How to Get CyanogenMod on the OnePlus Two (Video)

The original OnePlus One was the first device to be loaded with CyanogenMod, a popular third-party developer’s ROM, directly from the manufacturer. This is as opposed to the way we used to just flash CyanogenMod ourselves on the device we had regardless of what ROM came on it from the factory.

Well, it seems that OnePlus has ditched CyanogenMod in favor of their own in-house ROM for the OnePlus Two for whatever reason (cue the dramatic music). So if you want CyanogenMod, it’s back to the old-school way –flashing it ourselves.

First you need to flash a custom recovery and root the OnePlus Two so we have the ability to change the OS, then find a CyanogenMod ROM (there isn’t an officially one from Cyanogen but there’s some built off the source code, wonder why…), and then flash it onto the phone.

Oh, and don’t worry, it’s easy to undo by flashing the stock ROM again so don’t be too concerned about the risk involved.

If that sounds good to you, here’s how you can flash CyanogenMod onto your OnePlus Two.

I. Before You Begin

This is going to erase the phone so be sure to backup everything before you begin.

II. Root the OnePlus Two

Head to my How to Root the OnePlus Two, follow that tutorial, then come back here to continue.

III. Download CyanogenMod

1. Head to my ROM repository and find the OnePlus Two by clicking on Android > OnePlus > OnePlus 2 and you’ll be presented with all the ROMs I’ve found for that device.

2. Look for the CyanogenMod one and click that.

3. Click the Download link on that page to be taken to the developer’s page.

4. Scroll down on the developer’s page until you find the Download links he has listed. Click on the ROM download and save it to your desktop.

IV. Backup the Phone & Flash CyanogenMod

1. Plug in the phone via USB.

2. Copy the ROM’s .zip file over to the phone’s internal storage (put it on the root of the internal storage, as in not inside any other folders, to make it easier to find later).

3. Unplug the phone.

4. Turn off the phone.

5. Turn the phone back on by holding down Volume Down and Power until the OnePlus logo appears, then let go of the Power button but continue to hold Volume Down until you see TWRP recovery.

6. Tap on Backup then swipe to confirm and wait for it to backup the current ROM.

7. Tap on Wipe Data and swipe to confirm (this is the part that will erase your phone so make sure things are backed up that you need).

8. Tap Install then choose the ROM zip file and swipe to confirm that as well.

9. Wipe the Cache/Dalvik.

10. Tap Reboot.

When it boots up, you’ll be running the new CyanogenMod ROM. Enjoy and let me know if you had any issues or if it worked for you in the comments below!

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  3. Hey David i was hoping you could make a post on how to get the Official CM13 ROM and would i need to update TWRP for this?? Plz help im not very good at this rooting stuff so make a detailed post! thanks!

    1. Hi there! So the steps for that would be identical to this tutorial. Only difference is you need to find the official CM 13 ROM (if one exists) and flash that instead of the unofficial one I mentioned here. And the TWRP in this tutorial should work fine. Let me know if you find that ROM file and I’ll add the link to the repository so others can use it, too!

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