Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Under $40?

I was looking for a wireless Bluetooth headset to wear while riding a bike. Sick of the wires and earbuds constantly getting in the way and falling out, I figured I’d check Amazon for an inexpensive option. What I found, was the Senso Bluetooth Headphones.

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Check out the headphones on Amazon here.

Now, they happen to not only be the number one best seller on Amazon in the Bluetooth Headset category but they also have over 19,000 reviews with a 4.5 star average, which is insane. On top of that, they’re under $40. With all that, they have to be good, right?

The headphones come with a dual port car charger, a bonus charging cable that can charge an iPhone via lightning port or Android device via MicroUSB, various earbud sizes (and as someone with two oddly different earhole sizes apparently I thank them for that), cable management clips, charging cable for the headphones, and a little carrying pouch. There is no charging brick included, but the idea being that any other device you have has one that can easily work.

Wearing the headphones is surprisingly comfortable. They fit well on my ears and are light enough that you don’t notice them. And even more importantly to me, they don’t fall off while riding my bike.

The sound quality is good, it’s not crazy amazing, but sounds just as good if not better than my own wired headphones that came with my phone so that’s all I need really.

Headphones on Ears

They use Bluetooth 4.1 and never lost connection while I was using them even once, an issue I’ve had with more expensive headsets frankly.

Another thing that’s important to me with these types of headsets is the ability to control my music on them as I’m definitely not coordinated enough to take out my phone while riding a bike and these guys are able to do that no problem.

You can control volume using the + and – buttons on the side, tap the big button in the middle to answer calls or end them, and you can hold down for a couple of seconds on those volume buttons to go to next and previous tracks. Once you figured out where all of the buttons are it becomes pretty much second nature while working out.

Now, even though they can answer calls, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it while moving at any sort of speed. There is no real noise cancellation and so wind noise is definitely picked up and will definitely anger the person on the other end. As far as wind effecting you’re hearing using the headphones though, no issues at all.

Another thing I liked about them is the fact that the battery lasts plenty. I actually only used it for working out for an hour each day for a week straight and still haven’t had to plug it in or even gotten a warning that the battery is low.

Now, since I have been using them for a little over a week now, I have to admit, I think the reviews and ratings are accurate. They check all the boxes. They’re wireless, they don’t lose connection, the battery lasts a long time, and while I wouldn’t recommend using it for too many phone calls, as I mentioned, they’re a great sports headset for listening to music while doing whatever exercise tickles your fancy and for under $40, no wonder they’re the top seller.

Headphones on Chair

Check out the headphones on Amazon here.

Let me know what you guys think of the headphones or the video in the comments below and don’t forget to follow me on social and chat with me there.

As always, though, thanks for reading!

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