New “Server-Grade” iMac Models with Xeon Processors Coming This Year?

Ah, Apple doesn’t like people saying that they are “forgetting about the creative professionals that helped the company in its early days”. While they aren’t refreshing the Mac Pro, they seem to be working on the iMac series.

According to sources in Apple’s supply chain, there will even be a “server-grade” iMac towards the end of the year.

In a rare thing that never happens, Apple actually confirmed that they were refereshing the iMacsĀ earlier this month, but this latest report adds a bit more info to the mix. According to Digitimes (a site that seems pretty spammy in my opinion, but MacRumors seems to think they might be right this time) the two new iMacs will be refreshes of the 21.5″ and 27″ iMacs and then this higher-end “server-grade model.

The higher end model is said to have a Xeon E3-1285 v6 processor, either 16GB or 64GBs of RAM, up to a 2TB SSD, and a “latest discrete graphic card”. Regardless of what that last part means, chances that it’ll be made by AMD is pretty high.

Another report that actually matched these specs, also mentioned a new standalone keyboard with Touchbar and Touch ID (but that it would depend on how the Macbook Pro’s with these features are received first). And yet another report claims Apple might have an 8K display for the highest end model.

Again, these are all rumors for now, but an Xeon processor, 64GBs of RAM, 2TB, AMD GPU with Touchbar and and 8K display sounds like something I think all of us would love to have be real.

What do you guys? Think it’s legit and if it is wanna bet it’s $1,000,000? Let me know in the comments.

Source: MacRumors
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