Google Maps Covers Live Traffic In 13 European Countries

Just in time for the weekend, Google introduced its latest update to Google Maps. The map service will now cover live traffic in 13 European countries. The coverage will provide consistent updated information regarding major highways and roadways in countries like the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany in addition to displaying an increased street view for U.K. users.

Can’t wait to plan your next European road trip? Now you can leave with a little extra pep in your step. See the complete list of supported countries below:

  1.  Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Denmark
  5. Germany
  6. Ireland
  7. Israel
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Netherlands
  10. Poland
  11. Slovakia
  12. Spain
  13. Switzerland

To learn more about the update to Google Maps, visit Google’s blog here.


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  • is Israel a European country?