lightest charger in the world. It weighs about one and a half pounds but frankly as soon as you start looking at any portable charger that has a real outlet the weight goes up significantly because of what it takes to put that outlet in there.

It also comes with a serious charging cable for charging the power bank itself, has an indicator for telling you how much power it has left, and an automatic shutoff if nothing is plugged in so it doesn’t accidentally waste power when it’s inevitably turned on in your backpack.

Chargetech Charging Indicators

ChargeTech has two models at the moment, a standard model for $185 and a limited edition model that has a better scratch and fingerprint resistant coating on it and has some fun colors for the outlets for $225. These prices may seem steep, but they are actually on par with other chargers in the same 27,000mah range that don’t have outlets on them so that’s not too bad. If you want to check them out though, I actually managed to get a few of these for you guys at a big discount here.

And, there you go guys, figured I’d share this new gadget I found in case some of you guys were looking for something similar. This is going to be a part of a new series I’m doing, so please let me know in the comments below if you would like a series on showcasing the latest tech I find –would love to hear from you guys!

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. SonWon says:

    Now if it only could also jump start my Harley and had a flashlight it would be perfect for me.

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