How To Add a Custom Image to the Lockscreen on the Nokia N9

Apparently a developer from LSU decided to make a quick and dirty app to allow you to edit the image that can be displayed on the lockscreen. This image is normally used by carrier’s to put their logo or carrier name but this developer found a quick and easy way to allow you to put in whatever image you want there. Here’s how.

Apparently the developers of the text app have removed it, if someone finds the app please use the contact form on our site to send us the new link and we’l update it here

I. Before You Begin

1. You’re device must allow now app store apps to be installed. Do this by going to Settings > Applications > Installations > and turning on Allow installations from non-Store sources.

II. Download and Install the App

1. Head to the developer’s guest post on the Nokia blog on your Nokia N9’s browser (just point your Nokia N9 to our site, click on this post then click the link below).

Nokia Lockscreen Mod

2. Then click on the download link at the bottom of his post and then the .deb link. Your phone should automatically download the package and show it in the transfers window.

3. Click on it in the transfer window, then click I agree to install it.

III. Create an Appropriate Sized Image

1. Download whatever picture you want to use from the internet or wherever and save it to your computer (make sure the image is square, i.e. 300×300, 600×600, etc.).

2. On your computer, go to and then click upload a picture. Select the image you want to use.

3. Now select resize on the left hand side and type in 120 into the first box (the second box should automatically display 120 as well).

4. Now click Save and save it as a .png format instead of .jpg by clicking the dropdown and selecting png.

5. Plug in your device and select Mass Storage mode.

6. Copy the new image you created to any folder on your N9.

7. Then unplug your N9.

IV. Open the App and Customize

1. Now, you will see an icon for the new app in your app homescreen (called fLPMC). Click the icon to open the app.

2. Now select the 120×120 .png image and click Save.

3. Lock the phone using the lock button on the right hand side, you should see your image (on the black screen with the time, not the screen with the background image behind the time).

4. Reopen the app and click reset to remove your custom image if you want.


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