What is ARM? (& Why Is It In Everything Now)

Apple with their new ARM M1 chipsets, Microsoft already using ARM processors with Windows, the entire mobile phone industry running on ARM chips, you might be wondering, “What is ARM?” and why are we seeing it more lately. Well, in this Decodr episode, we’ll talk about what ARM actually is, the difference between ARM and x86, and why more companies are making ARM chipsets lately. Thanks for watching!

Apple MacBook Pro M1 16GB Real-World Test (Performance, Battery Test, & Vlog)

After testing the new MacBook Air M1 (and walking away impressed), I wanted to test the new Apple MacBook Pro M1 and see how it compares. In addition to testing battery life, photo editing, video editing, etc. I’m also curious if the 16GB vs 8GBs of unified memory will make a difference in how the new M1 MacBook Pro performs. Thanks for watching!

Apple MacBook Air M1 Real-World Test (Performance, Battery Test, & Vlog)

The new Apple MacBook Air M1 is here and after everyone I know has been bugging me to try it with its new M1 chipset, I gave in and bought one. So let’s see how someone not using Apple’s programs does in terms of battery life, photo editing, video editing, and more in this M1 MacBook Air real-world test. Thanks for watching!

How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor (Windows & Mac)

I have another tip and trick video for you guys. This one is for anyone who owns an iPad and who might have thought about getting a second portable monitor for their computer to help them be more productive. Instead of buying that second monitor, you can easily turn the iPad into one instead. And this will work on Mac but also Windows PCs, as well. Use it on a Mac So let’s start with what to do if you have a newer Mac. 1. Make sure you are logged in to the same iCloud account on the Mac and …

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Best External SSDs in 2020

I started using filming a few things on a new camera not too long ago: the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. And as the name suggests, it can shoot in 6K (and in RAW format) all of that to say though that the files I’m working with because of it, are not small ones. So, while I do have my Samsung T5 that I am a big fan of, the new camera did get me to start researching to see what newer external SSDs might now be available in 2020 that might be a good replacement. I then proceeded to …

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Best Antivirus Software in 2018?

Someone recently asked me about the best antivirus software in 2018, and honestly, I wasn’t quite sure which one to recommend–there are a lot of them out there. Turns out though, there is one that seems to be at the top of each list according to a ton of sources. So I decided, I’d check it out myself and run some tests and see how it does. From PCMag to TechAdvisor, to TechRadar, there seems to be one antivirus program that is mentioned at the top of every list of the best antivirus software: Bitdefender. Looking into it, it even …

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Apple Plus NVIDIA

How to Use NVIDIA Cards with your Mac eGPU (Easiest Method)

With High Sierra, Apple has finally given native eGPU support to Macs and MacBooks. If you’re not familiar, eGPU is short for an external GPU (graphics processing unit) and refers to the ability for a computer (usually a laptop) to be able to use a GPU or graphics card in an external housing as if it was built into the computer. This means, with a supported eGPU housing and a GPU plugged in, you can get desktop-like graphics processing from your less powerful laptop. This is a feature that’s been built into Windows 10 for a bit now, but Macs …

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MacBook Pro 15″ 2018 Complete Walkthrough

Well it seems that Apple might have actually listened to its customers for a change and after the criticisms about the last MacBook Pro being a bit less Pro than it should, Apple decided to try and bring some of that back this time around with the new MacBook Pros. I managed to get my hands on the new MacBook Pro 15 inch in the top spec model with the Intel Core i9 processor, etc. and figured I would do a complete walkthrough on it. If you aren’t familiar, a complete walkthrough on this channel is where I go through …

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Mac High Sierra

How to Get High Sierra Right Now (No Developer Account Required)

For the impatient, did a video on how to get iOS 11 Beta right now and so I figured I’d do a video on getting Mac High Sierra beta as well. Here’s how to get the latest High Sierra beta on your Mac without needing a developer account (cause who wants to pay $99 when we just want to play with the new software, no?). Create a Time Machine Backup Before we do any of this, make sure to create a backup by going to System Preferences > Time Machine and having it create a backup (either to your own …

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New “Server-Grade” iMac Models with Xeon Processors Coming This Year?

Ah, Apple doesn’t like people saying that they are “forgetting about the creative professionals that helped the company in its early days”. While they aren’t refreshing the Mac Pro, they seem to be working on the iMac series. According to sources in Apple’s supply chain, there will even be a “server-grade” iMac towards the end of the year. In a rare thing that never happens, Apple actually confirmed that they were refereshing the iMacs earlier this month, but this latest report adds a bit more info to the mix. According to Digitimes (a site that seems pretty spammy in my opinion, …

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FCPX Render Timer

Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro X (Video)

I recently did a video comparing Adobe Premiere render speeds on three of the top laptops out right now: the new Macbook Pro 15″ with Touchbar, Surface Book w/ Performance Base, and a gaming laptop by the company Razer called the Razer Blade 2016. Again, this wasn’t meant to be a laptop comparison, but instead a way of showing how these top performing laptops all handled a task that I, personally, have to do every day. In that video it was pretty apparent that the Razer Blade – the laptop with the most powerful GPU – managed to get the …

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Emojis on Computer

How to Use Emoji on a Computer

Emojis are just a part of our language at this point –our modern-day hieroglyphics. For as kitschy as they seem, they do offer something very important to human communication that beforehand was missing from our new forms of text-based communication. People don’t just hear your words when you speak to one another, they also read you face and body language, emoji sort of provide a glimpse of that in our SMS conversations. In fact, I use them so regularly now (yes, I’m willing to admit I love emojis) that I find myself wishing I had them available for other forms …

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Text From a Computer

How to Text from Your Computer (Complete Guide) (Video)

There’s nothing like a full-blown keyboard for typing. Even though touchscreens have gotten better, more responsive, typing with two thumbs will always be beaten by typing with all ten fingers. Interestingly enough, some app developers agree (so does Apple) and there are ways to use your real keyboard and text from your computer instead of the phone. This ability is one I actually love when I’m working –receiving and sending texts from my computer while my phone is comfortably plugged it on the desk. I figured I wasn’t alone in this enjoyment so if you also want to be able …

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