DU Speed Booster: An App Review [Sponsored]

For us here at TheUnlockr, speeding up a device could only mean one thing – overclocking it!  But, we know that cannot always be the answer and there might always be factors that stop someone from doing this (warranty issues, reluctance to root, etc.).  And so we turn to the Play Store for an answer – is there really a way to speed up things on an Android device without actually overclocking it?  Yes, actually, you can, with an app that manages your memory/CPU for you so you won’t have to worry about such things.  One such app is DU Speed Booster, which we’ll review in the post below and help you decide if it’s worth installing on your precious Android device or not.

What is DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster, developed by DU Apps Studio, is available on the Play Store for free, aiming to speed up your device by freeing up the available RAM and managing apps that eat up your memory (and slow down your device down in the process).

What DU Speed Booster Offers

On the surface (and by name), DU Speed Booster is an app that manages the available RAM on the device.  What surprised us though, is that DU Speed Booster seems much more than that.  Installing it gave us a speed booster, a trash cleaner, a way to manage the apps installed on your device, and surprise of surprises, an antivirus scanner.  As an added bonus, we also saw a game booster and a speed test component; let’s take a look at all these components individually.

The Big Blue Boost Button:  This is what you see when you open up the app.  Hitting the blue button will immediately clear up whatever RAM the app can (based on the apps you have excluded from the clean list and the apps running currently), giving you an Android device that’s faster than it was before hitting the blue button.


Accelerator:  The accelerator features goes deeper than what the big blue boost button offers.  Here’s where you can exclude apps that you want running in the background and mark apps that you think can be safely cleared from memory.


Trash Cleaner:  Trash Cleaner not only clears up memory but also frees up storage by deleting temporary files, log files, and data left over from previously uninstalled apps.  There’s also the ability to find large files that you may have forgotten you had on your device and delete them, along with any cached app files that are slowing down your device.


App Manager:  This, as its name suggests, helps you manage your installed apps.  You can uninstall, move any app to your SD card if you find space running out on your internal storage, and also reinstall an app that you previously uninstalled (assuming you still have an apk copy of it somewhere on your device).


Speed Test:  This feature makes it completely unnecessary to install a separate app specifically to test your carrier/WiFi speed.  There’s also a VS feature, which will pit your internet speed against other users from across the world; this was fun to use, although not of any real value, since we have come to realize that knowing somebody else’s speed will definitely not increase our own speed, but it was still fun to watch those spaceships zoom away and hope we win!


Security:  This feature again saved us the trouble of installing a separate antivirus/antimalware app on our device.  As to the efficacy of the antivirus though, we are not sure how good this is, as we have not come across an app that was flagged as malware/virus, which should be a good thing ultimately.  Also included is a permission manager, which displays what permissions you accepted to when you installed the app from Play Store, a useful function if you ever suspect any foul play on your privacy that you can’t readily detect.


Game Booster:  This feature of DU Speed Booster recognizes the games installed on an Android device automatically and frees up memory to enable the games to run smoothly.


Floating Boost Widget:  We found this far more helpful than going into the app to free up memory.  If enabled, a small floating DU Speed Booster icon will float on any homescreen you are on and once we tapped on it and then the Boost button, we did find an increase in response from the Android device we tested it on.


Phone Info:  We found this little gem hidden in the options menu; if you want to know everything about your device from the version of Android you are running (including its root status) to the strength of your carrier signal, this is a great help.


So, Should I Install It

Yes is our answer.  While the name DU Speed Booster may make you think it’s only about speed, this app offers much more and saves you the trouble of installing a couple of other apps for specific functions.  The Game Booster function, we thought in our two days of using the app, really did speed up our games and the trash cleaner seemed like a godsend helping us save almost 4GB of space that we thought didn’t exist.   The speed test feature was a nice touch and the VS feature was fun to use.

In conclusion, DU Speed Booster is something we definitely recommend that you install on your Android device.  The UI is great and the features are great, and all this takes only 12MB of storage on your device (and it’s free to download)!

Head to the Play Store here to download the app and give it a try.

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