How to Get High Sierra Right Now (No Developer Account Required)

For the impatient, did a video on how to get iOS 11 Beta right now and so I figured I’d do a video on getting Mac High Sierra beta as well. Here’s how to get the latest High Sierra beta on your Mac without needing a developer account (cause who wants to pay $99 when we just want to play with the new software, no?).

Create a Time Machine Backup

Before we do any of this, make sure to create a backup by going to System Preferences > Time Machine and having it create a backup (either to your own hard drive but to be even safer to an external drive). This is also how you will get back to your original version of MacOS, by the way.

Install MacOS High Sierra Beta

Mac High Sierra Wide

Now,┬álet’s see if we can get the free version of the developer profile on reddit (eventually this will get taken down and at that point you’ll have to find another one somewhere else or buy a developer account).

  1. You can easily find a developer profile on Reddit here (choose the one for MacOS) by going to the following link on your iPhone (I’ve made it a link to make it easier to type in if you’re viewing this on your desktop).
  2. Once downloaded, you can just double click that and double click the program inside to have it start the installation.
  3. Follow the prompts until it restarts and installs (I highly recommend NOT checking to convert the file system just to be safe, but up to you).

That’s it. Have a blast! Let me know what cool features you find in the comments below or reach out to me on social.

How to Restore Back to Sierra

If you want to undo it and go back to the stock:

  1. Boot into recovery mode by rebooting the Mac and when you hear the chime hold down Command and R and keep holding it until you see the Apple logo.
  2. When recovery mode boots up, Select Restore from Time Machine Backup if you have one or you can Reinstall Mac to the older version if you don’t have a backup.

Hope that helped some people! Let me know how that went for you and if you liked me doing a tutorial on this in the comments below and don’t forget to follow me on social and reach out there to say hi.

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