How to Turn Any Android Phone into a Security Device (Using Edward Snowden’s New App)

Edward Snowden, the guy who leaked government documents to the press revealing numerous secret surveillance programs, has released a security app.

Snowden, referred to as a hero or a traitor depending on who you ask, revealed last week that he has made an open source app that allows any Android device to be used as a secret recording device.

Download Haven from the Play Store
Or Download the APK from here

The app allows you to set thresholds for motion, audio, etc and you can then leave the phone, in say your hotel room when you leave and it would then notify you by text and send you recordings if anything set it off.

The idea being that if you were say, worried someone was following you or trying to spy on you this could give you peace of mind knowing no one was successful in getting into your hotel, etc.

Leaving the Device to Record

The app has been used in beta by a Columbian activism group for just that reason. And they loved it, saying, “It’s very significant for them to know that they have tools they can use themselves when the government isn’t protecting them.”

And you’d think, someone like Snowden who hasn’t used a cell phone for fear of being tracked for over 4 years, he’s taking this app pretty seriously.

To use the app, simply head to the link below to download it, so far I’ve only used it on Android 6.0 and above devices but it might work on some older models, as well. The idea here is to install it on a phone you don’t mind leaving somewhere, the hotel room, for example.

Next, you can configure the levels of the audio threshold and motion threshold by speaking or moving in front of the camera and adjusting the slider to the amount you want. If motion or audio is detected over that amount it’ll trigger the alarm.

You can also select the front or rear camera for the motion detection which allows you to leave the phone facing whatever direction you want it to be.

Then put the number in you want it to send the text to when it detects something (or use a Signal account an encrypted messaging system if you wanted). In addition to the messages, you can even setup Tor Onion remote access a near-untraceable browser service to be able to log in remotely through that encrypted service.

Once that’s set, you can set a countdown timer to give you time to leave the room for example and then leave it with the camera you chose facing whatever direction you need and tap Activate.

Activation Countdown

After that, it’ll send you a text that it detected something and record the audio and video in a log on the device as an event.

SMS Notification

That’s it, let me know what you think of this app below and don’t forget to follow me on social and chat with me there.

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  1. user4517 says:

    Snowden had nothing to do with the app except to give his name to the effort. Remember, he was a tier 1 helpdesk admin and doesn’t have any programing or security skills. Using his name should elicit fear that the Russians will use the app more than protect you.

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