Google Play Now Offers a “Free for Print Subscribers” Option for Play Magazines

For anyone who stays current by reading magazines a la tablet, then this news is aimed directly at you. Google has now flipped the switch for paper magazine subscribers to transfer their subscriptions to the cloud. As long as the publisher has agreed to it, then eligible subscribers can now read content directly on their device for free.

Before the change, if you were a current subscriber to a physical magazine and wanted to read it on your tablet , you basically had to purchase it again. Now all you have to do is go through a quick subscription verification process and enjoy what’s rightfully yours. Here’s what the Google  has to say about the new process.

If you already subscribe to a magazine title (print or digital), you may be eligible for a free subscription to its digital counterpart through Google Play. Availability of magazines offered free to print subscribers is solely at the discretion of the publisher. 

To see if this is case, search Google Play on your device for the magazine, and tap Subscribe. If you see an option called Free for print subscribers, the magazine is available for free. Note that you can’t sign up for such free subscriptions on the Web right now, you must do so on your Android phone or tablet, in the Google Play Store app. Also, this is currently a US-only feature. We’re working on bringing this feature to other countries, and to the Web soon as well.

For more information click here.

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