How To Change Windows 8’s Startup Programs

You might notice that MSConfig program has been altered in Windows 8 and one of it’s main functions has been moved; changing the startup programs. Have no fear, we found out where they moved it to. You can easily find it and use it to change what programs automatically run when Windows 8 starts. Here’s how.

1. Hover over the bottom or top right corners of your screen to open the Charms menu.

2. Open the Task Manager by searching for it at the top right.

3. Once the task manager opens, select the Startup tab.

4. Disable the app you want, by right clicking it and selecting Disable.

12 responses to “How To Change Windows 8’s Startup Programs”

  1. Zubaru says:


  2. Muhamed Mahmoud says:

    I tried this but it didn’t work, the program in question was LogMeIn, I disabled it but on the following startup it still loaded up and appeared in the taskbar.

  3. What if you don’t see a program listed in Startup? How do you find it so you can “enable” it in Start Up?

    • Peter Follett says:

      I agree completely with you comment. This posting is useless if it only instructs on how to delete and doesn’t address how to add. If we are to be able to CHANGE the Start-ups (as the heading promises), then the article must cover both. As it is now, it is just useless.

      • Fred says:

        The title may be somewhat misleading, but it’s not really incorrect since you can re-enable startup programs that have been disabled. The title also says nothing explicitly about adding startup programs. It’s also only useless to you because it doesn’t meet YOUR needs, but it may meet the needs of someone just looking to disable useless junk. That’s a weird way to access the task manager though.

  4. candientutbd says:

    Location for editing is different with Windows 7. We must use Task Manager.

  5. Bob Marley says:

    I don’t want to disable a startup program, I want to delete some and add some others.. why is this now impossible? There’s lots wrong with this new way, there was nothing wrong with msconfig.

  6. Molly says:

    CTRL + ALT + DEL takes you to the task manager quicker (even with windows 8).

  7. Jan Furlong says:

    how do I change the front picture that appears before the password page

  8. Steve says:

    Thanks you for finding it

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