How to Change the Font on the LG G7

Something unique to how you can customize LG devices compared to a lot of other manufacturers is the ability to change the font. The new LG G7 has just been released and also has this ability built in. You just have to check out the new fonts in LG’s Smartworld app store, install one you like, and set it in the font settings.

In addition to this changing the font throughout the system on the device, it will also change the font in any apps that utilize the system font (a setting a developer can set when building an app) so it’ll give a new look to those apps as well.

Really quick, I figured I’d show anyone unfamiliar with the steps how to change the font on the LG G7.

Here’s how.

1. Pull down the notification shade and tap on the gear icon to get to settings.

LG G7 Settings

2. Tap on the display tab.

LG G7 Settings Menu

3. Tap on fonts.

LG G7 Display Settings

4. Here you can adjust the size of the font.

5. And change the font to any of the installed fonts.

LG G7 Font Options

6. You can tap add fonts to be taken to the font section of LG Smartworld (LG’s app store on the phone).

LG G7 Font Store

7. You can sort by paid, free, or different hashtags (cute, modern, etc.).

8. When you find one you like, tap it and tap install.

9. Once installed, you can go back to the font settings and select the new font.

And there you go, how to change the font on the LG G7. Hope that helped anyone looking for it and enjoy.

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