Eclair, Android 2.0, Coming Out in Q2 of 2010?


So just a rumor floating around, but it seems that someone at Samsung has let slip that they don’t believe Eclair, which is Android 2.0, will be coming out until the second quarter of 2010 (that means April through June in case anyone is confused).

Considering that we don’t even know any rumors of what new features are coming in Eclair, I guess we can wait lol

Anyone know of any rumors about Eclair and what it might mean for Android please share.

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  1. I’m sure it will provide wonderful improvements… while at the same time costing us more money and affording us less control. I hope I’m wrong about the latter.

  2. what could they add support for at this point that hasnt already been added or hacked in? gots to say, im loving android as it is (rooted, modded, and rom flashed goodness, thanks cyanogen n others! 🙂 ) and i was a hardcore blackberry person up till i got my mytouch.

    the only improvements id look for at this time are all hardware… battery life, real 3d horsepower for games, faster processers, ect…

    1. Hello Immy,

      Thanks for the tip! I was actually posting that Eclair delivery under Humor in a second lol
      But both the release date of 2010 by a Samsung employee and the release date of the end of this month with the Motorola Droid in that article are both just rumors. I doubt they would release Eclair this month considering we don’t know much about it yet and Donut was just released. So somewhere in between the two rumors or closer to the Q2 rumor seem more likely.

  3. hello the unlockr i was told that the g1 wont be able to reseive the update 2.0 eclair because the g1 doesnt have enough question was is this true or will the g1 be getting a full update when the update is relesed

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