How to Enable Netflix Casting from Google Home

When Google Home was released, it was able to cast videos from YouTube directly to any Chromecast device you had installed on a TV. All you had to do was say “Hey, Google. Show me a Casey Neistat video on the Living Room TV” and viola you’d be thrown into watching the popular YouTuber’s latest videos.

Frankly, the ability to cast things to the TV is one of the differentiators that Google Home has over the Amazon Echo, but what if you want to watch something from another service instead? Well, starting now (if you have the latest version of the┬áHome app and Google app), the influx of other services to cast is coming in and the first one we can do is a big one –Netflix.


To get this to work, you’ll need the latest version of the Google App and the Home app. You’ll also need a Google Home and Chromecast connected to the same Wifi network in your house, of course.

Once you have those, you can open the Home app on your phone and go to Devices > Home > Settings > More > Videos and Photos and then select Netflix to link it to the account (or a faster way is to just tell Google Home to Play Netflix and it’ll tell you you need to link the Netflix account and when you open Google Home it’ll have that option ready for you).

After that, you can say things like “Watch [insert show name] on Netflix on the Living Room TV” to get it to start playing that show in the Netflix Chromecast app. You can also say things like, Pause, Resume, Next/Previous Episode, and even Rewind 10 mins or however long you want to go back.

Let me know how this went for you. I, myself, am excited to see how quickly all of these other services are connecting with Google Home…

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