Everything You Need to Know from the Google Event

Welp. Google wants to be the hardware manufacturer of it’s own stuff now and today they announced a small plethora of devices that they have created.

In addition to the new hardware, they also showed off Google Assistant a little more, their new AI that they are saying is why they want to make hardware now in addition to software –better integration for the AI to utilize.

To save you the time of looking through a bunch of articles on the web, below is a quick, bulleted list of everything you need to know that was announced at the Oct 4th Google Event today.

Google Assistant

Pixel and Pixel XL

Pixel Colors

  • Aluminum & Polished Glass
  • 1080P or 2.5K display (Pixel vs Pixel XL)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Quad-Core Processor
  • 4GBs DDR4 of RAM
  • Pixel Imprint Fingerprint Sensor
  • 2770 mah or 3450 mah battery
  • 12.3MP camera with 1.55 micron pixels and an f 2.0 aperture (and a DXOMark score of 89, highest of any smartphone ever)
  • 32 GB or 128GB storage
  • USB Type-C
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Comes in 3 colors – Black, White, and Blue
  • Going to come to Verizon first, then unlocked on the Google Play Store
  • Pre-order starts today for $649 (comes with free Daydream View headset)

Check out more info on or pre-order the Pixel and Pixel XL here.

Google Daydream

Daydream View

  • Phones are certified based on their specs (which they haven’t told us)
  • New headset announced in multiple colors and is a fabric material
  • Costs $79 for the headset and remote and works with any Google Daydream certified device

Check out more info on or pre-order the Daydream View here.

Google Home

Google Home

  • Price is $129 and “ships in 4-5 weeks
  • Amazon Alexa competitor but can connect to other Google products like your Android phone and can use Google Assistant for questions.

Check out more info on or pre-order Google Home here.

Google Wi-Fi

Google Wifi

  • Smart Wi-Fi router that can be used in multiples to better cover a home.
  • Has the ability to prioritize wifi speeds in the house as well
  • Available on a waitlist
  • $129 for one, $299 for a three pack

Check out more info on or pre-order Google Wi-Fi here.

Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast Ultra

  • 4K capable Chromecast with better streaming capabilities
  • Costs $69, available in Nov

Check out more info on or pre-order Chromecast Ultra here.

There you go, really quick walkthrough. Some exciting things (Home and Pixel phones, for example), some I’m less excited about (Google Wi-Fi). What do you guys think of these devices and, frankly, do you like me doing these bulleted news articles for events? Let me know below!

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2 responses to “Everything You Need to Know from the Google Event”

  1. Cowboy Butler says:

    Everything is relative to Needs, Wants and Dreams. I love my WRT54G. But the new home definitely requires this new mesh upgrading. I hope this new netpuck lives up to expectations.

    • David Cogen says:

      Agreed. I actually am not impressed by the Wifi unit, but a lot of that comes down to the fact I live in NYC, in a tiny apt, and have no need for a mesh network. But, we’ll see how well it performs and if it’s worth an upgrade from what I currently have.
      I did order Google Home however cause I think that’ll be impressive. My poor Alexa…

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