How to Get Rid of that Annoying Voicemail Icon When You Have No Voicemail (Android)

Every now and then, that little voicemail icon thinks it’s funny.

Voicemail Icon Vignette

Even when you don’t have a voicemail, it decides it wants to say hi and pester you in a non-dismissable notification at the top of your phone.

So, if you have checked your voicemail and there’s clearly none left but the icon won’t seem to get the hint, there is a way to remove the icon manually.

Essentially, what has happened is the phone’ never received the notification from the network that everything is read and it can clear that icon. So, what we can do is force the phone to recheck for that message by clearing its data/cache.

Here’s a quick way to remove the voicemail notification icon on your Android phone.

  1. Head to Settings by pulling down the notification shade and tapping the gear icon.Settings
  2. Tap on Apps.App Settings
  3. Tap on Phone.Phone Settings
  4. Tap on Data Usage.Data Usage
  5. Tap Clear Data, then tap Clear Cache.Phone Data & Cache
  6. Reboot the phone.

After that, you should no longer see the voicemail icon and be free of its tortuous presence.

Hope that helped some of you guys and feel free to let me know what you thought in the comments below or leave other ways to get rid of the voicemail icon for others who might need it there, as well.

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32 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of that Annoying Voicemail Icon When You Have No Voicemail (Android)”

      1. NetraAmorosi

        What do you think!? Clearing the Phone app cache does nothing for removing the voicemail notification.

        1. Ok, I’m just trying to help…

          Some people have said different issues like the phone app not showing up in apps etc so wanted to clarify.

          So also to clarify, you already of course tried to listen to the voicemail first? Also try and clear the data and not just cache. Let me know if that works.

          1. Yes I listened and cleared them out a good while ago and yes I cleared data too. still claiming there are 3 messages even though there are none. The method you put forward doesn’t work. At bare minimum it doesn’t work anymore. On Android 8.1 btw.

          2. I just did it on my phone after leaving myself a voicemail. So it does work. What phone do you have? Wondering if a manufacturer changed something for their devices? Samsung?

          3. Ok just cleared Data for a 3rd time in a row and it FINALLY went away. Apparently I was suppose to shut it off and wait at least 10 seconds before turning it back on.

          4. NetraAmorosi

            Welp looks like I spoke too soon the same message returned after a while despite not receiving any new messages in voicemail. I dunno what else to do other then a full reset of the phone…

      1. I did a search-and-destroy on the VM phone number. All deleted, notification remained. Even after a reboot.

        Not for ever though. A few days ago I had a VM notification and now it’s gone. Dunno why or when. No restart or other such disruption recently.

        I wouldn’t even care except that it sometimes pushes far more important notifications off the lock screen.

      1. Luminous Flux

        what finally owrked for me was sliding down the notification bar and hitting “Clear All” then restarting the phone. Notification is now gone. Thanks for responding!

    1. Check the other comments on here and try their solutions (also make sure you clear the data & cache for any app in your settings that is called phone in case you have more than one). Good luck!

  1. thanks i couldn’t find the phone app, did it with the contacts app and was still there

    slide to the right on the notification and then on the app info (call services) cleared cache and data and BOOM disappeared

    thanks for pointing me in the right direction

    PD: Did it on my LG G8X ThinQ

  2. Mine didn’t work either 🙁 when I go to call settings and clear data it goes away but then every time my phone turns on from being powered off it comes back. Been doing that for about a month 🙁 any suggestions on how to keep it gone for good?

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