Google Announces Android Oreo During The Eclipse

During the Eclipse today, Google invited some people to the 14th Street Park in Chelsea to watch and mentioned “music, drinks and a surprise or two” in the invite.

Turns out that surprise was a lot of Oreos.

Oreo with Android on it

Which I was super excited about, of course, but turns out they were there for another reason. Introducing the newest version of Android: Android Oreo (and yes my first thought what does that Nabisco/Google deal look like? But I digress).

Android Oreo Man
Android Oreo Man to the rescue!

Android Oreo Features

The newest version of Android that has been floating around in beta for a while now being called Android O has finally been christened with it’s sweet name and made public.

Some of the coolest features coming in Android Oreo are things like:

  • Background process limitations to increase battery life (let’s do all the things to increase phone battery life, please)
  • Picture-in-picture mode to watch certain apps while using other apps
  • Faster boot times
  • Smarter text selection (thankfully)
  • Notification dots on app icons that have notifications (mixed feelings about this one)
  • Auto-fill of fields like your web browser does
  • WiFi Awareness to allow devices to talk to each other using an ad-hoc network
  • Better audio performance over Bluetooth 5.0 (good timing with all of these phones losing headphone jacks it would seem)
  • New Emoji (GOODBYE, BLOBS)

Expect a full walkthrough video of the top features of Android Oreo ASAP. What do you guys think though and, more importantly, how do we feel about Oreos?

And for those curious, here’s the best photo I could get with my phone of the eclipse:

What happens when you try to shoot something with a smartphone that’s 93 million miles away
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